Debate Topics on Politics

Debate Topics on Politics: Looking for the best political debate topics to allow you to have an interesting debate? This article has come up with topics that create debates that touch on political issues that cut across the world.           

Debate Topics on Politics

1. Universal basic income should be used to lower the poverty level in the world.

2. Education can be used to promote democracy.

3. Government surveillance on private property and issues should be considered illegal.

4. Uncontrolled immigration does more harm than good to a nation.

5. Government should increase the voting age.

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6. An autocratic government is better than a democratic government.

7. Civil wars are stirred by politicians.

8. Most politicians are not committed to fighting corruption.

9. Self-interest and enrichment are the major reason why most people venture in politics.

10. Men become better politicians than women.

Politics Debate Topics

1. Monarchy systems are better than democratic systems

2. Funding of political campaigns should be regulated

3. Voting age should be lowered

4. Tax policies oppressing the poor should be abolished

5. Political propaganda should be penalized

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6. In politics, being financially stable is more important than being charismatic

7. An autocratic government has a better chance of growing economically than a democratic one

8.Voting is not important.

9. Presidents should have unlimited terms

10. Political leaders with previous cases of corruption should not vie for any positions

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Politics Topics for Debate

1. Is voting in the US free and fair?

2. College voting should be banned

3. Monarchs should be abolished

4. A dictatorial system can work well in the United States

5. Nationalism is better than globalism

6. In politics, gender equality will never be achieved

7. Political campaigns should be banned

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8. Globalization plays a role in politics

9. Ethical and political influence human conflict

10. Political leaders should be liable for the negative effects of their political activities

11. Politicians are not important in society

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Political Questions to Debate

1. Should serving and corrupt presidents be sued while in office?

2. Should there be an age restriction set for presidential candidates?

3. Is direct democracy a better system than representative democracy?

4. Should hate speech be viewed as an expression of freedom of speech?

5. Is capitalism creating income inequality?

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6. Should wealthy individuals pay higher taxes to fund social programs?

7. Should social media be used for political activism and engagement,

8. Should national borders allow to free movement of people?

9. Should the presidential terms be increased to 10 years?

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Political Argument Topics

1. Immigration has no political influence on a nation

2. Social media campaigns should be banned.

3. Voting behavior cannot be influenced

4. Political campaigns can be used to influence decided voters

5. Religion has no influence on political issues

6. Presidential debates don’t reveal the true character of candidates

Conclusion: Debate Topics on Politics

A good debate requires every candidate to have done great research. A wide and deep understanding of the topic ensures the debate is educative, lively, and interesting.