Social Justice Persuasive Speech Topics

Social Justice Persuasive Speech Topics:  Social justice speech topics allow one to create a speech that can dwell on various areas including fairness, equality, and social disparity. In this article, we have looked at topics that create passionate responses from the audience.

Social Justice Persuasive Speech Topics

1. Stricter laws should be developed to handle cyberbullying.

2. Should gun control regulations do background checks on someone wishing to buy firearms?

3. Increased mass shootings in schools in has increased due to poor regulations on ownership of firearms.

4. Uncontrolled immigration in a country causes increases crime rates in a country.

5. Can criminal and justice reforms decrease racial disparity cases?

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6. Is the government acting slow when it comes to cases of police brutality?

7. Does racial biases affect how students are disciplined in schools?

8. Is it essential for all police officers to use body cameras?

9. The advantages (or difficulties) presented by a society that embraces multiple cultures.

10. Stricter regulations be introduced to prevent more negative climate change effects

11. Money laundering is a problem that continues to bring a lot of economic injustices in the world

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12. More government funding should be channeled to fighting racial discrimination

13. Civil lawsuits should not get TV coverage as well as much media attention.

Social Persuasive Speech Topics

1. Should special seats de delegated to women in society?

2. Is student loan forgiveness a good way of managing debt for students?

3. Will the debt ceiling lead to the reinstatement of student loan payment?

4. Does multicultural society lead to better social integration in the society?

5. Is there an increase in racial discrimination? What are the reasons behind this trend or lack thereof?

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6. Should more scholarships be availed for students from minority backgrounds?

7. Should government bear the blame for food insecurity cases in their countries?

8. Do the current government systems promote ageism?

9. Should the government have a say in issues of abortion?

10. There will be productivity in the workplace if the 40-hour work week would be reduced.

Social Justice Speech Topics

1. There should be re-sentencing for crimes involving marijuana in states where it is now legal.

2. Revoking of license revoking for older drivers is against their rights.

3. Should parents be prevented from getting access to the virtual and physical privacy of their children?

4. How alcoholism is affecting financial freedom in families.

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5. Community plays an important role in raising a child.

6. Parental approval is vital when giving minor children birth control measures.

7. Sex discrimination in the workplace.

8. Hate speech on social media and how it can lead to social vices.

9. Can Income Inequality and the gap between the rich and poor be reduced in developed countries?

Conclusion: Social Justice Persuasive Speech Topics

Social justice is still an issue that continues to affect the world.  The above speech topics on social issues have been developed based on contemporary issues affecting society.