Registered Matatu Saccos in Kenya

Registered Matatu SACCOs in Kenya: We look at Matatu Sacco’s in Kenya, this includes some of the SACCOs which have been approved by NTSA. The Kenyan law requires all PSV operators including the matatus to be members of a SACCO or PSV company before applying for a PSV license. This discourages licensing of individual matatu operators and as a result, it becomes easy to identify vehicles based on the SACCO.

The introduction of SACCOs has actually assisted to build sanity in public transport. In addition to the ease of management, it has also enabled matatu conductors and drivers to become more organised and disciplined although some are yet to abide by good behaviour. In some instances, we have seen some SACCOs being banned from operation due to the numerous accidents they have caused

To ensure that most Matatu operators adhered to this requirement it was made compulsory for anyone looking for Transport Licensing Board (TLB) certification to first be a member of a Matatu SACCO. As a result, over one thousand matatu SACCOs have been registered.  Most registered matatu SACCO in Kenya operates in more than one route as this ensures that they increase their income by covering a large area.

Registered Matatu Saccos in Kenya

Below is a list of some of the registered matatu SACCOs in Kenya

NAME OF MATATU SACCO                                         ROUTE

12c Transport Sacco Ltd                        Nairobi

Maruti Sacco Ltd                                      Naivasha-Nairobi

2b Travellers Sacco Ltd                           Nairobi

2kgt Sacco Ltd                                            Nyeri

2k-Nn Sacco Ltd                                          Nairobi-Kiptangwanyi

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ntsa registered saccos and companies

2kw Sacco Ltd                                             Kikuyu

2mk Travellers Sacco Ltd                        Kericho

2nk Sacco Society Limited                        Nyeri-Nyahuru-Nakuru-Kericho

2ml Sacco Society Limited                       Mombasa-Lamu

2mtw Sacco Ltd                                          Nakuru

2ts Sacco Ltd                                               Mombasa-Bungoma

3 N-To Sacco-                                               Nakuru

3nck Sacco Ltd-                                           Nyeri

Aberdareline Sacco                                   Kinangop

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Across Western Sacco                              Webuye

Aldana Travellers Sacco                                     Nairobi,

Alsops Travellers Service Ltd                 Nairobi,

Al-Wahim Express Shutle Limited           Mombasa,Malindi,Lamu

Ammotak Company Limited                     Sirare,Kisii,Nairobi

Astrabell Limited                                       Nairobi,

Baba Dogo 25 Travellers Sacco                         Nairobi,

Bahama Sita Travellers Sacco Ltd        Nakuru Subukia,Wanyoro,Bahati

Bamburi Sacco Limited                             Mombasa

Banana Hill Matatu Sacco Ltd               Kiambu

Benjo( K) Ltd                                                             Nairobi-Mwingi

Luemarks Shuttles Sacco Ltd.                Kakamega,

Bomet Transport Sacco Ltd.                  Nairobi, Narok,Bomet,Kericho

Bungoma Line Sacco                                 Bungoma

Burnt Forest Travellers Sacco Ltd.     Burnt Forest

Buruburu 58 Travellers Sacco Ltd       Nairobi

Busia Travellers Sacco                             Busia

Cbet Sacco                                                   Nairobi

Chania Executive Cool Ltd                       Thika

Chania Genesis Ltd                                      Nairobi,Mombasa,Malind

Chania Kibwezi Travellers Sacco Ltd    Thika,Nairobi

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Chania Transport Company Ltd             Mombasa,Nairobi,Nyeri Ukunda

Chania Travellers Sacco                          Nairobi,Thika,Matuu,Kitu I,Mwingi

City Hopper Limited                                                Nairobi

City Star Shuttle Limited                                     Nairobi

City Tram Shuttle Ltd                               Nairobi

City Travellers Sacco Ltd                                    Nairobi

Classic Luxury Shuttle Limited               Nairobi

Coast Bus (Mombasa) Limited                 Mombasa,Nairobi,Kisumu, Busia

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Crown Bus Service Ltd

Dabumato Commuter Service Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Daima Connections Ltd

Dandora Usafiri Travellers Sacco        Nairobi

Desert Cruiser Bus Services Ltd              Nairobi-Garissa

Dix-Hult Matatu Owner Sacco               Nairobi

Double T.Shuttle Sacco Ltd                    Mombasa-Taveta

Eastern Bypass Sacco Ltd                                     Nairobi

Eastern Bypass Travellers Company Limited Nairobi

Eastlands Eagles Limited                                     Nairobi

Eastleigh Commuter Services Limited Nairobi

Eastleigh Route Sacco                              Nairobi

Easy Coach Ltd                             Eldoret,Busia,Nairobi,Siaya,Kapsabet,Bungoma

Egesa Shuttle Sacco                                  Nairobi,Kisii

Eldoret Express Limited                        Nairobi,Nakuru,Eldoret ,Kericho,Kisumu,Webuye ,

Embassava Sacco Ltd                                Nairobi

Ennus Company Ltd                                   Kinangop

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Fig Komba                                                     Nairobi

Forward Travellers Sacco Ltd              Nairobi

Fourty Four Sacco                                                Nairobi

Ganaki Multi Purpose Coop Society      Nairobi

Garissa Coach Garissa-                             Nairobi

Garissa Coach Limited Garissa-               Nairobi

Githiga Travellers Sacco                                     Kiambu

Githurai 45 Sacco                                       Nairobi

Greatrift Express Shuttle Services Limited Eldoret

Hannover Commercial Enterprises Ltd Nairobi

Highrise Kibera Sacco                                Nairobi

Highway Travellers Limited                    Nakuru

Himosa Travellers Sacc0                          Nairobi

Huruma 46 Sacco Ltd                                Nairobi

Huruma Matatu Sacco Ltd                      Nairobi

Huruma Mini-Bus Sacco Ltd                    Nairobi

Inagi Travellers Sacco Ltd                      Nairobi, Kiambu,Githunguri

Inana Seven Seaters Shuttle Sacco Ltd Nairobi,Nanyuki,Isiolo,Meru

Indima (Nje) Sacco                                      Nairobi

Jesmat Travellers Co-Oprative              Nairobi

Jonsaga Flats Sacco                                  Nairobi

Juthi Travellers Company Limited         Nairobi,Thika,Matuu,Kitui,Mwingi

Kabati Kenol Mitumbiri Company Ltd Nairobi,Muranga,Nyeri,Kiserian,

Kadana Travellers Investments Company Limited Nairobi

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Kaka Travellers Sacco Limited Kiambu-Nairobi

Kam Transporters Sacco Ltd                  Nairobi Kangundo

Kamuna Sacco Limited                              Nairobi,Thika,Muranga,Kangema

Kangema Travellers Sacco Ltd              Kiruri,Kanyenyaini,Kangema, Thika,Nairobi

Kangemi Matatu Owners Sacco                         Nairobi,W/Lands,Kangemi

Kani Transport Sacco Ltd                                    Nairobi

Kariobangi Matatu Sacco Ltd                Nairobi

Kayo-Line Group Company Limited Nairobi

Kazana Travellers Services Limited Nairobi,Kinoo,Zambezi,Kari

Kenya Bus Service Management Limited Nairobi

Kiambu Marafiki Sacco Ltd Kiambu Nairobi

Kigumo Travellers Co-Operative Sacco Ltd Nairobi,Muranga,Kangari

Latema 22 Travellers Sacco Nairobi

Likana Route 114/115 Matatu Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Lopha Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Nairobi

Lucky Baba Dogo Travellers Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Makueni Transporters Sacco Makueni

Makuyu Travellers Sacco Ltd Nairobi,Thika,Nyeri,Meru

Manchester Matatu Sacco Kisii,Kisumu,Migori

Manchester Travellers Coach Ltd Nairobi,Thika,Matuu,Kitui,Mwingi

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Manmo Sacco Nairobi

Marimba Investment Limited Nairobi

Marimba Travellers Sacco Nairobi

Meru Shuttle Limited Nairobi,Meru,Maua,Isiolo

Nairobi,Meru,Maua,Isiolo                                   Nairobi

Modern Coast Express Limited Nairobi,Eldoret,Mombasa

Moline Safaris Limited Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret

112.Molo Group Safaris Sacoo Ltd                   Nairobi,Nyeri,Nyahururu, ,Kisumu

113.Mololine Services Limited                            Molo-Nairobi

Mtn Sacco Ltd Nairobi,Thika,Muranga,Kangari

Mwiki Psv Sacco Nairobi

Mwingi Travellers Mwingi

Mwirona Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Nagiru 145 Sacco Nairobi

Nakaski Transort Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Nakathi Travellers Sacco Limited Nairobi

Nakwe Travellers Sacco Society Ltd Kiambu

Namuga Sacco Ltd Mukurweini

Nanyuki Express Cabs Services Cooperative Sacco Ltd Nanyuki

Nawaku Sacco Nairobi

Nawasuku Sacco Nairobi

Nazigi Sacco Nairobi

Neema Travellers Agency Ltd Nairobi

Neno Sacco Society Ltd Nairobi-Embu-Matuu-Ntugi

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Neo Kenya Mpya Commuters Limited Thika-Nairobi

Ngong Travellers Sacco Nairobi

Ngumo-Line Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Super Highway 45 Sacco Society Ltd Nairobi

Super Metro Limited Nairobi

Tahmeed Coach Limited Mombasa-Nairobi-Bungoma

Tawala Utawala Sacco Nairobi

Teachers Transporters And Agency Limited-Nairobi

The Guardian Coach Co.Ltd Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu ,Kakamega,Mbale,

Thika Road Transporters Sacco Ltd Thika

Transline Classic Ltd Nairobi,Kisii,Kisumu, Sirare

Umoinner Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Umoja Innercore Tena Matatu Owners Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Umowa Sacco Nairobi

Unified International Limited Nairobi

Utawala By-Pass Travellers Sacco Nairobi

Walokana Multipurpose Sacco Ltd Nairobi

Wamasaa Travellers Limited Nairobi, Kitengela, A/River, Makueni.

Zuri Genesis Company Limited Nairobi

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Matatu Sacco Registration Requirements

If you want to how to register a matatu Sacco in Kenya and Below are the requirements

1. 10 log books of the proposed member vehicles
2. Individual will need a registered business license or certificate of incorporation
3. Letter of introduction from the chief
4. Any other requirement as it may be needed by NTSA

Richest Matatu Sacco in Kenya

The richest matatu Saccos in Kenya can be gauged by the number of assets they own, management and control in the market.
Some of these Matatu Saccos include




Super Metro

Easy Coach

Best Matatu Sacco’s in Kenya

The best matatu Sacco’s in Kenya are the ones that are well managed and are not often listed as law breakers. Many Kenyans would consider them as safest matatu Sacco’s. There are many best matatu in Kenya but we just going to name a few

Super Metro





Easy Coach



Final Thought: Matatu Sacco’s in Kenya

List of matatu Sacco’s in Kenya often change from time to as more Sacco’s are registered while other exit the market.