Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics: When it comes to criminal justice everyone seems to have an opinion regarding a particular topic.

More young adults are getting into law, and this means at one point they will have to write a research paper on any topic during their criminology study.

If you are searching for the best criminal justice research proposal ideas then one of the below topics will be ideal for you.

Find some of the best criminal justice topics for research proposals that you can write about during your academic year of study.

Criminal Justice Research Proposal Topics

1. Adolescent Deviance Within Families and Neighborhoods

2. Aggression Against Homeless People

3. An analytical research paper on the relationship between crime and aggression.

4. Arizona Criminal Justice Laws

5. Armed Crime Groups History Motives

6. Art Fraud Cooperation

7. Attrition in Indian Rape Cases that Fail to Reach a Verdict: Going Beyond ‘Conviction’ and ‘Aquittal’

8. Can Stricter Laws Make Gun Possession Safer?

9. Crime Witnesses PTSD Rehabilitation

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10. Criminal Justice Reform Changes

11. Cyber Criminology Correction Methods

12. A meta-Analysis of Early Life Influences on Behavior in Criminals

13. Mind the Gap: Exploring the Interplay between Gender, Terrorism, and Counter-terrorism

14. Organized Crime versus Single Cases

15. Policing Migration Across the Globe

16. Power Abuse Among Police Officers Analysis

17. Procedural Justice During Police-Citizen Encounters

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Criminology Research Proposal Topics

1. Does examining criminal behavior reduce the occurrence of crimes? Support your arguments with academic sources.

2. Drunk Driving Prevention Ads

3. Dysfunctional families and crime. Is this actually the root cause of crimes? Justify your argument.

4. Feminist criminology. Write about its basis, limitations, theories, and critiques.

5. Forensic Research Identification Methods

6. Gun Control Debate

7. How Can Economic Crimes Be Reduced?

8. Human Trafficking Combat Methods

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9. Identity Theft & Social Media

10. In the Shadow of Death: Death Penalty Abolitionism and the Normalisation of Life Imprisonment: A Comparative Study

11. Incarcerated Parents Responsibilities

12. Intergroup Bias in Virtual Reality: Understanding the Public Support for Violent Policing

13. Internet and mental health issues (Ex: suicide or depression). It’s best to structure this topic as a case study.

14. Justice Upside Down: Narratives, Justice and International Criminal Tribunals

15. Juvenile Detention Criminal Process

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Criminal Justice Topic for Research Paper

1. Protocol for New Research on Improving Risk Assessment in Prisoners

2. Reducing the Prison Population: Lessons from Around the World

3. The Adoption of Crime Prevention Technologies in Public Schools

4. The Effects of Individual Vulnerability and Lifestyle/Routine Activities on Fear of Crime and Perceptions of Risk in the School Setting

5. The Plight of Foreign Nationals on Death Row in Malaysia and Indonesia

6. The relationship between violence and mental health. Another topic for you to explore, and cite an example if possible.

7. The Use of Protective Measures in Human Trafficking Cases: A Comparative Analysis

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8. The use of torture and other forms of violence to criminals. Begin with the history of torture and mention why it violates human rights.

9. The validity or invalidity of the Rational Choice theory. It’s a critique of the said theory

10. The topic on Child Abuse & TV Violence

11. Trends in the criminology field. Compare and contrast the current trends in criminology with that of the past.

12. Unaccompanied Minors at the Greek-Turkish Border: Stuck in Transit

13. Unemployment & Street Situation Analysis

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Research Topics on Criminal Justice

1. The effect of body-worn cameras on police behavior and society’s perceptions.

2. The helpfulness of restorative justice programs in reducing the repetition of crimes.

3. The effect of COVID-19 on the criminal justice system and crime rates.

4. The role of social media in improving the criminal justice system.

5. The success of community policing programs in improving community trust in law enforcement.

6. The impact of mental health courts on reducing imprisonment rates for individuals with mental illness.

7. The relationship between gun control laws and crime rates in the United States.

8. The effect of private prisons on the criminal justice system and society.

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Criminal Justice Research Questions

1. Violence and crime: Is it a product of nature or nurture? Or both?

2. What factors lead to wrongful conviction and how does it affect the convict?

3. What are the ethical consequences of using the death penalty as a form of sentence, and how does it affect society as a whole?

4. How does race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status influence court sentencing outcomes in the criminal justice system?

5. Are there any psychological, emotional, or social factors that affect people who commit repeated crimes?

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6. Are rehabilitation centers and programs effective in lowering crime rates in a country?

7. How technology can be used to lower the rate of crime in cities?

8. Victim Participation in International Criminal Justice: Real Power or Empty Rhetoric?

9. What are the consequences of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses on the criminal justice system and society as a whole?

10.How do bail systems affect the criminal justice system and defendants’ rights?

11. What are the long-term effects of imprisonment on individuals and their families?

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