Short Jokes About Life

Short Jokes About Life: Looking for funny and short jokes to make people laugh out loud. Below we have combined a number of funny jokes that will leave the people around you laughing for long.

Short Jokes About Life

Why was the dead man not living large? A: Because he was dead broke.

What kind of workouts do lazy people do? Hands squats!

I’m presently boycotting any company that sells items I can’t pay for.

What do you call a pony with a cough? A little horse!

Life is not a fairy tale, there is garbage to be collected.

When we think we have it all, the size of earth in the milky way galaxy reminds us how tiny we are

Often we look for our soulmate in an empty room.

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Funny Short Jokes

What did one traffic light say to all the drivers? I am in charge, and you will go when I say so

What if we humans had two noses and one eye? We would smell what is cooking in people’s mind.

If you want free money to borrow from a pessimist, then predict to him how we will one day be buried with nothing. Be sure he will not expect it back

Why do Chinese people prefer eating snails? They don’t like fast food!

What is brown and sticky? A stick!

The biggest joke in my life is that my kids laugh at me for asking about computer stuff while I am the one who taught them how to use a spoon.

We know our English is good when we can differentiate between their, there and they’re

In life when we are born we have time, energy, and no money once we get old we have the money but no time and energy.

At one moment in our lives, we forgot where we had parked the car in a shopping mole.

How does a rabbi brew his coffee? By Hebrews it!

If  talk is cheap?  Wait until the day you will have a talk with a lawyer

Why do gyms close down? Because they didn’t work out!