Examples of Expository Essay Topics

Examples of Expository Essay Topics: Expository Essays are types of essays that are often referred to as how-to or process essays. As you look for expository essay ideas? It is good to understand that an expository essay will require you to give valid evidence for all the facts provided. These types of essays are not based on personal opinions or views but on logic and facts.

Below are Expository Essay Ideas

Expository Essay Topics On Education

How team spirit is more vital than lifting a trophy.

The advantages of joining a college in your hometown as opposed to joining one in a different part of the country.

Sharing your space: making a positive transition into being someone’s roommate.

How to mentally prepare for a significant contest at college.

Are the benefits of being in a community group purely psychological?

How to choose the best college clubs and memberships?

Explain the benefits of “Innovative Education” and how this can change societies for the better.

How much say should your parents or guardians have over the subjects you choose to take?

Ways to evade becoming a slave to your studies.

How to avoid inappropriate relations with your tutors.

Steps to maintain your friendship when in different colleges?

Making friends for a lifetime. The friendship code of conduct to maintain.

Behaviors to assist you to remain well-nourished in college.

How to be a good friend in college.

How to strike a balance when choosing the course you “want” to do and the course that you feel ”you need to do”.

What to consider to know it is the right time to date?

Handling the college bullies: The successful strategies.

Dealing with homesickness after a holiday.

Maintaining good health while at college.

Ways of Coping with parental divorce or separation while in college.

How to avoid alcohol and substance abuse at college?

Managing unplanned pregnancy while in school.

How to live college life with much freedom and still attain the best grades.

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Expository Essay Topics On Health

How can we help children keep a healthy body weight?

Ethical and legal matters of surrogate pregnancy.

Dangers of long-term consequences of anorexia?

Codes of averting medical errors in hospitals.

How can doctors endorse a healthy lifestyle?

Side effects of blood transfusion?

Can a vegan diet be healthy for little children?

Psychological effects of breast cancer on younger women.

Significance of organ donation after death.

The use of stem cell technologies for cancer treatment.

The comparison between western medicine and alternative medicine?

Symptoms of heart attacks.

Social issues of cosmetic surgery.

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Role of nutrition education in promoting healthy diets.

Health repercussions of eating disorders.

Ethics when carrying out human experimentation.

Embracing of bio printing in future of organ transplants.

Effects of advertising on teenagers’ choice of healthy food choices?

Eating fast food and its relation to increased obesity in children

Are there any possibilities of curing diabetes in the future?

Alternate ways to manage depression.

Approaches to be adopted to prevent heart disease.

Can a healthy lifestyle increase someone’s age?

Do’s and don’ts of clinical trials.

Effects of alcohol on unborn children.

Importance of exercise in improving strength and balance for seniors.

Pros and cons of weight loss surgery.

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Expository Essay Topics On Technology

Cite the negative and positive effects of increased internet usage on people’s social lives.

Discuss the positive and negative impacts of technology on job productivity.

Explain the long-term effects of interacting with technology daily.

Expound on the role that technology has played in destroying the world, and how things might get worse in the near future.

Explain the role of technology in promoting the healthcare sector.

What are the roles of technology in globalization?

Expound on how social media has increased cases of child abuse and exploitation.

Discuss how future governments will behave concerning freedom of access to the internet.

With increased access to the internet, the world today is like a global village. Discuss, citing possible reasons why this is true.

What are some of the rules and regulations that should be developed to protect people’s data from wrongful usage by third parties on the internet?

Restrictions on the internet and controls are necessary for various purposes. Discuss.

Has technological advancement led to better skills and mental ability or not? Explain

Explain how human communication has been enhanced since the introduction of social networking.

Discuss the impression that digital learning has brought to the educational sphere.

As a student how have search engines like google impacted your learning process? Expound.

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Expository Essay Topics On History

Discuss the impact of the second world war on economies across the globe.

In the times of the renaissance, what was the work of the art patronage system?

The colonization of countries benefited most European countries. Explain

The effect of smallpox on the colonization of the north and south Americas.

The impact of Buddhism on the Chinese empire.

The effects of slavery on the world’s social segregation.

Explain the role that the catholic church played during the medieval period?

Discuss the economic impacts of the abolition of the slave trade?

What caused world war II after the end of world war.

The role of the golden age in the growth of western civilization.

The influence of the bubonic plague on the growth of European civilization.

The importance of geography in the history of Greece.

The impact of medieval canon law on the status of marriage.

The factors that caused William the Conqueror to turn out to be the king of England.

The causes of the first economic recession of the U.S. In 1819.

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College Expository Essay Topics

Explain why scientists should continue space exploration.

Describe the modern developments in human brain study.

Elaborate on the importance of studies about viral diseases.

Explain the causes of recently increased heat waves in the world.

Expound on the importance of renewable sources of energy

How have the latest developments in research on cancer led to improvement in cancer management?

Explain how basic knowledge of IT is essential in the legal system.

Explain the effect of social media invention.

Describe the period of the Great Depression in the United States.

Describe the key aspects of Martin Luther’s civil rights activity.

Describe the effects of cyberbullying on teenagers.

Explain the social significance of allowing the adoption of babies by parents of the same sex.

Explain the possible consequences of fentanyl drug addiction on the United States economy.

Describe the changes in modes of communication in the last 20 years.

Explain why tolerance in a place of work is crucial.

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