How to Buy FLEX Bundles – Safaricom FLEX Bundles

How to Buy FLEX Bundles: Safaricom FLEX Bundles is an innovative product from Safaricom that offers its customers freedom to choose on how they allocate airtime for SMS, calls or data services.

FLEX Bundles by Safaricom provides a flexible way to browse, SMS and call, conveniently with only 1 bundle. The FLEX Units also offers you more value every time you send money using M-PESA.

On signing up for the Safaricom FLEX Bundles, customers will be able to convert their regular Safaricom airtime into Flex Units. This will enable them to gain 35 percent savings on calls, data and SMS.


The Safaricom FLEX Bundles have been structured in such a way that it’s able to address specific needs to different customers.

As part of Safaricom strategic objective of putting the customer first, it is designing and delivering products and services that meet the needs of different customer segments. Safaricom Flex offers freedom and flexibility to the customers to navigate across the different products without restrictions.

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Get More with FLEX

You will get up to 35% more value with the flexibility to use your FLEX Bundles between SMS, data, and voice. Also, for every chargeable M-PESA ‘send money’ transaction, Safaricom will offer you three FLEX Units. You can now use the added Flex units to send more SMS, make more calls and browse more online.


The Validity of the Flex bundles is dependent on what you have selected or purchased, Daily Flex bundles are valid for 24 hours, Weekly Flex bundles are Valid for 7 days and Monthly Flex bundles are Valid for 30 days.

FLEX Bundle Plans

When you sign up for Flex, there are 3 types of Flex Bundle plans to select from: Daily Flex for Kshs 99 offering 115 Flex units valid for 24hrs; Weekly Flex for Kshs 599 offering 700 Flex units valid for 7 days; and Monthly Flex at Kshs 2,499 offering 3,100 units valid for 30 days.

Flex Bundle plans


FLEX Bundle Plan Price (KSHs.) No. FLEX Units Validity (with auto-renewal)
Daily 99 99 115 24 Hours
Weekly 599 599 700 7 Days
Monthly 2,499 2,499 3,100 30 Days


FLEX Bundles Equivalent
•    1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3MBs of data
•    3 FLEX Units are equivalent to a minute call or 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 20 Second talk time and
•    1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3 SMS

The FLEX Units are available to all Safaricom PrePay and individual PostPay customers.

How to Buy FLEX Bundles Or Renew FLEX Bundles?

Buying of FLEX Bundles is very easy. Dial *100# or *200# to purchase FLEX bundles from your mobile phone. Follow the popup prompt questions. Purchase the Flex that is best for you.
If your purchase is successful, you will receive an SMS notification.

How to FLEX. #GetMore. Use Everything.

How to unsubscribe from FLEX Bundles?

Want to unsubscribe from FLEX Bundles? To unsubscribe, dial *100# or *200# and choose the ‘unsubscribe’ option.

How to check my FLEX balance?

To check FLEX balance, dial *100# and *200#, select Flex, then Check Flex Balance.