Easy Speech Topics

Easy Speech Topics: When you have an interest in a particular topic, it will be an easy speech topic. If the subject is not hard, it will be a simple and easy subject.

If you want Quick and Easy Speech Topics, it is good to stick to what you already know. A subject or topic that you are well conversant with will make an easy speech topic.

Find Quick and Easy Speech Topics that you can write about.

Easy Speech Topics

1. Ads aimed at children should be strictly regulated.

2. Advantages of having a three-day weekend instead of a two-day weekend

3. Affirmative action is false competition in the workspace.

4. Aging cannot be reversed.

5. Aids tests should be required in federal prisons – for all inmates and the prison guards too.

6. All kids on a winning team should get a trophy.

7. All weapons must be registered with the police

8. Allow casual dress clothes in the workplace.

9. Allow married women to enter Miss World and Miss Universe pageants.

10. Allow mind reading during poker.

11. Alternative power is the answer to our energy crisis.

12. Balanced sugar-free nutrition is an effective treatment for ADHD.

13. Ban slaughter houses for horses

14. Ban the sale of guns at shops and stores.

15. Battery farming is unethical.

16. Beauty contests degrade women.

17.  Beer advertisements promote irresponsible drinking and ought to be banned from communal street views.

18. Being homeless is a choice.

19. Being skinny is no longer cool.

20. Benefits of drinking 2L of water per day is a myth.

21. Bike-sharing programs

22. Birds are not meant to live in cages.

23. Books should never be burned in public.

24. Breastfeeding is better than formula feeding

25. Buyers should be punished even harsher than poachers.

26. Buying local goods is better for the economy and for our health

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27. Ad spots in news programs should be banned.

28. Adopt don’t shop is key to getting a pet.

29. Adoption records should be opened.

30. Why everyone should visit Disney World

31. Why single-sex public schools are better than co-ed

32. Why there aren’t more female construction workers

33. Why you should only buy fair trade.

34. Word of mouth will always be the best form of advertising.

35. Yearly HIV tests for all health professionals.

36. Zoos cause more harm than good

37. Zoos do not give animals enough space.

38. TV’s will soon be a thing of the past.

39. Two child max rule should apply worldwide.

40. Using hands-free devices while driving

41. Using lie detector tests for employment purposes

42. Vegan diets are too extreme.

43. Video game violence causing violent kids

44. Video games are not evil.

45. Water management in our home really does matter.

46. Weeding out the dirty politicians

47. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

48. Why dogs are man’s best friend

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Easy Topic for Speech

1. Calcium doesn’t make teeth stronger.

2. Cash should be abandoned completely.

3. Celebrities get away with everything.

4. Cell phone use is dangerous while driving.

5. Classic literature should only be for college students.

6. Clients don’t want birthday messages from businesses.

7. Climate change is always changing.

8. Cosmetic surgery should be regulated.

9. Couples are wrong to stay together for the kids.

10. Criminals should pay restitution to their victims rather than to society

11. Diet pills do not work.

12. Discipline should be based on rewards, not punishment

13. Divorce doesn’t damage children.

14. Dogs are better pets than cats.

15. Dolphins are intelligent creatures.

16. Downloading copyrighted MP3s is piracy.

17. Drivers quickly forget their drivers education.

18. Dual parent households benefit children more.

19. Eating fruit is healthier than drinking fruit juice.

20. Electronic cigarettes are harmful.

21. Eliminate cursing on day-time television

22. Employees know more than employers.

23. Equal punishment and less protection for celebrities who break the law

24. Euthanize dogs that have bitten more than once

25. Every property needs to have at least one tree.

26. Everyone having access to affordable or even free universal health care

27. Everyone must be taught to do CPR.

28. Everyone should know how to swim.

29. Exam scores have a little indication on a student’s abilities

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30. News media should give equal attention to all politicians.

31. News reporters earn money because of people who make a mess of their lives.

32. No death penalty for juveniles

33. No news is good news!

34. Not allowing people to keep exotic animals as pets

35. Not enough is done to end world hunger.

36. Not wearing a seat belt a personal choice.

37. Nursery rhymes need to be looked at better.

38. Older generations were crueler.

39. Opposites will always attract.

40. Organ donors should be paid.

41. Organic food tastes better.

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Simple Speech Topics

1. Exotic animals are not pets.

2. Fake news writers should be punished.

3. Fame will always be bad for children.

4. The family must always come first.

5. Fast food and the war on obesity

6. Fast food restaurants are not responsible for obesity.

7. Fast foods must be more expensive than healthier foods.

8. Fat isn’t bad for you.

9. First impressions are always right.

10. Fracking is dangerous.

11. Free counseling to at-risk youth

12. Global awareness makes us responsible citizens of the world.

13. Going to college has little bearing on a successful future

14. Graffiti is art.

15. Group homes are better than foster care.

16. Guns don’t kill people.

17. Hands-free cell phone use in cars must be promoted better.

18. Harry Potter books are popular even among adults.

19. Hazing on college campuses is a problem

20. Healthcare should include gym membership and nutrition counseling

21. Help addicted popstars immediately and save them.

22. Help the homeless down the streets and persuade them to look for work.

23. Helping runaways is a crime.

24. Higher education is a basic need for succeeding in life today.

25. Higher standards held for the President

26. History of our National Anthem and rituals.

27. History textbooks don’t tell the whole truth

28. Homeschooling is better than traditional education

29. Hospitals should allow owners of pets to have their pets brought in

30. Hostels are not a place for children.

31. How Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas.

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32. How it takes a village to raise a child

33. How the paparazzi hinders free press

34. Human rights must be respected.

35. Humans are vegetarian by nature.

36. Humans have turned pit bulls into monsters.

37. Hundred percent airline safety is an utopia.

38. Music has healing power.

39. Neutering pets is a must.

40. Never borrow money from friends.

41. Parents right to give consent for their child to drink at home under supervision

42. Parents should be accountable for not providing a healthy diet to their children

43. Paying off mortgage debt early is a good investment.

44. People need to visit dentists more often.

45. People on welfare should be drug tested to receive welfare, and at random to keep it

46. The school curriculum is too overloaded.

47. The welfare system doesn’t work.

48. There couldn’t be enough beauty contests for children!

49. There is a need for more prisons.

50. There is nothing real about reality TV.

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Easy Speech Topics for Students

1. Illegal immigrants don’t harm the economy.

2. Immigrants must learn the language of the country they move to.

3. Immigrants should be required to speak the primary language of the country they wish to immigrate to

4. Impose bi-annual drivers tests for people over 60

5. Impose stricter federal restrictions on internet content

6. Impose trade and social sanctions on countries that do not prohibit child labor.

7. Imposing a curfew on kids 17 and under

8. Imposing better and more affordable options for the aging community

9. Is Batman a real superhero?

10. It is time to include internet slang to dictionaries.

11. It’s immoral to genetically design babies.

12. It’s not good to be an only child.

13. Juvenile crime is dealt with incorrectly.

14. Kids having jam-packed schedules isn’t good for them

15. Kids today are being made to be selfish, disrespectful, and entitled

16. Learning about all world religions in schools is important

17. Legal issues are the best sources to find suggestions for persuasive speech topics.

18. Legalize abortion for rape and incest cases.

19. Lego’s are not gender bias.

20. Less professional advertisements in schools

21. Lie detector tests are inaccurate.

22. Live together before getting married.

23. Long distance relationships don’t work.

24. Losing weight is easy, keeping it off is not.

25. Love is far more powerful than hate

26. Lower cost childcare or childcare provided at every workplace

27. Mac is better than PC

28. Make free public wi-fi available

29. Make help more readily available to single pregnant mothers

30. Make public transport free.

31. Making self-defense courses available to the public

32. Mandatory community service for students to graduate high school

33. Married couples must have date nights.

34. Medical marijuana isn’t a cure.

35. Minimum wage is too low.

36. Money can’t buy happiness

37. Money isn’t the root of all evil.

38. Moral and legal stance on capital punishment

39. Morbidly obese people should have to pay more for public transportation

40. More cold cases will be solved if investigators make use of DNA available.

41. Parent’s responsibility to discuss sex education

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42. Parents need to stop forcing their own dreams on their children.

43. People shouldn’t be paying for drivers licenses.

44. Phones are distracting students from learning

45. Plant fruit trees on sidewalks.

46. Priests shouldn’t be giving marriage counseling.

47.The morals behind lying

48. The need for parental consent to give teen girls birth control

49. The negative implications of Facebook

50. The paparazzi are the real stalkers.

Speech Easy Topics

1. Prisoners must not be allowed to vote.

2. Pros and cons of abstinence

3. Protecting the quality of drinking water in America

4. Red light cameras at every traffic light

5. Reducing crime is a utopia.

6. Refund or rebate extra taxes collected plus interest on it to those who paid.

7. Regulate automobile emissions

8. Regulating the music at school dances to eliminate cursing

9. Religion and science can go hand in hand.

10. Restrictions on garbage output to reduce pollution and carbon footprint

11. Restrictions on how many children one family can have

12. Romantic movies set unrealistic standards.

13. Royal families are not needed in this day and age.

14. Santiago de Chile tourists must be made aware of pickpocketers. (or another city)

15. SAT scores for college applicants

16. Saying what you want must not include hate speech.

17. Schools should educate on proper nutrition from start to finish

18. Schools should not serve french fries and soda

19. Security cameras are an invasion of privacy.

20. Self-driving cars will cause fewer accidents.

21. Sex and violence on television is harmful to children.

22. Should parents respect kids privacy at all times?

23. Should tablets and other technology replace books?

24. Silly games like Candy Crush are making people less intelligent

25. Smokers make the most acquaintances.

26. Smoking in all public places should be illegal worldwide.

27. Social media should be blocked at work places.

28. Some market toys provoke and promote violent behavior.

29. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is not nobel.

30. Stricter punishments for driving drunk

31. Student cyber bullies should be expelled from school

32. Students should be placed in trade schools after getting a basic education

33. Students should learn and be fluent in a second language

34. Students that study online cheat more.

35. Talking during movies at the theater is rude behavior.

36. Teachers should be required to take basic skills tests every few years to keep their certification

37. Teenagers should contribute to household expenses

38. Teens are unfairly stereotyped.

39. Television has become the number two news source after the internet and tv will be further downsized.

40. Television programs must be censored before broadcasting.

41. The 1st Amendment is not a shield for hate groups.

42. The benefits of alternative medicine vs. Western medicine

43. The driving age for teens should be raised to 18.

44. The drought in Cape Town will happen in other parts of the world too.

45. The good and bad when it comes to Google

46. The government is no longer “by the people and for the people”

47. The government shouldn’t censor information given online

48. The impact of consuming all organic foods on our bodies

49. The impact of gym class on students

50. The millimeter wave scanner at airports security zones strikes out all privacy that we fought for.