What Colors Make Dark Purple

What Colors Make Dark Purple: Ever wondered how to make the color purple for your dye, icing, food color, etc? Well, below we have given you several ways how to make purple color.

First, let’s understand why Purple is a color loved by many. The color is appealing to the eyes; it also brings calmness yet at the same time it creates some authority. That is why it is one of the favorite colors among many royalties across the world. Ancient kings, queens, and emperors had some association with this color. A good example is the Persian King Cyrus who adopted a purple tunic as his royal uniform. Roman emperors also had soft hearts for this color.

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What Colors Make Purple

In simple practice, knowing how to make purple is very simple. The primary colors that are mixed to get purple are: red and blue.

What 2 Colors Make Purple?

Colors for purple: Red + Blue = Purple

As well known, primary colors (red, blue, and green) are addictive colors that can be mixed differently to form other colors. When you mix primary red with primary pure blue you will get purple which is a secondary color.

Getting additional shades of purple will require more skills than just mixing red and blue. In this case, the quantity of blue and red will eventually influence the shade of purple you get.

Look at below Shades of purple

shades of purple names

NB: More red will create a redder purple, and more blue will create a bluer purple.

What Colors Make Dark Purple

To have a better understanding of purple we will look at how to make dark purple. Dark purple is a mixture of three colors including the basic colors that make pure purple. In most cases to get dark purple, you can mix red, blue, and green. The darkness will depend on the percentage of each color.

What Other Colors Can You Mix to get Purple?

In addition to mixing red and blue to get purple, you can still mix other colors on top of the two to get different shades of purple.

For instance

Blue + Red + White= Plum (a light shade of purple)

Blue + Red + Gray= Dark Purple

What Colors Make Violet

As noted above, violet is spectral color and It is a color that is visible. Additionally, it is one of the 7 colors that Isaac Newton categorized when dividing the spectrum of visible light.  However, the color can still be derived by mixing red and blue (in this case blue is more compared to red. In other cases, violet can still be created by mixing magenta and cyan (more magenta than cyan)

shades of purple

Difference Between Purple and Violet

A common question always arises if there is any difference between purple and violet. A good number of people cannot differentiate between these two colors. Notably, there is a difference between the two colors. Violet is one of the colors in the electromagnetic spectrum (spectral color). A spectral color is a color that is induced in a typical human by a single wavelength of light in the visible spectrum. The spectrum is often divided into named colors as shown below.

Violet in Spectral color

From the above image, you will note that violet refers to the color of a single wavelength (380-450 nanometers). However, purple is not a color of a single wavelength, it comes from a combination of wavelengths. In other words, purple normally is not visible to our eyes until the wavelengths of red and blue are mixed and reflected on an object.

When it comes to what colors make purple or what colors make violet, it is good to note the following differences It is a man-made color made by a combination of 2 colors

Violet Purple
Violet is a spectral color Purple is not a spectral color
It is a fundamental color in Newton’s color wheel Not accepted by Newton in his color wheel
It is a natural color that is observable in nature A man-made color made by a combining of 2 colors
Violet contains a single shade Purple has numerous shades to it
Violent is not as diverse as Purple Purple has a very bold and distinct color

Conclusion: What Colors Make Dark Purple

The important point to note is that the purple color is a combination of two major colors which are blue and red. The shades of purple can be created depending on the percentage of each of these two colors If the mixture has more red, the purple color produced will have a more reddish tint like magenta. On the other hand, if more blue is used than red then the purple will have a more blue tint like blue-violet, indigo, etc. Dark purple is created by adding green to the red and blue mixture. Other colors can still be added like grey to get lavender gray or white to get fuchsia.