Public Speech Topics

Public Speech Topics: A good public speaker always selects the best topic to talk about.  It can be embarrassing when you are called to give a public speech and you don’t have a topic.

When you have a good public speech topic, it will be easy to discuss it since you will have laid out the main issues you want to address.

Once you have the topic, developing the outline becomes very easy. Find the main point you want to talk about. The title will also help you to select the type of speech you want, it can be persuasive speech topics, informative speech topics, argumentative, and funny speech topics.

Public Speech Topics 2022

1. Dealing with the Economic consequences of Covid 19

2. Space Exploration.

3. Balancing work life and personal life

4. Freedom of the press.

5. Emotional Intelligence.

6. Preparing for future pandemics.

7. Deforestation.

8. Speech on Disaster management.

9. Speech on marine pollution.

10. Speech on proper finance management.

11. Speech on corruption.

12. The education system in the US.

13. The dangers of junk food.

14. Environmental degradation.

15. Social media addiction.

16. Speech on Cyberbullying.

17. Speech on time management.

18. Overfishing.

19. Speech on Technology in education.

20. Water conservation.

21. The power of Education.

22. Good leadership skills.

23. Speech on health and fitness.

24. Speech on eLearning.

25. Job safety speech.

26. Speech on Physical fitness.

27. Importance of Social Networks.

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Public Speech Topics

1. A world without boundaries

2. Climate change

3. Endangered animal

4. Religious equality

5. Great dog breeds

6. All religions are equal

7. Annoying things parents say

8. Are we responsible for everything happening in nature?

9. Having the right BMI is the best way to live a happy and healthy life

10. Benefits of being a vegetarian

11. Benefits of Broccoli

12. Butterflies: Their importance.

13. Celebrities and their kids.

14. Change attitude towards environmental issues

15. Chicago Pizza vs New York pizza

16. Clowns are scary for a reason

17. Confusing grammar

18. Conspiracy Theories

19. Dangerous influence of games on social life

20. Day in the life of a pen

21. Building your talents

22. Success through hardworking

Persuasive Public Speaking Topics

1. Exams Do Not Measure Intelligence

2. Do phones affect social interaction?

3. Does going to school make us rich and successful?

4. Does homework help us to learn and understand?

5. Does youth still have values?

6. Books are always better than the movies

7. The Importance 0f Public Speaking

8. The negative effect of social media on society

9. The power of a lie

10. Expectation vs Reality, the disappointment, and the gap it creates

11. Fear of the unknown

12. Fortnite is the best game in the world

13. Future, is it yours for the deciding?

14. Girls are under more pressure in high school

15. Have we lost the meaning of EDUCATION in our lives?

16. Having to deal with older siblings

17. Having to deal with younger siblings

18. Helicopter parenting – is it beneficial?

19. How can the capital market help create a better future for all

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Speech Topics for Students

1. How colors affect your mood

2. How far can humans advance in technology

3. How girls worldwide are treated differently

4. How I came to school for the first time

5. How I excelled at everything

6. How it was if you lived at the bottom of the ocean

7. How Star Wars became the great film it is today

8. How to make your cat finish your homework

9. How to ruin a date in the first minute

10. How to study effectively (speech)

11. How to think of a topic

12. Marvel is Better than DC

13. How would tablets make schoolwork easy

14. I love spending time reading

15. If I had a year to do what I want

16. If I walked backward

17. If I was invisible

18. Importance of feeling in life

19. Importance of Language

20. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

21. Is college the only way toward success?

22. Is communism so bad?

23. Is homework helpful or harmful?

24. Is laughter the best medicine

25. Is technology a legal discipline or law is a technological artifact

26. Is the young generation of today different from the previous ones

27. Julius Ceaser and his early days

28. Kids have better ideas than adults

29. Legalization of meth

30. Living on Mars is better than living on Earth

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Public Speech Topics for Students

1. My dearest possessions

2. My fear: The Good and The Bad!

3. Nothing prepares you for the life of a teenager

4. Online friends are just as real and valuable as real-life friends.

5. Online friends show more compassion.

6. Our parents are wrong, but so are we

7. Plant can talk

8. Possibility of life on Mars

9. Power of words

10. Procrastinating is a thief of time

11. Religion – Parents’ choice or Personal Choice

12. Religion and politics should not be mixed

13. Robotics and how to build a robot

14. Role of a student in environment conversation

15. School should be all year

16. Set your goals high till you get there

17. Sharing in a flat. Good and bad sides

18. Should internet access be free for everyone?

19. Should teenagers focus on their classes or on helping at home

20. Should textbooks be made compulsory for students

21. Siblings stay with you, more than friends do

22. Stars and shooting stars

23. Students should be paid for getting good grades

24. The Day in the Life of a sheet of homework

25. Tattoos should be illegal for teens

26. Tattoos? Are they an art too?

27. The best kind of candy

28. The best thing about me is

29. The best thing about younger siblings

30. The day I was on cloud nine.

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Topics for Public Speaking for Students

1. The pros and cons of having a positive mindset

2. The pros and cons of phones in class

3. The world isn’t all black and white

4. There is nothing impossible to him who will try

5. There’s no such thing as fear

6. Things short/tall people understand.

7. To what extent, if any, does technology make us more alone?

8. Today’s generation vs 100 years ago a generation.

9. Types of students in the exam hall.

10. Ways To Survive in a foreign Land.

11. We live in a simulation, here’s proof.

12. What is the nose truly for?

13. What would happen if you had superpowers

14. What would happen to our world if we stop using plastic?

15. Why community services are important?

16. When nothing goes right, go left

17. Which one is better? To love or to be loved?

18. Why a good mood can change your day?

19. Why are teens expected to act like adults, yet are treated like a child?

20. Why Beauty Pageants Wreck Children?

21. Why children should be banned from wearing crocs?

22. Why do we have toes?

23. Why do we need to grow up?

24. Why Friends are so important?

25. Why do I smile?

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Good Public Speech Topics

1. Why I want to be a lawyer (or whatever job you pick)

2. Why is sleep so important?

3. Why its a flipper, not a spatula?

4. Why kids don’t want to do speeches?

5. Why kids in private school should learn the same way as in public schools?

6. Why kids should play more games?

7. Why males rather than females have issues on hair loss?

8. Why our personalities are more important than appearance?

9. Why criminals suffering from mental illnesses should not be electrocuted?

10. Why self-love is in and self-hate is out?

11. Why Shrek is not a good movie?

12. Why Sports Drinks are bad for you?

13. Why students shouldn’t have to do a persuasive speech in front of a large audience?

14. Why the credit card should be banned?

15. Why video games are better than playing outside?

16. Why we should be allowed to wear hats in school?

17. Why we should thank a veteran?

18. Why you shouldn’t tell your kids Santa is real?

19. Would the world be a better place without religion

20. Write a speech about how you and your classmate should spend the money.