Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students: In your school life, you will often come across compare and contrast essays. The important point in this kind of essay is being able to give clear similarities and differences on the topic issues that you choose. Have a point of comparison as well as a point of difference.

If you are in college, a university, middle school, or high school we have compiled numerous topics that you can look at to come up with a  good compare and contrast topic for your essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

Data science vs. Artificial intelligence

Off-Campus Vs Living On-Campus

World championship vs Olympic games

Web designer vs Graphic designer

COVID-19 vs flu

Running vs Swimming

Married vs Dating

Starting a business vs starting a relationship

Sprinting vs Marathon

Video games vs Outdoor games

Zoos vs Natural animal parks

Apes vs Gorillas

Student loan for college education vs Self-financing for College Education

Biking vs Hiking

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Kids obesity vs Adult obesity

Cyber security vs Cyberattack

Debit Cards Vs Credit Cards

E-Learning classes vs. traditional classes

Public healthcare vs. private healthcare

Animal protein diet vs Plant protein diet

Male circumcision vs no male circumcision

Traditional vs. modern medicine

Geothermal power vs Solar power

Asian culture vs American Culture

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for University Students

Bariatric Surgery Vs Exercising for losing body weight

Eating disorders vs Anorexia nervosa

Being overweight vs being underweight

ADHD vs autism

Alzheimer’s Disease vs Dementia

Gynecologist vs obstetrician

Bipolar Disorder vs Mental disorder

Reduction of carbon emissions or use of renewable energy to reduce pollution

Alcohol vs marijuana

Google meet vs Zoom

Hiring employees vs acquiring robots

Raising a biological child vs an adopted child

Absentee mum vs Absentee dad

Urban living vs Rural living

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Yoga vs Ballet dancing

Risk takers vs risk averse

Saving vs Investing

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Family planning pills vs Barrier methods of family planning

Being an alcoholic vs workaholic

Raising kids as younger parents vs raising kids as older parents

Internet vs traditional TV channels

Romeo and Juliet vs. Macbeth of Shakespeare.

Alexander the great vs Napoleon

China’s economic development vs the United States Economic development

Being in a relationship vs being single

Apple vs Microsoft

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Middle School

School bullying vs Cyberbullying

Hope vs Faith

Art-related subjects’ vs Science related subjects

Playing soccer vs playing American football

Parachuting vs Scuba diving

Japanese diet vs American diet

Sending Test messages vs sending emails

Online meetings vs office meetings

A train vs A car

Leopard vs Cheetah

Swimming in a pool vs swimming on the beach

Dog vs Cat

Christian traditions vs Jewish traditions

The Greeks vs The Romans

Finnish vs. United States educational culture.

The Egyptian gods’ vs The Israelite God

Driving in the US vs Driving in Germany

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Freedom of speech in China vs Freedom of speech in North Korea.

Natural light vs Artificial light

Snorkeling vs Kayaking

Desktop vs Laptop

Eating with a fork vs using chopsticks

Horror movies vs Comedy movies

Buy a gift or give money

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates 

Conclusion: Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

The process of writing a comparing and contrasting essay should start by choosing a good topic. As a college student, you should have the skills of coming up with an essay with a good structure. Once you choose a topic, find the points that compare and contrast the addressed issues. From the listed points select the strong points and clearly show the comparison and contrast.