Controversial Psychology Topics

Controversial Psychology Topics: Are you wondering what are the Current Controversial Psychology Topics? Or you are looking for controversial topics in psychology for a research paper?  Psychology-related Debates can be interesting and can relate to clinical psychology, forensic psychology, marriage and family psychology, child psychology, etc.

Continued study in psychology generally leads to the development of better theories and more controversies.  Controversies are vital in scientific development because they lead to further research that eventually a better understanding of the human mind.

Below are research topics in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, child psychology, social psychology, etc.

Psychology Controversial Topics

1. Has Covid 19 accelerated the development of mental health apps?

2. Effects of abortion on a woman’s risk of developing depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

3. Is it true we intend to ignore those people who adore us and pay attention to people who ignore us?

4. Role of psychology in helping Covid 19 patients.

5. Effects of divorce or break up on someone’s mental stability.

6. Is it true that when you hear something over and over you begin to believe it is true?

7. How psychological intervention can help people battling suicidal thoughts?

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8. How does COVID-19 influence the brain and what scientists can do to avert long-term damage?

9. Is marital unfaithfulness an indication of underlying problems in a marriage?

10. Is it true firstborns are more responsible than lastborns?

11. Is it ethical to record one telephone conversation?

12. Do genes have a role in personality disorders?

13. Are mentally smart people likely to succeed in life?

14. Can psychological problems affect the efficacy of Covid 19 vaccines?

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Controversial Psychology Topics 

1. Is it true the longer one holds to a negative thought the less likely they will be happy?

2. Is sleep therapy important in healing traumatic brain injury?

3. Is psychological research important in helping humans prepare for the next pandemic?

4. Are eating disorders affected by a one-family background?

5. How do learning incapacities of one family member affect the Parents?

6. What are the psychological effects of Covid 19 on school-going kids?

7. Has social media has led to more negative effects on mental health?

8. Is the role of psychology important in modern-day law enforcement?

9. Can reflections on past success help one overcome future challenges?

10. Is the development of Mental health apps leading more people to counseling sessions?

11. Which one is better emotional intelligence or social intelligence?

12. Are psychological interventions important in handling racial discrimination?

13. Are people exposed to psychological matters less likely to develop fewer emotional problems?

14. Can the consumption of more than two cups of coffee during pregnancy lead to impaired fetus


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15. Do certain smells trigger memories based on previous experience?

16. At some point in life economic growth does not affect one well-being in people.

17. What is the importance of parent-child relationships in preventing drug use and abuse?

18. What are the psychological effects of divorce on young children, adolescents, and young adults?

19. What role does family play in the recovery of mentally ill patients?

20. Consequences of violence and abuse on the family.

21. What are the psychological effects on parents of autistic children?

22. Can past trauma lead to abusive language?

23. Effects of social media on a child’s mental growth.

Controversial Topics in Psychology

1. Do implied attitudes influence how we respond to others?

2. Which mode of communication do people respond to easily, verbal or nonverbal?

3. Does online social networking make people more or less likely to interact with people in “real life”?

4. Does personal appearance affect how people respond to us?

5. Is homosexuality a result of a mental disorder

6. What is the psychological impact of being raised by a gay couple?

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7. What are the impacts of internet bullying on one’s self-esteem?

8. Impact of teenage pregnancy on the emotional life of a young mother?

9. Effects of child abuse on a child’s psychology?

10. Do intelligent people consider themselves lesser intelligent?

11. Does the type of music you listen to affect how you view the world around you?

12. Is it true when you hear something through your ears, your brain expects to see something similar through your eyes?

13. Does thinking in your second language help you make rational decisions?

14. Does singing reduce anxiety?

15. Why does social rejection hurt?

Psychology Debate Topics

1. Have mental health conditions been on rising since 1950?

2. Is negativity inherited through our genes?

3. Are some people genetically predisposed to negativity?

4. Can sarcasm improve your mental abilities?

5. Can sunlight improve mood swings?

6. Are people with fewer summer days gloomy than those with long summer days?

7. Do social media trigger the release of dopamine in your brain?

8. Does sleeping too much cause have the same effects as not sleeping at all?

9. Does happiness improve your overall body health?

10. Is it ethical for a hospital to deny one treatment just because they cannot pay for it?

11. What are the psychological effects of racial discrimination?

12. What are the mental challenges of a man undergoing marital abuse?

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Controversial Topics in Psychology for Research Paper

1. Social aspects of committed relationships between same-sex partners to those of heterosexual partnerships.

2. Effects of sharing private information on social media on one’s personality.

3. Between a counseling patient and a counselor who has more authority?

4. The mental health of a person abusing children.

5. Personality study of perpetrators of child sex abuse.

6. The connection between crime and a history of mental trauma?

7. How does continued exposure to television affect a child’s emotional and intellectual development of children?

8.  Psychological impacts of online dating on teenagers.

9. Role of Psychological Science in reducing anxiety.

10. For a proper psychological environment, should the rights of LGBT people be heard in the workplace?

11. Is it true that opposites attract couples with personality disorders?

12. Could there be a strong association between the increase in advertising for non-nutritious foods and the increased number of obese children?

13. Effects on cyberbullying on one’s mental stability

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Conclusion: Controversial Psychology Topics

A look at the above Controversial Psychology Topics will give you a hint on the best topic to select. If you are writing an essay be sure to bring out the important point you want to emphasize. If you are debating to emerge on top, research well the selected topic. Have facts and outline the pros and cons of each idea you write down.