Interesting Health Topics to Discuss

Interesting Health Topics to Discuss: There are numerous and controversial and argumentative essay topics on health and fitness

that have proven the importance individuals place on their health matters. For your debate or research on health below we have listed some of the Interesting health topics to discuss.

Interesting health topics to discuss

What are healthier, nutrients from supplements or ones from natural foods?

Are surrogate mothers entitled to payments for their services?

At what circumstance is surrogacy necessary

Interesting Health Topics to Discuss
Interesting Health Topics to Discuss

Should medication for non-communicable diseases be substituted with dietary options?

Is circumcision necessary for males?

Do the benefits of child immunization outweigh its side effects?

Should cosmetic surgery be limited only in cases of corrective surgery?

Is Covid 19 vaccination fully effective?

Does fitness in the early stages of life play an impact on one’s fitness during old age?

Is fasting effective in helping one achieve lifelong goals in maintaining ideal weight?

Should tobacco smoking be banned?

Is chemotherapy at late stages of cancer effective?

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Can excessive exercise be detrimental to one’s health?

Do birth control pills lead to weight gain in women?

Can increased consumption of green tea reduces the chances of one getting dementia?

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Why are Japanese women often considered healthier than women in the US?

Should advertisements of unhealthy and fast foods be banned?

Is a vegan diet better in managing lifestyle diseases?

Should sales of human organs for financial benefits be embraced?

Is cancer becoming a disease for both the rich and the poor?

Do gay couples cause more dangers to their health?

Is mental health important in helping one maintain physical fitness?

Health and Wellness Topics

Is there a shortcut to losing body fat?

Is it important to keep track of ones’ calories intake?

Can body fatigue cause any ailment?

Can eating an orange before exercise help in reducing muscle pains?

Eating at home is better than eating in a restaurant?

Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Walking is the safest exercise for someone starting a fitness program?

Which one helps someone to burn fat faster, Zumba or jogging?

Wealthy people are more prone to lifestyles diseases than poor people?

Is muscle training more effective in burning body fat than cardio exercises?

Can consumption of walnuts and peanuts improve one’s impotency?

Is it true an apple a day keeps the doctor away?


Argumentative Essay Topics on Health and Fitness

Should consultancy fee charges by doctors be regulated?

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Do scrupulous pharmaceutical companies create viruses so as they can create relevant vaccinations?

Can excessive intake of water harm the body?

Is the usage of technologically advanced devices leading to certain diseases?

Are we really what we eat?

Can regular exercise lead to improved mood?

Is exercising at the gym more effective than exercising in the house?

Can eating less dinner lead to weight loss?

Has Covid 19 lockdown led to unhealthy lifestyles for many people?

Can drinking lemon juice first thing in the morning improve your health?

Can the habit of waking up early lead to a more fulfilling life?

Is it a must one exercise daily to be physically fit?

Can one type of stomach exercise reduce fat around the waist?

Which is better, jogging or strength training?

Are most drugs in the market overpriced?

Should over-the-counter medication be restricted?

Can early consumption of alcohol lead to derailed mental development?

Can excessive sleep and rest cause dangers to one health?

Should patients with terminal illnesses be given a priority to end their lives?

Is the biggest threat to the human race expected to be created in the lab?

Can one life span be prolonged by better diet and fitness?

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Are there any benefits of fasting regularly?

Are there any specific exercise programs that work for certain body types and fail on others?

Can the radiation that is emitted by communication devices cause cancer?

Should every government across the globe have a health care program to support the poor?

Are the medical reports conducted during employment lead to discrimination?

Is the continued global warming leading to more diseases on earth?

Is traditional Chinese medicine better than modern science medicine?

Should nurses be compensated at the same rate as doctors?

Is the government responsible for its citizens’ medical well-being?

Should doctors be sued for erroneous surgical procedures?

Can diet play a role in making one look younger?

Plant protein is better than animal protein?

Is cancer preventable?

Should the use of euthanasia be legalized for people with prolonged coma?

Do genetics play a major role in causing certain diseases in one family lineage?