Funny Debate Topics for Couples 

Funny debate topics for couples: Debate topics in any relationship can be interesting. As a couple, you can challenge each other’s minds by having a funny debate topic. There are several topics you can explore, topics such as would you rather questions for couples, interesting debate topics for couples, and would you rather questions for married couples. As you go through the list below, you will be able to come up with the best topic.

Funny Debate Topics for Couples

Funny Debate Topics for Couples 

1. Are there any advantages of being a side chick?

2. It is better to marry a lady with a child than one without a child?

3. Do single men tend to gossip more than married women?

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4. Is it true men offer less commitment in a marriage than women?

5. Do married women have less impact in their leadership position than in their homes?

6. Do people appreciate married women in leadership much more than single ladies in the same position?

7. There is no right or wrong age to have a child?

8. Is the impact of an educated woman better than that of an educated man?

9. Is it true women are their own enemies?

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10. Do younger women make better marital partners than older women?

11. Is it possible to have a simple and no attachment relationship with your ex?

12. Do men have less attachment to their ex than women?

13. In a marriage, do women have a lot more to lose in case of divorce than men?

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14. Is it true the affection of the wife towards her husband changes after children are born?

15. How long would be willing to be separated from your partner?

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Fun Debate Topics for Couples

1. How did you deal with a previous heartbreak?

2. How many times have you kept the truth from your partner?

3. What would you prefer a gassy stomach on a first date or a running stomach on your wedding night?

4. What is worse in a marriage, to be always criticized or to be ignored?

5. Would you rather be married to a gorgeous lady with fewer curves or a less gorgeous woman with amazing curves?

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6. Would you rather share good moments with someone you don’t love or have bad moments with someone you love?

7. What wouldn’t you mind sharing with your partner, underwear, or a toothbrush?

8. Would you mind watching adult-only movies with your partner?

9. Do kids have a role in creating a stronger marriage?

10. Do in-laws have a role to play in someone’s relationship?

11. Would you prefer you cheat on your partner or your partner to cheat on you?

12. Would you consider getting another partner if the one you have currently has a terminal illness?

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Funny Debate Topics for Dating

1. Is virginity valuable in modern-day relationships?

2. Is rebound love justified?

3. While dating, do you give all your heart to your partner?

4. What would you change about the modern-day ways of dating?

5. What would the world look like without love?

6. Is age important when dating?

7. Is physical fitness important in a relationship?

8. Is it possibly true that the majority of people would change their dating partners if given the chance to do?

9. Are Long-distance relationships destined to fail?

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10. Is it likely for a parent to love all her children in the same way?

11. Is love enough to keep your partner from cheating?

12. Has our life been destined to be spent with one soulmate?

13. Why do senior couples show honest love?

14. Is it possible that love can stop all the wars and conflicts in the world?

15. Would you rather date a 40 year reformed call lady or a 20-year-old attention-demanding girl?

16. Is money important while dating?

17. What is worse, being caught liking your ex’s photos on Instagram or abusing your partner’s ex?

18. Would you rather date a smart or a sexy partner?

19. Is it right for a girl to make the first move or first kiss?

20. Ladies, would you rather date a broke young man who’s excellent in bed or a rich old man who’s awful in bed?

21. Is premarital sex acceptable?

22. Would you rather get back with your ex or have your spouse get back with their ex?

23. Is a relationship based on a one-night stand likely to survive?

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Funny Debate Topics about Love

1. Is love blind?

2. Is it true that love makes make the world go round?

3. Is it true that when you’re in love you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams?

4. What would you prefer from a relationship, respect, or love?

5. Is it possible to love others without first loving oneself?

6. Does loving someone mean always giving them what they want?

7. Should true love be jealous?

8. Does true love wait?

9. Is love a condition in which the happiness of another person is vital to your own?

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10. Is the first breakup the most hurtful?

11. Can one date two partners at the same time and be able to love them equally?

12. Should a heartbreak lead to revengeful acts?

13. Is it possible to love an enemy?

14. Can you love someone and be violent toward them?

15. After a break-up, between a man and a woman, who moves on faster?

16. In case of a war, would you wait for your partner to just get married?

17. Is love truly a fairy tale?

18. Is it possible to hide love when you are in love?

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