Aina ya Nguo

Aina ya Nguo: Looking for translation of clothes names from Kiswahili to English? Today we have looked at common clothes name; below you will find the translation of words like surupwenye, bulibuli, kidotia, boshori, lapa, kanchiri, kizibau etc   Kiswahili                                             English ovaroli / bwelasuti /surupwenye        Overall barghashia / bulibuli                           Embroidered Islamic hat … Read more

Elimu Scholarship Programme 2021

Elimu scholarship programme is sponsored by the Kenya government, Equity Bank and World Bank. In 2019, around 9000 students from poor backgrounds benefitted from this program. Basically, the scholarship caters for School fees, transport to and from school, learning materials and School kit for the beneficiaries for the four-year education period. The sponsorship aims to … Read more

How to Get a New Birth Certificate in Kenya

How to Get a New Birth Certificate in Kenya: In Kenya, the importance of a birth certificate cannot be overlooked. Parents with a newborn are encouraged to get a birth certificate in the first six months after the baby is born. Failure to do this will require you get approval before applying for a birth … Read more

Tips on How to Pack for Your Honeymoon

The secret on How to Pack for Your Honeymoon lies in planning in advance, making a list and ensuring all the items that will make your day romantic are available. You will want to look your best all the time and at the same time need to carry limited luggage size and weight. You will … Read more

How To Deal With Wedding Stress

How To Deal With Wedding Stress: Planning a wedding can be a very stressful situation. Sometimes things may not run as we anticipate them to. We would not like stress to derail us. Here is How to Reduce Wedding Stress. At the end of the day, one should remember that the person they are wedding … Read more

Best Ways on How to Announce your Engagement

Congratulations!  Becoming engaged is a big step for any couple who would like to start life together. Now you would like to tell your friends and the whole world for your progress. You would like to announce to the right people in the right way to avoid any misunderstandings. One can follow these etiquette approved … Read more

What Jewelry to Wear With Wedding Dress

What Jewelry to Wear With Wedding Dress: After getting your wedding dress, the next step is picking the perfect accessories or Choosing Accessories to match your wedding dress. The right accessories will make your look beautiful and spectacular while the wrong choice can ruin your great look. We have highlighted a few things you should … Read more

Wedding Gifts Ideas for Couple

Looking for Wedding Gifts Ideas Couple? What can I buy as a wedding gift for the couple? A question that one asks when a couple are getting married. Get the best wedding gift ideas. The wedding season is here! Attending a wedding and you are not sure what to buy for the bride and groom? … Read more

Ways on How to Save Money on Your Wedding

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

How to Save Money on Your Wedding: Your wedding budget can be Strenuous, but there are many ways on How to Save Money on Your Wedding How to Save Money on Your Wedding Guest List Invite only the most important people in your life at your wedding. If everyone comes to the wedding even the … Read more