Former President Daniel Arap Moi

Former President Daniel Arap Moi: Former President Moi served the country for 24 years. He kept a record of maintaining peace in the country although some claim that his leadership was marred with a certain level of dictatorship that saw several people go to the torture chamber. Even as a president, much of his private … Read more

How to get TSC number

What is the Teachers Service Commission? Teachers Service Commission website has made it easier for teachers to access more services without vising the headquarters at upper hill. Services from Teachers Service Commission website include teacher registration, Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD), Declaration of Income, Assets and Liabilities, access to online pay slips, job … Read more

Top 10 Smallest Counties in Kenya

Top 10 Smallest counties in Kenya: As per the Ministry of Devolution information the smallest counties in Kenya in terms of land size are as follows Top 10 Smallest Counties in Kenya Mombasa County Mombasa is the smallest county, with county code 001, its land size is 221.5 (Km2) or 54733.842 acres. See Also: Top 10 … Read more

Activities to Build Self-Confidence in a Child

Activities to build self-confidence in a child: How do you help your child become more confident? Without self-confidence most skills in life are useless. Children with low self-confidence are prone to challenges such as poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy relationships. Your son and daughter could be having the best skills but without confidence, it means … Read more

How to Clear with CRB

How to Clear with CRB: Are you wondering how you can clear with CRB? Listing with CRB means that there is a current or historical debt that you have not cleared or someone whom you guaranteed a loan has defaulted. CRB Listing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a loan defaulter, a debt could actually … Read more

How to Apply for AGPO Certificate Online

Access to Government Procurement Opportunities

How to Apply for AGPO Certificate online: Are you wondering what is the meaning of AGPO? Well AGPO means Access to Government Procurement Opportunities. What is an AGPO Certificate? AGPO certificate is a document that allows youth, women, or persons living with disabilities to access 30 percent of tenders reserved for special groups in Kenya.  … Read more

The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya

The Best Tribe to Marry in Kenya: In Kenyan, you will find people with diverse natures. There are over 42 ethnic groups in Kenya. Each tribe is unique and there are certain traits associated with its people. Even with this difference, there are several things that unite Kenyans as one, marriage being one of them. … Read more

Most Romantic Ladies in Kenya

Most Romantic Ladies in Kenya: Looking for some of the most romantic ladies in Kenya. Personality and character cannot be generalized but views from a simple majority may have some truth in them. Most Romantic Ladies in Kenya We did a simple study where 1000 questionnaires were issued to random Kenyan males between the age … Read more

KRA Offices and Contacts

KRA Offices and Contacts

KRA Offices and Contact: Are you looking for a KRA office near your area or want to contacts their office? Below we have listed all the KRA offices across the country. KRA Offices and Contacts KRA offices Location Telephone no Address HEADQUARTERS Times Tower Building 254- 20-2 810 000 48240-00100 Haile Selassie Avenue CONTACT CENTRE … Read more