Examples of Descriptive Essay Topics

Examples of Descriptive Essay Topics: Are you a high school, college student, or university student and you are looking for the best Descriptive Essays Topics? The good thing about Descriptive essays is that they are an easy type of academic writing. They describe an event, place, object, person, or process. Below are the best topics that you can choose for your descriptive essay 

Examples of Descriptive Essay Topics

The neighborhood I grew up in.

My first encounter with a political leader.

My preferred place in my hometown.

The worst party that I attended.

A favorite room in my holiday house.

My dream job.

My Favorite Teacher.

My perfect trip.

The best subject in my high school life.

The Covid 19 lockdown days I will always remember.

The day I will never forget.

The neighborhood I grew up in.

The perfect wedding event that I attended.

The place I plan to visit.

My first day at school.

The day I will never forget.

My favorite cafeteria to visit.

My best walk with my dog.

The worst surfing day of my life.

My favorite sport.

The teacher I will always remember.

The lecture room I will always cherish.

The tornado that swept through our homestead.

A museum that I recently visited.

What I see through my window.

My most admired singer.

My mom is the most imaginative person.

My favorite dance group.

A mentor I look up to.

A forest I got lost in.

The day a run like an athlete.

The world cup match I will never forget.

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Descriptive Essay Topics for University Students

My best academic project.

The day I became a freshman.

My cherished days in school.

The most influential celebrity.

This is an average human.

I’d like to meet this person in the past.

A perfect confidant for me.

My anti-stress activities.

What makes me grateful to a person?

An unfamiliar person that caught my eye.

Why do I love my boyfriend or girlfriend?

My memories and lessons from my experience.

This was my perfect day.

The day I visited another Continent.

The day I learned to drive a car.

My favorite hobby.

Best childhood days.

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Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 6 and7

What remember from my childhood birthday parties?

The greatest party of my life.

The day I got my first pet.

The best day of school.

My most remarkable birthday.

My first-time crush.

My first day at the zoo.

My finest memory with my closest friend.

My favorite all-time movie.

How I was raised by my parents?

My favorite musical instrument.

My funniest day in school.

My study time essentials.

The best and most expensive gift I ever got.

The best Christmas party.

The best song I ever heard.

The day I met my best friend.

The things that I make my life more comfortable.

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Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 8 and 9

What’s in my pocket.

What’s in my bag.

What I always have in my pocket.

This thing is special to me.

The way my family members relax.

Something I like to do in my free time.

My future job.

My friend’s hobby.

My first car.

My favorite tattoo.

My favorite food.

My favorite club.

My family treasures.

My childhood toy.

My bed makes me feel comfortable.

I’d send this to the past.

I’d send this in the future.

I never leave my house without this.

I collect these things.

Hobbies, processes, and occupations.

Furniture that helps me relax.

Describing a smartphone to someone from the ’60s.

A toy I still play with. 

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Descriptive Essay Topics for College students

Why do I like my smartphone?

My most admired emerging job.

My new hobby.

My best meal.

My favorite laptop.

The way I begin and end my morning.

Preparing for a date.

Writing my first story.

Learning something innovative.

Passing an exam against many odds.

Mt study plan.

How to bake a banana cake?

Indicators that you need to end your relationship.

How to escape a thug?

What makes me relax?

Behavior and character I admire in people

How I overcome the emotional moments

The best surprise of my life

What makes me love life?

What gets my attention?

What makes me feel emotionally drained?

How do I appreciate my family members?

My life as a student.

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