MBA Kenya

MBA Kenya: Masters in Business Administration has become one of the most common post-graduate courses in Kenya. So what are the Advantages of having an MBA in Kenya? MBA Kenya Advantages of having an MBA in Kenya The thoroughness of most business schools is to ensure that graduates are able to manage high-pressure working environments … Read more

Easy Degrees That Pay Well

Easy Degrees That Pay Well: Recently an interesting topic about Easy Degrees That Pay Well has been on the rise. There is no objective way to gauge whether a degree is easy or difficult. However, there are certain factors that one can consider such as the number of study hours, entry requirement, and the dropout … Read more

Back to School Meme for Parents

Back to School Meme for Parents: Back-to-school memes for parents are joyous to read. They bring out the challenges, joy, and anxiety that parents feel every time their children are going back to school. Parents, especially mothers normally have a rough time whenever the kids are home for the holiday. Once they go back to … Read more

Activities to Build Self-Confidence in a Child

Activities to build self-confidence in a child: How do you help your child become more confident? Without self-confidence most skills in life are useless. Children with low self-confidence are prone to challenges such as poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy relationships. Your son and daughter could be having the best skills but without confidence, it means … Read more

How to Grow Mushrooms in Kenya

How to Grow Mushrooms in Kenya: In recent years Mushroom Farming in Kenya has gained momentum as people continue to discover the economic and nutritional importance of mushrooms. Before one starts on mushroom farming it’s a must to get some training. Knowing how to grow mushrooms in Kenya will actually be of great benefit since … Read more

CBC Curriculum Structure

CBC Curriculum Structure framework was commenced in January 2018. The 8-4-4 system of education which commenced in 1985 is being phased out and schools are expected to start adopting the new system. CBC Curriculum Structure.   What is the meaning of CBC in Kenya? CBC stands for Competency-Based Curriculum. What is Competency-Based Curriculum in Kenya? … Read more

How to Identify Child’s Potential

How to Identify Child’s Potential: In the 21st Century, we are in an era that requires parents and guardians to identify their children’s potential and talents.  Advanced technology, information availability, and emerging new opportunities require parents to be aware of their children’s potential. Below we have looked at some of the best ways on How … Read more