Anthropology Research Topics

Anthropology Research Topics: Selecting the anthropology research paper topics is not an easy task.

Anthropology is one of the subjects that is really fascinating. If you want to write about anthropology you need to find interesting anthropology research topics.

When taking Anthropology, there reaches a point where you will be required to do research papers and essays. These Anthropology Research Topics are usually assigned by your instructor.

Here are some interesting Anthropology Research Topics

Anthropology Research Topics

Work Completed by Non-Field Workers and Whether Their Ethnographic Contributions Are Valid Scientific Studies

Women in Lakota Sioux culture

Why Ethnographic Studies Are a Primary Method for Gathering Research Used Prevalently since 1928

What Role Agriculture Has Played on Social Relationships between Different Towns in Egypt

Using anthropology as a forensic science

Underwater anthropology and the advancement of human knowledge

Trekies: The subculture of the Star Trek franchise

The Western impact on North American indigenous peoples

The Trends That Take Place after Key Historical Moments, such as How When Famous Television Shows End, People Will Become Depressed and Will Make Emotionally Driven Decisions to Sell Their Stock

The Similarities between South Korean and American Hip Hop

The role of storytelling in different cultures

The role of literature in human development

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The Power of Hand Gestures and Facial Expressions in Overcoming Cultural Barriers and Language Differences

The influence of culture, health and illness on human society

The Immigration Patterns in South American from Cities

The evolution of the modern Western celebration of Halloween

The Ethical Problems Which Arise When Parents Refuse to Consent to Necessary Medical Interventions or Surgeries for Their Child Because of Cultural Limitations, Without Which the Child Will Likely Die

The Cultural Limitations Which Exist between Hmong Patients and Western Doctors

The Comparison of Cross-Cultural Concepts between Two Cultures of Your Choice

The Anthropological Issues between Eastern Healers and Western Biomedicine

Anthropology Topics

Studying twins in different cultures and throughout time

Social status and role

Social media and its impact on cultures (first vs. second and third world)

Similarities and differences in Asian and American hip hop

Savage, primitive and tribal: Labels and the evolution of perspectives on indigenous people

Heroes in societies

Health and wellness in different cultures

Growing old in Western culture

Genetic engineering

Art and anthropology

Arguing for or against the purpose of IQ around the world

Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity by Conrad Phillip Kottak

Anthropology with an Attitude by Johannes Fabian

Ancient civilizations: The Aztec and Maya

Aboriginal/native cultures and anthropology

A television analysis: Modern Family & Will & Grace; changing definitions of the family unit

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Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Religious diversity in Turkey

Racial identity and stereotypes

Race and the causes of racism

Political organizations and anthropology

Political correctness in the 21st Century

Peru’s Quechua people

Pagan festivals and rituals

Non-Conformist Sub-Cultures such as Star Trek Fans

Mythologies and its effects on modern culture

Migration around the world

Medical anthropology

Marriage rituals in different cultures

Lord of the Flies: An anthropological exploration of human behavior

Interracial couples in Islamic society

Hunter-gatherer societies

Human Rights in America versus China and How They Differ

Human evolution

Human biological variability and social interactions

How Religious Diversity in Middle Eastern Villages Differs from African Villages

How People View Other Cultures through a Lens of Their Own Culture and What Problems This Can Cause

How Gender Differences in Middle Eastern Villages Differ from African Villages

How Ethnographies Are Viable Teaching Tools Designed to Integrate People in Another Community

How Anger or Pity toward “Others” Is an Easier Emotion than Empathy

How Alternative Women’s Roles and Gender Rights Can Be Historical in One Culture, a Thing of Ancient Past, But Current and Well-Accepted in Another

HIV/AIDs: A global perspective

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Interesting Anthropology Research Topics

Gangs vs. Fraternities vs. Families

Franz Fanon and the impact of colonialism

Folklore and primitive society

Festivals, rituals, dance, parties, music

Feminism in different cultures

Ethnic cleansing: Genocide in the human experience

Environmental anthropology and contemporary policy

Emergence of terrorism and culture

Education around the world

Different “ranks” in society (peasants, royalty, etc.)

Differences in growth and development

Differences in death rituals

Deviant behavior and cultural implications

Definitions of culture

Cultural Shifts Which Have Happened since President Obama Was Elected

Cultural imperialism and modern media

Cultural assimilation

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Cultural anthropology and its links to political science

Critical race theory

Conflicts in different cultures

Concepts of childhood in emergent economies

Coming of age in contemporary Jewish families

Closed societies

Cities and the modern man

Biology and culture: Influences on human society

Biological anthropology and human warfare

Biological anthropology and human social patterns

Beliefs in magic and the supernatural

Barack Obama: Implications of the first African American President

Automation and changing patterns of human behavior

Anthropological theory and human evolution

A history of Warfare: John Keegan and cultural/biological aggression