Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media


Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media: As we highlight the Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media, we cannot overlook how the growth of these platforms since the early 2000s social media has impacted more lives than we can ever know. In the 21st century, you cannot talk of the internet without coming across social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. These social platforms have become part and parcel of our lives that we can easily interact with anyone regardless of their location. Businesses are now able to reach many clients and as technology advances, more and better social media platforms are expected to come up.

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Over the years as we continue to use these platforms important t and vital questions and topics have come up regarding the importance, advantages, disadvantages, and dangers that come with social media. Today we take the time to look at some of the Social Media Debate Topics that can be addressed in both academic and non-academic fields. Below are some of the best Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

Argumentative Essay Topics on Social Media

Can social media create true human connections?

Are business adverts on social media effective?

Between Twitter and Facebook, which one creates a better platform for a business advert?

Should social media be restricted for children below 18 years?

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Is social media leading to more cyberbullying?

Has social media killed our privacy?

Is social media killing true value in human relationships?

Can continued use of social media lead to social loneliness?

Excessive time spent spend on social media kills one creativity?

Should social media be used more often to impact lives other than to impress others?

Does social media addiction lead to increased dopamine in the brain?


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Argumentative essay topics about social media

Social media has led to unrealistic life expectations that often lead to depression?

Are more girls being prone to cyberbullying through social media compared to boys?

Has Social media led to more time wastage than any other activity?

What are the negative impacts of prolonged social media usage on teenagers?

Are relationships initiated in social media likely to last long?

What are some of the negative habits you have developed due to social media usage?

Should founders of social platforms be liable for danger caused by their platforms?


Social Media Debate Topics

Which one is better, face-to-face communication or virtual communication?

Is there a difference between life portrayed on Instagram and real life?

Should private information be shared on social media?

Do real-life Family-based shows on social media cause more harm than good?

What are the impacts of social media on the life of teenagers?

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Is there any value in the number of likes one gets on social media?

Should social media users pay any fees to get more likes and views?

Should physical beauty be determined by the number of like one gets on Instagram?

Do social media manipulate people’s feelings by what they choose to show on their site?

Personal relationships are becoming fragile because of social networking

Is social media affecting learning in schools?

Should social media platforms be used to propagate political agendas?


Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

Has social media reduced the rate of job productivity in a company?

Has social media created more social problems or a social solution?

Are more people becoming social media addicts?

Is social media creating more problems in families?

Which is better, the world before social media or the world after social media?

What are the impacts of social on dating life?

Should children be allowed to join social media?

What is the right age to allow a child to join any social media platform?

The influence of social media on adolescence

Has social media influenced the teaching process?

Is social media a source of unhappiness in young people?

What impact has Social Media played in influencing Consumer spending Behavior?

Does social media promote democracy?


Short Argumentative Essay About Social media

 What role does social media play in managing disasters?

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Can humanity remain the same without social media?

Has social media increased the spread of fake news?

Are the life expectations on social media too high to be met?

Has social media improved the quality of life?

What role does social media play in eliminating social injustices?


Social Media Argumentative Essay Examples

Is social media misleading and very unimportant to one’s personal development?

Are social paths seeking unwanted attention on social media?

Is social media promoting false images of how everything should be in a perfect world?

What impact is social media having on social security for teenage girls and boys?

Are there any possibilities to evade social media usage in the current modern world?

Is social causing an increase in statistics on cases of teens suicide?

Can continued usage of social media lead to child obesity?

Could social media be depriving parents of enough interaction time with their kids?

Is social media usage likely to go down by the year 2030?