Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion: Looking for Argumentative essay topics on religion? In this article, we have come up with religious Argumentative essay topics that will give a good base to write your essay.

Argumentative Essays also known as persuasive essays, give the author’s perspective about certain things and go ahead to justify and defend the issue.

When you choose one of the below topics you will be able to expound on the details by giving evidence and examples from life experiences, literature, and history.

Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

1. Should religion be taught in schools?

2. Is the atheist group likely to end in the future?

3. Should catholic priests be allowed to marry?

4. Between Islam and Hinduism, which one has stricter beliefs?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

5. Mohammed and Buddha who had better teaching?

6. Does Islam have more supporters and power than Hinduism?

7. Is polygamy in Islam a good thing?

8. Christians and Islam, which of these two groups have better moral habits?

9. What is the right age to become a pastor?

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10. Should freedom of worship be introduced to every part of the world?

11. Between the Bible and Quran which of these two religious books are mostly read?

12. Do Christians follow the instruction in the Bible?

13. Is behavior important in determining someone’s religious faith?

14. Who is better, someone who prays often or someone who does good deeds?

15. Is the Bible the most important tool in a Christian’s life?

16. Is it proper for people to change their religion each time they want?

17. Should schools have religious subjects in their curriculum?

18. Should praying in public in our schools be reintroduced?

19. Is there a link between increased moral decay in our schools and the removal of religious activity?

20. Do priests play any role in promoting good moral standards in society?

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Christian Argumentative Essay Topics

1. Which is more important faith or works?

2. Which is the 7th day, Saturday or Sunday?

3. Who was worse, Cain or Judas?

4. Can persecution of Christians lead to the extinction of Christianity?

Christian Argumentative Essay Topics

5. Is it possible to distinguish between a false and true proa phet of God?

6. Should all churches unite and become one?

7. Between Moses and Abraham, who is the most influential?

8. Should teenagers be allowed to have a church wedding?

9. Is there life after earth?

10. Is it okay to cohabit before you do a church wedding?

11. Can the Bible be referred to as the most popular book in the world?

12. What makes people change to another religion?

13. What is the right age for someone to marry?

14. Is material wealth important to a Christian?

15. How often should a Christian pray?

16. Do angels exist in the current world?

17. Is going to church important?

18. Is sex before a wedding day right or wrong?

19. Have the 10 commandments been altered?

20. At what age should one be ordained as a pastor?

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Religion Argumentative Essay Topics  

1. Does religion have a role to play in extreme groups and terrorists?

2. Is religion in modern society fulfilling its intended role?

3. According to Christian standards is gay marriage acceptable?

4. Is there any fulfillment in knowing there is life after death?

Religion Argumentative Essay Topics

5. Does being associated with certain religions make you a content human being?

6. Is praying in faith a safer substitute for conventional medicines?

7. Are all calamities associated with the sinful nature of man?

8. Are there any challenges faced by interfaith families?

9. Do parents’ religious faith affect their children in any way?

10. Are there any religious practices that have been passed over time?

11. Should the church be involved in state matters?

12. Is cloning religiously correct?

13. In Christianity is the slave trade acceptable?

14. Is it proper to marry a person of different religious background?

15. Should religion set guidelines on whom to marry?

16. Should the church officiate same-sex marriages? Why?

17. Currently, is the church playing its golden rule of upholding morality? 

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Argumentative Essay Topics About Religion

1. Are the religious movements impacting society?

2. The impact of the story of Jesus on the Christian life.

3. The Origin of Buddhism

4. The importance of the book of Genesis.

Argumentative Religious Topics

5. Is there common ground between religion and science

6. Who has impacted the world more, Islam or Christianity

7. Are some of the current Christian religious practices adopted from ancient pagan religion

8. What is the origin of Christmas? Was it Biblical?

9. Life after death, is it assured to everyone?

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10. Is the belief in purgatory Biblical?

11. How often should a person forgive?

12. Is Jesus the only way to heaven?

13. We are all descendants of Adam and Noah?

14. Jacob was better than Esau?

15. Is Jerusalem the most religious city in the world?

16. Are there any similarities between Christianity and Islam?

17. How important are the mosques to Islam?

18.. Participation of the religious group in maintaining international peace

19. The relevance of religion in education.

20. Is prayer and fasting important to a believer?

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Argumentative Essay on Religion

1. Is it possible to have one religion in the world?

2. Will the world end in destruction?

3. Between Rachel and Leah who was the better wife to Jacob?

4. Does science have any role in Christianity?

5. What is a generation in the Bible?

6. Is it okay to eat any type of food?

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7. Should religion predict the mode of dressing for its followers?

9. Is it justified to alter the Bible in any way?

10. Should Christian drink alcohol?

11. Is possible to be a true Christian and never pray?

12. What does it mean to have an idol in Christian life?

13. According to religious books is abortion a crime?

14. If you were to seek counseling sessions would you go to a Priest, Imam, or Monk?

15. How do Christians take abortion, and it is right to carry out an abortion?

16. Can faith in God improve one’s emotional and mental wellness? 

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Conclusion: Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion 

As you write your Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion, ensure you have selected the appropriate topic. Begin with an introduction before you start discussing your main point in the main body. Support your work with good evidence and ensure the points are clear. Lastly, summarize your essay by mentioning your main points in the conclusion section. Let the topic acts as the face of your essay. A good essay topic will attract readers therefore choose an eye-catching topic that you will be able to dig deep into and give relevant information.