Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics: A good number of writers have said to have had a speech without a script.

You might not believe it, but it’s true, you can have an Impromptu Speech. Your college teacher or professor can tell you to prepare an Impromptu Speech.

To be able to write a funny Impromptu Speech, you need to be conversant with the topic, it is therefore always good to be knowledgeable. You never know when you will need to do an Impromptu Speech.

Funny Impromptu Speech Topics 

1. Describe critically a hangover the day after you had a party.

2. Determine the value of a Moon property certificate. Yes, they exist in the real and also virtual world. And people tend to pay for it too

3. Differences between women and men in dating habits.

4. Discuss the quality of being humble instead of yelling a way through life.

5. Examine closely the pros and cons of dating using a sugar daddy website. Do write with humor, otherwise, choose other good funny impromptu speech topics.

6. How to make a funny cartoon character of your professor or public speaking instructor step-by-step?

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7. Inventing the time machine is possible …

8. Judge the daily television weather forecast.

9. List the do’s and don’ts for a man during a romantic dinner for two.

10. Make clear what The Meaning of Life is, according to Monty Python Brian in the movie The Holy Grail.

11. Make it clear why we fart, and why it’s healthy.

12. Present the steps to a simple life.

13. Principles of fun to advertising commercials.

14. Provide evidence that something is in and not out in fashion.

15. The against of a fantasy resume at LinkedIn.

16. The effective step-by-step method to make studying a bit more fun.

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Humorous Impromptu Topics

1. 10 Reasons Why People Should Listen to You

2. 10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

3. A Hundred Reasons Why Your Topic is Fun

4. A Personal Blooper

5. A True Story With a Hideous End

6. Boredom is Inspirational

7. Chasing Dreams is Constructive Pastime

8. Criteria for Choosing Friends. After All, They Too Have a Purpose!

9. Explain Why Junk Food Should Not Be Called So

10. Facebook: The New Drug

11. Funny Facts About Men and Women

13. How Being a Couch Potato is Better than Outdoor Exercises

14. How Homework is Harmful to Health

15. How Indecisiveness Provides Great Mental Flexibility

16. How Shopping is a Sport for One and All

17. How Telecom Service Providers Make Fake Promises

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18. How to Make Paper Planes to Entertain Yourself During a Boring Speech

19. If You Were a Millionaire…

20. If You were an Animal, Which One Would You Be?

21. If You Were the President

22. Incorrigible Murphy’s Law and How it Always Works

23. Instant Gratification Recipes

24. Job Description of a Beggar

25. Mediocre Talent Shows Have High Revenues. So, What Makes Them Mediocre?

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Funny Impromptu Topics

1. Nothing is Impossible When Nothing is the Motto

2. The pen is Mightier than a Sword, What were they Thinking When They Said This?

3. Preposterous Imaginations That Never Come True

4. Procrastination is Good for Health as it Puts all Worries Behind

5. Rules for Boys Who Want to Date Your Sister

6. So What Came First, Chicken or the Egg?

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7. The Story Behind Your Name

8. Things Women Wish That Men Knew and Vice Versa

9. Uses of Pen Other Than Writing

10. Ways to eat Oreo Cookies

11. What are the Factors that Make One a Teenage Pop Star

12. What Goes Around Comes Around

13. What if You Could Pretend You Were Deaf

14. What is the World What a Monochrome? Which Color Would you Want it to Be in and Why?

15. What is Your Superpower

16. What Makes Cheating the Convenient Truth of Life?

17. What Makes the Greatest Person Ever?

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Impromptu Topics Funny

1. What Would be the Lyrics of Your Hit Pop Songs

2. When Death is Inevitable, Why Bother About Diet Plans?

3. When Ignorance is Bliss, Why Seek Knowledge

4. Why Go to School, When Most Geniuses Were School DropOuts?

5. Why is the State of Denial a Happy One?

6. You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too. Then What are you Supposed to Do With It?

7. Your Dream Vacation

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8. Your Real Reasons for Resignation at Your Current Job Will Be…

9. All the Birthday in Your School Should be Holidays

10. An Imaginary Invention that You Can Invent with Your Mind.

11. Bad Dreams Stem from Reality

12. The end justifies the means no matter how unethical or immoral,

13. The usefulness of useless homework assignments. One of the favorite persuasive speech topics of my daughter

14. The value of horse racing stats for gamblers.

15. What does illustrate mean in the context of a funny impromptu speech topics assignment?

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