Medical Debate Topics

Medical Debate Topics: In recent years, medicine has become one of the most debated topics. It is a topic that is commonly discussed and debated in almost every field.

Recently, the debate topics in the medical field, concerning certain topics, have shifted from only the medics to college students and even the regular people. Everywhere you go you are likely to hear about the medical debate.

If you are a medical student there are times when you engage in medical debate topics. They can either be controversial medical topics or just normal medical topics.

If you are searching for best medical debate topics, in this article you will find some topics that will inspire you and give you a rough idea on what to discuss about.

Medical Debate Topics

Would you have dropped your medical malpractice lawsuit if the doctor had given you an apology and explaination?

With primary care increasingly being provided by Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants–professions requiring far less training than traditional physicians–will medical mistakes increase?

William Halsted’s addiction: Should illegal drugs be used for their medicinal properties?

Will the country’s medical standards enhance if the administrative power is given to the private sector instead of the Government bodies.

Will Cuba become a medical tourism destination?

Why nurses are being oppressed in both private and government hospitals today?

Why babies from test tubes are perceived differently by society?

Why are parents against vaccinations?

Why antibiotics should or shouldn’t be banned?

Who should make a decision on placing elderly people into elderly houses: elderly people themselves, their children or healthcare specialists?

Who are contributing more to medicine? General Physicians versus Surgeons.

What is the potential use/threat of genetic engineering researches, and are they worth to be allowed?

What are the hazards of technology for human health?

Weekly working hours of JRs and SRs should be reduced.

Was FICO wrong to exclude medical debt from credit scores?

Vaccination: should it become mandatory for all children?

Vaccination is necessary or not.

There should be a maximum upper limit for the cost of any investigation (pathological, radiological, blood and serum)

The NMC Bill is benificial to the doctor fraternity.

The is huge difference in pay scales in different states. Equality is needed.

The impact of air pollution on our health

Surprise medicine makes teeth grow back: Can we ever get rid of cavities?

Strict control over the cost of live saving drugs.

Stem cell brain injections let people walk again after stroke. Are stem cells the next breakthrough in medicine?

Sports and drugs. Should performance-enhancing drugs be acceptable for sportsmen?

Smoking: describe effective methods to quit smoking and explain why smoking is reasonable or not.

Should woman be the sole decision maker in MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy)?

Should we stop medicine to avoid overpopulation?

Should we stop medicine to avoid an overpopulation?

Should we let newborn, That expected to die without heavy medical assistance and will live with crucial disabilities that destroy their lives, To die?

Should the government provide medicinal marijuans?

Should the government ban TV commercials for cigarettes and alcohol?

Should the drinking age in the US be lowered to 18?

Should psychedelic drugs such as LSD, MDMA and psilocybin be legalized for medical use?

Should pregnancy be classified as a medical condition?

Should Opioid Companies be against medical marijuana?

Should nurses and doctors share equal social respect or not.

Should Medicinal Cannabis Be Legalized in Every State?

Should medications be discontinued due to serious side effects?

Should medical supplies be more affordable?

Should medical science always seek to prolong life?

Should medical professionals do more to prevent addiction to painkillers?

Should medical marijuana be legalized in schools?

Should Medical Marijuana Be Made Into a Pill?

Should medical marijuana be legalized nationwide?

Should Medical Marijuana be included on Florida Ballot in November?

Should medical debt have any bearing on your credit score?

Should medical cannabis be accepted by the NFL?

Should marijuana be legalized both medically and recreationally?

Should it be legal to circumcise infants or small children without medical necessity?

Should human genome editing be legalized?

Should human genes be patented?

Should hospitals provide medical care to people with no insurance?

Should health websites be prosecuted for providing unchecked information and giving online consultations by non-professionals?

Should health insurance be obligatory?

Should fast-food chains be regulated by states?

Should Facebook delete medical marijuana posts?

Should experimental drugs not yet approved be allowed for human consumption for medical reasons?

Should euthanasia be legalized?

Should doctors encourage patients to turn to unconventional forms of medicine such as homeopathy first?

Should animal experimentation be banned?

Should American states provide free healthcare to homeless people?

Should alternative medicine be banned in India?

Should AIDS patients be kept in isolation?

Should ads and TV commercials for fast food chains be limited or banned?

Religious Healers versus Modern Medicine and Diagnosis

Pro-life v/s pro-choice in abortions.

Planned Parenthood wins suit to block Mississippi law banning Medicaid expenditures to companies that provide abortions: Should states be allowed to block funding to certain health organizations?

Organ donation and cadaver donation versus disposing a cadaver via religious rituals.

MTP should be legalized after 20wks of GA.

Modern medicine has not had a significant effect in third world countries

Medical phenomenon: discuss one or several

Medical marijuana: Will medical marijuana be legal in the majority of the world by 2030?

Medical marijuana has been linked with lower refills of prescription drugs: Should medical marijuana be legalized across the nation?

Medical Malpractice: Should a surgeon be held legally responsible if he removes the wrong body part during surgery?

Medical Malpractice Should have consequences

Medical cannabis will be legalized nationwide across Australia in November. Will this help patients?

Measles eradicated: has medicine advanced far enough?

Marijuana: explain why recreational marijuana should or should not be legal.

Legalization of drugs: describe how can it decrease the level of organized crime.

Kids over medicating on ADHD drugs

IVF v/s adoption.

Is vegetarianism useful or harmful to the health of children?

Is there really any proper medical research going on in India? Or its just limited to certain apex institutes?

Is there a link between poor health and poverty?

Is the Medical Council of India taking enough measures to improve healthcare or is there no improvement at all.

Is medical data sharing a threat to privacy?

Is it okay to self medicate?

Is it correct for a doctor to have emotional relationships with his patients or professional relationships only?

Is Euthanasia justified?

India lacks modern equipment and infrastructure in medical science. Path to solution.

In a life and death situation, medical decisions should the doctors be the one to decide or relatives should decide?

If scientific research was able to find a revolutionary solution to one of the most significant healthcare issues, which one should that be – AIDS, cancer, organ creation, infertility, etc.?

How the quality of treatment differs in the public and private sector hospitals today?

How the Internet influences our health?

Health workers are giving rise to a different type of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia, which can be prevented.

Health mandatory medical

Generic medications: Do you prefer name brands over generics?

Euthanasia: is it justified?

Ecstasy closer to being approved for PTSD treatment: Should all illegal drugs be considered for medicinal purposes?

Drug trial participant dies: Should private establishments be allowed to conduct clinical trials of oral medications?

Drug addicts should (or should not) be put in hospitals for medical treatment instead of in prisons for punishment.

Drinking – is it really that harmful

Does genetic screening of embryos devalue human life?

Doctor-Patient relationship should be improved. The government must take initiatives.

Doctor Creates Epi-Pen alternative: Should life-saving medicine be subject to price controls?

Do you agree with people that do not let their child receive medical treatment for religious reasons

Discuss the necessity of vaccination for young children or give counter-arguments against it

Cuban lung cancer vaccine receives FDA trial go-ahead: Is the U.S. still a leader in medical research?

Could onion soup have medical advantages?

Constant health monitoring: Does more harm than good.

Commercial surrogacy in poorer countries is exploitative.

Circumcision is not a form of cosmetic medical procedure, it’s rather a form of “organ damage” by both medical and legal definition

Childhood vaccinations should be compulsory.

Can we consider the cost of healthcare services in the US to be justified?

Can transplantation of womb be an alternative to surrogate pregnancy?

Can people use animals for testing drugs? Why or why not?

Can human or animal cloning be called moral?

Can deadly diseases be prevented by genetic research?

Can a person’s health be worsened with exercising?

Branded medicines or generic drugs?

Boy with epilepsy benefits from cannabis oil: Should we take medical treatments away from children?

Artificial intelligence in medicine, a welcome change?

Arguments against and in favor of medical marijuana legalization.

Are the private sectors in medical science helpful? Or they are just for making money?

Are natural medicines a good alternative to pharmaceuticals?

Are medical advances leading to longer lives in the US?

Are Indian doctors in a safe environment while working?

Are expiry dates on cold pills and similar medications meaningless?

Are ancient medical tools better than modern ones?

Alternative medicine: pros and cons

Allopathic & scientifically tested treatments versus Homeopathic & Ayurvedic treatments