List of Research Topics for Nursing Students

List of Research Topics for Nursing Students: Below we have looked at nursing research topics that will allow you to carry out relevant research and be able to come up with applicable results. Our topics range from Childhood nursing, Midwifery, Geriatric Nursing, Women’s Health Nursing, Mental health nursing, Pain Management, and health care management.

List of Research Topics for Nursing Students

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Nursing

If you are in nursing it is clear that this field provides important scenarios for research. As a result, there are a lot of excellent topics for the annotated bibliography. This helps students to improve their knowledge and understanding of topics in nursing.

To help you with your research we have looked at some of the outstanding annotated bibliography topics for nursing. Any perfect topic for an annotated bibliography agrees with your academic interests and adds to your expertise. The below list has outlined some of the best-annotated bibliography topics for nursing

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Nursing

1. Causes and effects of obesity for older children.

2. Effect of a heart attack on mental health.

3. Parkinson’s disease: preventing and treating it.

4. Practices in averting early dementia.

5. Role of nurses in the management of Coronavirus.

6. Significance of psychological aspects in nursing.

7. The causes and dangers of antibiotic resistance.

8. The most reliable practices in geriatrics models of care.

9. Effect of stress and anxiety on the immune system.

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Interesting Childhood nursing research topics

1. Addressing psychological issues in children with physical illnesses.

2. Effects of second-hand smoke inhalation in kids.

3. Antibiotics’ effect on infant immunities.

4. Children’s health and how it can affect their health later in life.

5. Effective treatment of malnutrition in children.

6. Effects of childhood exposure to pollutants.

7. Genetic aspects of diabetic children.

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8. How to alleviate infant injury during delivery?

9. Presentation and treatment of ADHD.

10. Prenatal effects of exposure to pollutants.

11. Neonatal care for the last 50 years?

12. Major causes of child mortality.

13. Stem cell solutions in managing pediatric diseases.

14. Strategy to prevent childhood obesity.

15. The expansion of Childhood cancer treatment.

16. The process of diagnosing and managing respiratory diseases in children.

17. How to improve child care at inpatient facilities? 

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Nursing Research Topics for Students

1. Analysis of dental and oral health in a region.

2. Examining the balance of health care and cost.

3. Studying the benefits of collaborative nursing.

4. Evaluating the causes of depression.

5. Exploring the difference between treatment for cardiovascular issues between the sexes.

6. Analyzing the difference in diets.

7. Studying the history of nursing and its role in health care.

8. Comparing culture’s impact on nursing in different countries.

9. Effective approaches to uphold emotional health for nurses.

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10. Moral code of data collection in adult health care.

11. Treatment for eating disorders.

12. Non-chemical treatments for bipolar disorders.

13. Strategies to reduce the spread of infectious diseases by nurses.

14. The ethics of using euthanasia.

15. Treatment for the acute coronary syndrome.

16. Anxiety disorders treatment.

17. Triggers for chronic anxiety disorders. 

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Research Topics for Midwifery Students

Midwifery nurses are trained to care for women during and after their pregnancy. If you are in this field of nursing, below are research topics tailor-made for the midwifery students

1.Analysis of quality of care for new mothers from less privileged groups.

2. Analyze the changes in midwifery practice.

3. Bonding of mother-child during postnatal care.

4. Examine childbirth experiences of women with autism.

5. Impacts of spirituality in midwifery.

6. Study of risks for advanced maternal age.

7. The common feeding difficulties for newborns and infants.

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8. Treatment of postpartum depression.

9. The importance of telephone-provided care during postnatal treatment.

10. Study the impacts of teamwork in midwifery.

11. Skincare and hygiene for babies.

12. Role of midwifery in emergency care.

13. Parental experience for special children.

14. Pain management during labor.

15. Treatment of disabilities during pregnancy.

16. History of midwifery in marginal communities.

17. Case studies of positive birth experiences.

18. Treatments of pregnancy-induced hypertension.

19. Ways to involve fathers in pre-and postnatal care.

20. Treatment of mental disorders during post-natal care.

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Geriatric Nursing Research Topics

1. Geriatric nursing provides skills for nurses who take care of patients above 65 years old.

2. Age-related factors in cardiovascular diseases.

3. Complications arising from prolonged hospital stays.

4. Diet as a factor in managing dementia.

5. Effects of aging on the immune system.

6. Analysis of signs of undernourishment in older adults.

7. Examining a nurse’s responsibilities in advanced-care planning.

8. Care strategies for pain management in elderly patients.

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9. Vaccinations for older adults.

10. Parkinson’s disease in elderly women.

11. Ethical use of physical restraints in elderly patients.

12. Ethics to be observed in critical care for geriatric patients.

13. Medical emergencies linked with cancer treatment of elder patients.

14. Prevention of injuries in senior patients.

15. Improving oral health conditions in senior patients.

16. Dehydration in aging adults.

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17. Cardiovascular risk in older patients.

18. Joint disorders in the senior population.

19. Management of Alzheimer’s disease.

Women’s Health Nursing Research Topics

1. Study of emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

2. Preventive measures for AIDS as sexually transmitted infections.

3. Sleep disorders in women during menopause.

4. Examination treatment for menopause.

5. Health care for immigrant women.

6. Cultural impacts on women’s health.

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7. Analysis of treatment procedure for breast cancer.

8. Sexual health disorders in women.

9. Effectiveness of breast screening as a measure of preventing breast cancer.

10. Environmental factors that lead to increased infertility rates.

11. Ethical treatment of infertility in younger women.

12. Factors that increase the conception rate in women.

13. The gap between female and male health care providers.

14. Skincare for women.

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Mental Health Nursing Research Topics

1. Management strategies for ADHD management strategies.

2. Medical treatment for patients with cognitive development impairment.

3. Effects of mirror therapy in brain rehabilitation.

4. Study risk factors of anorexia.

5. Examination of the link between dopamine levels and autism.

6. The relationship between depression and cancer.

8. Analyze treatments of dementia patients.

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9. Advantages of using antipsychotics when averting delirium.

10. The risk factors of bipolar disorder.

11. Impacts of social media on mental health.

12. Effects of environmental on Alzheimer’s disease.

13. Genetic factors in bipolar disorder.

14. Intimate partner violence victims.

15. Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

16. Treatments to improve mobility functions for patients recovering from stroke patients.

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Research Topics for Nursing Students

1. Pain management is the care of patients who need a reprieve from pain or they need to manage chronic pain.

2. Investigate the effectiveness of nonchemical pain management methods in teenagers.

3. The efficiency of pain management strategies in cancer patients.

4. Best practices of cognitive hypnotherapy in pain management.

5.Medication trends in pain management applicable to nurses.

6. Nurse’s role in pain treatment.

7. Chemical and nonchemical pain treatment plans for post-surgery patients.

8. Pain managing in hemophilia.

9. Management of long-term pain.

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Research Topics for Nurses in Health Care Management

1. Research topics in health care management emphasize the administrative roles in the nursing profession rather than the care for patients.

2. The quality of health care in outpatient services.

3. Health care for the homeless.

4. Assessing diversity in health care.

5. Digital effect on the nursing profession and its future.

6. Human resources management in public hospitals.

7. Enhancing staff relations in health care.

8. Evaluating uniform code rules for nurses.

9. Examine gender roles in nursing.

10. Assessing the shortage of men in health care.

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Conclusion: List of Research Topics for Nursing Students 

The above list of Research Topics for Nursing Students will be very useful in allowing you to build up knowledge on various topics in nursing. If you are a student pursuing nursing, you will find the above topic relevant. You can be assured these Nursing Research paper topics will be appropriate and relevant to current issues affecting the nursing profession.