Technology Research Topics

Technology Research Topics: If you are studying technology or want to write a technology research paper, then you are going to find some of the best topic ideas here.

Technology is fast-changing, in almost every field, technology is being applied.

If you are in college or university, you will be required to write a technology research paper. These Technology research paper topics will give you a rough idea of what to write about.

Technology Research Topics

1. Ethical effects of AI on data piracy

2. Development of 5G Network and its effects on future technology

3. Impact of Cryptocurrencies: on the Global financial market

5. Measures that can impact cybersecurity

6. Effects of Gene editing technologies

7. The future of brain-computer interface technologies

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8. Impact of self-driving cars on the transport industry

9. Assess the risk and benefits of Cloud computing

10. Expansion of robotics in manufacturing industries

11. The mechanism that ensures security to a person who is going to make transactions online.

12. The challenges of setting up an e-commerce website and how to make it operate effectively.

13. Texting is to blame for poor spelling high rate of grammar mistakes by schoolchildren.

14. Texting helps young people do many tasks simultaneously and effectively.

15. Robotic surgery – One of the latest achievements of technology is using the help of robotics to achieve success in medical surgery.

16. Reading on a screen does more harm to our eyes than reading a conventional book.

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17. Proxy Server – A process of connecting computer networks to access or process information.

18. Optimizing parallel queries – This is related to the usage of a database to retrieve stored information or data with the help of Structured query language.

19. Nuclear Reactors and Weapons Material

20. Cell phones cause brain cancer.

Research Title About Technology

1. The Internet will become obsolete.

2. The future of online shopping.

3. What is performance testing and how does it help?

4. What is IP telephony and what are its major functions?

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5. What is software assurance? Does it work and how can you be sure about the authenticity of a program?

6. Wearing microchips with personal data is the best way to protect identity.

7. Violent video games teach children and teenagers to behave violently.

8. How can users ensure privacy in their virtual life?

9. Traditional books will disappear sooner or later.

10. Tracking of Defects – A system to track defects or issues that might result out of the development stage.

11. The role of apprenticeship in technical education.

12. The positive and negative influence of modern technologies.

13. The next real breakthrough in technology is…

14. The most important piece of technology developed in the last decade.

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Research Topic About Technology in Education

1. Technology in education: why should textbooks be replaced by online resources and modern technological innovations?

2. The future of digital learning.

3. Children’s dependency on technology.

4. Effect of excess use of social media on kids’ learning process.

5. Impact of technology on the education system.

6. Role of Artificial intelligence in education.

7. Technologies that can be implemented to create a digital library.

8. Use of technology to solve education problems in the world.

9. The use of technology to improve learning in a classroom setup.

10. Modern education should aim at developing emotional intelligence?

11. Compare and contrast face-to-face learning and online learning.

12. Video games are prospective methods of teaching children in schools.

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Research Topic About Technology

1. Nanotechnology is a highly prospective trend in medical science.

2. Nanotechnology holds great potential for developing new methods of storing information.

3. Modern technologies make us helpless if any major crises occur.

4. Mines and Antipersonnel Devices

5. Military Versus Civil Technologies

6. Long-term negative effects of living in a technology-filled world.

7. Listening to audiobooks involves less imagination than reading books.

8. It should be forbidden to use cell phones while driving a car.

9. Internet Shopping – The use of the Internet to purchase almost everything from the comfort of your home.

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10. Imaginaire – The use of technology to share your photos over the internet with your friends.

11. How to develop a free tool that will detect the plagiarism of content.

12. How has artificial intelligence replaced most tasks that humans used to do?

13. How does spyware pose security threats to a system? How can you remove it from your system or even know that they are there?

14. Patterns used in the development of software architecture.

15. Parents should set limits on how long their children should be on the Internet.

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16. Parents should be able to correct the undesirable genetics of their unborn children.

17. Gyrocompass and Inertial Guidance

18. Global Positioning System (GPS)

19. Fission and Fusion Bombs

20. Fighter and Fighter Bomber Warplanes

21. Error Checking and Correction

22. Encryption and Code Breaking

23. Electronic surveillance – The use of technology to monitor important and secured places with the use of cameras and video devices to protect them from possible dangers.

24. Electronic Control Technology

25. E-Billing – The summary of bills or expenditures arising out of online shopping and leading to their mode of payment.

26. Early Digital Computers

27. Early Computer Memory

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Technology Research Topics Ideas

1. Data Mining – To detect technical fraud and theft. It deals with the protection of online card usage.

2. Creating new families via social media: more and more young people are no longer capable of building new relationships in real life.

3. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture

4. Computer-Aided Control Technology

5. Computer Graphics Development – It is based on the use of software to create image data which in turn is used for videos architecture and a lot more.

6. Cloud Computing – It is the latest technology that has made a huge change in the way data is stored and processed in servers.

7. How can you stop phishing completely? How do hackers use phishing to gain personal information?

8. Data Security – It is mainly based on the misuse of technology. Taking advantage of the loopholes in technology to cause serious damage by hacking or phishing information.

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9. High-Frequency and High-Power Radars

10. High Explosive Shells and Bombs

11. Business Protocols – The set of rules or guidelines that are not defined yet followed in the technology business field.

12. Building Designs for Energy Conservation

13. Auto text summarization – This deals with the point representation of electronic data.

15. Artificial intelligence – This topic has made its name long back in the history of technology but is ever-evolving. It mainly deals with the use of technology to make devices behave like human beings.

16. Ad Server – The use of technology for advertising.

17. 3D printers are not used efficiently nowadays.

18. 3-D Algorithms – The utilization of computer programming languages combined with game theory to develop 3-D algorithms and use them in turn to develop video games or art.

19. Cell phones, email, and chats will never replace face-to-face communication.

20. Cell phones make people depend on each other.

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