Definition Essay Topics

Definition Essay Topics: Definition essays require you to explain or define an idea, a term, or a concept. To come up with a good definition essay topic, you will need to choose one that is not too easy but one that has an abstract meaning. One you can build some meaningful information on. In this article, we have compiled some of the outstanding topics that you can choose and write about for your essay.

Definition Essay Topics

What is Parenthood

What is religion

The meaning of true love

The true meaning of wisdom


What is leadership?

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What is dating

Define Culture

How can you define success?

Define Global warming.

What is self-discipline?

What does it mean to be optimistic?

Define beauty

What is democracy?

What is Easter? 

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Topics for Definition Argument Essay

Should corrupt leaders be imprisoned for life?

Is death penalty a good punishment?

Should social media platforms be banned?

eLearning should be introduced to all colleges

Should all rapists be executed?

Does patriotism play a role in today’s world?

Should beauty contests allow all types of people?

Should the law on gun control be changed?

Mobile devices should be allowed in lecture halls.

Soccer is the most unifying sport in the world.

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Should industries be liable to social responsibility?

Classroom learning should be exceptional to those who choose to attend.

Should elections be held without campaigns?

Climate change, should more developed countries be penalized more?

Which one is better classical music or Pop Music. 

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Definition Essay Topics Examples


Good Mental Health

What is market segmentation and its importance?




Nepotism and how it affects the job market

What is brand loyalty, and why does it matter?

Pollution and its effects on climate

Physical fitness and its benefits

Child immunization

Social media

What is abortion and its effects

Artificial Intelligence

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Terrorism and how it affects world peace.

Definition Argument Topics


Economic development

Business ethics

Proper Governance in a company and its importance

Endangered species


Freedom of speech

Financial Freedom



Drug addiction and its effects on society

Green energy and its importance

Covid 19 and its effects on world economy

Remote working and its future in the workplace

Self-employment and its benefits

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