100 Positive Behavior Quotes for Students

Positive Behavior Quotes for Students is one of the important tools you can’t overlook as a teacher, parent, or guardian. Shaping your student behavior will require patience and constant motivation. At one time your student(s) will face challenges that may bring about behavioral changes either to the negative or positive side. Maintaining positive behavior is … Read more

KUCCPS Admission Letters

KUCCPS Admission Letters 2021/22 are out, if you are a 2021/22 KCSE candidate and you’ve been waiting to know which university or college you are admitted to, your anxiety is soon ending as an admission letter is soon coming your way if it hasn’t already? If you personally applied for admission or your former school … Read more

Bedtime Stories for 5-Year-Old

Looking for an interesting bedtime story to read to your 5-year-old? If yes, today we have looked at some interesting bedtime stories with moral lessons for your child. Bedtime Stories for 5-Year-Old The Sky is Falling One evening the planetary winds started blowing, causing a lot of havoc in the animal kingdom. Upon hearing the … Read more

Bachelor of Law in Kenya

Bachelor of Law in Kenya: To become a lawyer in Kenya you must have proper academic qualifications from well-recognized universities/institutions. To help you understand how you can become a lawyer in Kenya we have looked at some of the important answers to question such Bachelor of Law requirements Which universities in Kenya offer Bachelor of … Read more

TTC Entry Grade – New Teachers’ College Entry Grades In Kenya

TTC Entry Grade

TTC Entry Grade: New Teachers’ College Entry Grades In Kenya A report by Kenya Institute of curriculum development on teachers’ education has proposed new entry grades for people aspiring to join teachers colleges. The KICD report was based on feedback from students, teachers, head teachers, principal and deans of education, education officers and other stakeholders. … Read more