Unique Speech Topics for Students

Unique Speech Topics for Students: There are times you might want interesting topics to talk about in class, interesting topics for presentation, or interesting topics. There are so many places you can find unique and interesting speech topics like journals, magazines, news, and even newspapers.

Unique Speech Topics for Students

1. A diamond exploration certification system will not prevent conflict-diamonds trade

2. A week of monastery life

3. Abu Sayyaf links to global terror organizations

4. Electronic textbooks don’t have the same impact as the printed version

5. English and Spanish should be the only languages in the world

6. Architectural movements in the late nineteenth century

7. Armed conflicts in Africa

8. Child testimonies in abuse cases are not credible

9. Click bate headlines are the cause of less followers

10. George Orwell was just right when he wrote his novel ‘’ … Big Brother is watching us all the time

11. Girls are too mean to each other

12. Graffiti must be recognized as art

13. Granting amnesty perpetuates immigration and makes border patrols fruitless

14. Handwriting analysis reveals all aspects of your personality

15. Harry Potter books are more popular among elderly persons

16. Princess Diana’s death was not a tragic accident

17. How to outlaw reactionary conservative groups and individuals

18. Huge disasters always happen at Christmas time

19. Hyper active kids don’t need medication

20. The right to privacy is not absolute

21. The role of Emperor Akihito in Japan

22. The secrets of crop circles revealed

23. The short history of the second man on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin

24. The soul does exist

25. The long term complications of sunburn

26. The philosophical doctrine of Nihilism

27. The pros and cons of pacifism

28. The relations between federal budget deficit, national debt and trade balance

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Interesting Speech Topics for students

1. A comparison of the official definition of terrorism in different parts of the world

2. Cross cultural couples respect each other more

3. Curfews do not keep teens out of trouble

4. Debunking weight loss myths

5. Development goals of the United Nations

6. Adoptive parents need maternity leave too

7. English will always be the business language of the world

8. Affirmative action isn’t right

9. Animal testing is necessary

10. Atheists do care about Christmas

11. Female genital mutilation is not unethical when done by cosmetic surgery doctors

12. Feminism will help improve the position of females in Africa

13. Fill in a country … should be condemned as human rights violator

14. Australian aboriginal tattooing is art

15. Ban smoking in all public places

16. Print advertisements don’t work

17. Prisons create criminals

18. Prohibit destruction of rainforests

19. Public insults should be considered as hate speech and should not be protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution

20. Racism and cultural diversity in mass media

21. Ban the filibuster from Congress

22. Body piercings can cause serious complications

23.The war costs in Iraq and Afghanistan

24. The War on Terror is based on a hidden agenda

25. There would be more divorces if couples didn’t have children

26. This generation as a completely different lifestyle compared to the previous generation

27. This generation cannot fix anything

28. Vegetarians would not eat vegetables if they were born in rural Africa

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Unique Speech Topics for High School

1. Artificial intelligence opportunities

2. Arts express the level of quality in different cultures

3. Atheists are more peaceful than religious people

4. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder

5. Bioethics verses human rights

6. Houses affected by natural disasters should not be rebuilt

7. How giant sea aquariums are constructed

8. How nepotisms started in the Middle Ages

9. How the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is structured

10. How the American Civil War began

11. Political correctness kills freedom of speech

12. Poverty can be cut by half in this century

13. Pregnancy as a result of rape should be terminated

14. The flying fortress called Air Force One

15. The four general goals of the Homeland Security Department

16. The functions of Samurai warriors in Ancient Japan

17. The future of fashion

18. The Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war

19. The governing system of rules during the Middle Ages

20. The history of Amtrak

22. Heterosexual men and women can be just friends

23. Hollywood movies have a bad influence on the world

24. Homelessness in rural areas is substantially undercounted compared to metropolitan and suburban areas

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Unique Speech Topics for College Students

1. All couples must live together before getting married

2. All humans are spiritual in one way or another

3. Alternatives to evolution exist

4. Biochemical weapons explained

5. Celebrities are not role models

6. Censorship is a violation of freedom of speech

7. Charities must minimize the organizational and overhead costs

8. Famous people must stay away from politics

9. Fashion gurus have good reasons to promote skinny girls

10. Fast food needs to come with more warnings

11. Men should get paternity leave

12. Mentally disabled people cannot be executed

13. Middle East roadmap for peace

14. Women shouldn’t give birth after 50 years

15. You can lose weight without exercising

16. You tube needs to monitor comments

17. Zero tolerance is a useful instrument to prevent violence

18. Hours is not enough sleep for an adult

19. Tobacco and alcohol billboards litter the streets

20. Two party system compared multiple party systems

21. United Nations will never truly exist in Europe

22. There is no place for monarchs any more

23. There is no secure protection of property rights in developing countries

24. There should be cultural content quotas in broadcasting

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Random Speech Topics 

1. Aging is a threat to pension funding

2. Airline safety restrictions won’t stop terrorists

3. Alcohol advertising stimulates underage alcohol use

4. Books are outdated

5. Boredom always leads to trouble

6. Drug addiction is a choice

7. Earth has not been explored properly

8. Electronic baby timeshare does help to prevent teen pregnancy

9. Freedom of speech rights needs to be rewritten

10. Future generations have to keep their jobs until they drop

11. People can live without eating meat

12. People have the right to decide about their own life and death

13. People in open marriages are not happy

14. Justice is never the same for all

15. Killing a murderer is immoral

16. Life was not easier a century ago

17. Limiting immigration is limiting opportunities

18. Link debt relief of developing countries to carbon emission reduction

19. Local aid to African communities is more effective than national aid

20. Video games are not the blame of violence at school

21. We should have a king instead of a president

22. Weblogs are intellectual property and therefore must be legally protected

23. What is acne and what are its causes

24. Why the NASA shuttle program was stopped

25. Why the Roman built huge aqueducts in France

26. The world isn’t only black and white

27. There are not enough cameras in public spaces

28. There is a connection between science and religion

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Popular Speech Topics

1. Abortion is murder

2. Books are always better than the movie

3. Caesarian sections are safer than normal births

4. Calories should be included in restaurant menus

5. Carpets are harmful and shouldn’t be in homes

6. Children don’t play enough

7. Children’s beauty pageants are wrong

8. Combatting modern slavery

9. Compensate organ donors

10. Corporal punishment could be ethical, provided that it is proportional

11. Creative expression and creativity are not the same

12. Do drug tests on welfare recipients

13. Don’t give children allowances

14. Establishing democracy in Iraq is mission impossible

15. Everything we can find in our Solar System

16. Financial rewards is the only way employees stay loyal

17. Five ways to give and donate to charity funds

18. Food should never be seen as a reward

19. Forms of public diplomacy

20. Fraud detection systems explained

21. Give girls using contraceptives without parents consent

22. Why you should always put yourself first

23. With the current economic situation, we will all be working until we are old and grey

24. Women are more intelligent than they give away

26. Stem cell research is murder

27. Stop checking in on social media

28. Strategic defense and ethics do not match

29. Sugar tax won’t reduce obesity

30. Suspend referees that are found to show too much bias

31. Tattoos are an addiction

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Interesting Topics for Presentation

1. Motivation courses only have one objective: to fund the instructor’s bank account

2. Give working moms special privileges

3. Global warming is a myth

4. Governments should not own news broadcasting corporations

5. Helicopter parents are damaging their children

6. Hospitality is a valuable instrument to better foreign relationships

7. How the application for immigration and naturalization works

8. How the CIA can track terrorists

9. International satellite news broadcasting pose a threat to indigenous cultures

10. Is it possible to clone humans?

11. It is false that no one is above the law

12. It is possible to be pro-life and pro-choice

13. It’s a myth that bottled water is better than tap water

14. Jobs shouldn’t be gender specific

15. Journalism codes are no longer respected by journalists

16. Long distance relationships do work

17. Major incidents and consequences in the first decade of this millennium

18. Make paparazzi photographing children a criminal offence

19. Making substances illegal only makes people want them more

20. Men are better forgivers

21. Men are the stronger sex

22. Migration trends

23. Never pay children for good grades

24. News programs must be interesting rather than important

25. Offshore installation accidents through the years

26. Online friends show more compassion

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Interesting Presentation Topics 

1. Open source software is better than Microsoft

2. Parental advisory labels hinder the freedom of speech of artists

3. Parenting classes must be compulsory

4. People should be considered adults at

5. Peoples salaries should reflect their performances

6. Pick up lines do work

8. Refugees and forced displacement

9. Religion is the cause of war

10. Religion won’t die away

11. Result on foreign aid funding in the long term

12. Right to work laws are useless

13. Robin Hood was a not a hero

14. School system is responsible for low test scores

15. Scientific explanations for the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

16. Sex and sexuality are from different hemispheres

17. Sick building syndromes exist

18. Sleepwalkers perform the most unusual things while asleep

19. Social media fame is a scam

20. Social media will run it’s course and die out

21. State sponsored tyranny explained

22. Televise all court proceedings

23. Telling lies is a justifiable instrument

24. The best consumer electronics innovations to date

25. The chain of cargo and freight services at international airports

26. The difference between soft and hard drugs

27. The effect of counter terrorism legislation on ordinary people

28. The European convention on human rights explained

29. The innovative and unique styling of Dodge trucks

30. The struggle to patent computer software