Debate Topics for High School

Debate Topics for High School: A good number of high schools across the world are implementing debate topics for high school kids. Debates are very important in improving the overall skills of the children.

Debate Topics for High School students helps them to be critical thinkers. When high school students stick to the normal program of learning, they become bored and sometimes narrow-minded students.

These debates topics are well designed to help the student to develop academics with more critical thinking, analyze things more deeply and develop an interest in their studies.

The idea is that the students are provided with a list of interesting topics to research, write essays and debate on them.

Debate Topics for High School

1. All citizens should be required to vote.

2. All individuals should pay the same tax rate.

3. All museums should be free to the public.

4. All parents should be required to attend parenting classes before having a child.

5. All people should be vegetarians.

6. All people should become vegetarian.

7. All students should be required to learn a foreign language in middle school.

8. All students should be required to learn sewing.

9. All students should be required to take a cooking class.

10. All students should be required to take a performing arts class.

11. All students should be required to take a shop or practical arts class.

12. All students should be required to volunteer in the community.

13. All students should have daily chores.

Debate Topics for High School


14. Alternative medicine and its impact on the future of healthcare.

15. America should give more money to other countries.

16. America should have a king and not a president.

17. Ancient Roman culture versus contemporary culture.

18. Androids are better than iPhones

Debate Motions for Secondary Schools

1. Are genetically modified foods a viable solution?

2. Are live animal exports ethically acceptable?

3. Are men stronger than women?

4. Are private schools better than public schools?

5. Is parental support essential for the future success of children?

6. Is the legalization of marijuana a good idea?

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7. Are student loans exploitative?

8. Are taxes that increase at accelerating rates fair?

9. Is allowing teachers to carry guns on campuses a good idea?

10. Is artificial intelligence dangerous?

11. Are violent video games appropriate entertainment for teenagers?

12. Banning mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones) at schools: yes or no?

13. Banning plastic bags and packaging: yes or no?

14. Banning zoos: yes or no?

15. Can all cars become electric?

16. Can competition improve the quality of healthcare services?

17. Can daily leisure time be a substitute for a yearly vacation?

18. Is it necessary for a political leader to be active on social media?

19. Is leisure time essential for workplace effectiveness?

20. Is living together before marriage appropriate nowadays?

21. Is parental supervision the same as parental control?

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Debate Topics for High School Students

1. How do technological advances influence us?

2. How does tourism affect the environment?

3. How essential is a college education?

4. How have different historians interpreted World War Two?

5. How secure is mobile banking?

6. How should we interpret the Revolutionary War?

7. How should modern society respond to teenage pregnancies?

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8. How would lowering the voting age impact America’s future?

9. Human cloning should be banned.

10. Human cloning should be permitted for progress of humanity.

11. Individuals who share music online should be put in jail.

12. Is a summer vacation better than a winter vacation?

13. Is abortion murder?

14. Is banning fracking a good idea?

15. Is climate change already irreversible?

16. Is cloning ethically acceptable?

17. Is drug legalization a good idea?

18. Is higher education a necessary prerequisite for an individual’s financial success in the future?

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19. Is homeschooling better than a public or private school education?

20. Is it appropriate for governments to limit their citizens’ freedom of speech?

21. Is it ethically permissible for parents to pick the genders of their future children?

22. Is it fair to require that all students learn at least one foreign language?

23. Is King Arthur a real historical figure or myth?

24. Is mandatory vaccination constitutional?

25. Is nationalism beneficial or dangerous in the context of globalization?

26. Is the US Constitution a living document?

27. Is there any economic justification for wars?

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High School Debate Topics

1. Macs are better than PCs

2. Mandatory financial education: pros and cons.

3. Mass incarceration and its impact on U.S. politics.

4. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) should be banned.

5. Modern healthcare and antibiotics.

6. Modern interracial conflicts evaluated from a historical perspective.

7. Modern patterns of incarceration that affect minorities more than whites contribute to racial inequality in the US.

8. Parents always treat their children fairly: yes or no?

9. Parents should be allowed to choose their baby’s gender.

10. PE should be required of all students throughout middle and high school.

11. Peer pressure is more useful than harmful.

12. People should become vegetarian to save the planet.

13. Performance-enhancing drugs should be allowed in sports.

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14. Playing video games during leisure time: pros and cons.

15. Political campaigns should not be allowed to accept money from.

16. Prayer of any form should be prohibited in schools.

17. Recent developments in technology transform people’s interests: yes or no?

18. Recycling should be required.

19. School pictures should be abolished.

20. School uniforms should be required.

21. Should teenagers get after-school jobs?

22. Should the death penalty be abolished in the United States?

23. Should there be more national parks in the United States?

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Good Debate Topics for High School

1. Sports stars are paid too much money.

2. Statewide tests should be abolished.

3. Students should be allowed to skip grades in school.

4. Students should be required to learn about poetry.

5. Students should never be forced to repeat a year at school

6. Is there any reason to raise minimum wages?

7. Junk food should be banned from schools.

8. Knowledge of history enriches one’s worldview: yes or no?

9. Limiting terms for U.S. senators and representatives brings more harm than good.

10. Should children use smartphones without parental supervision?

11. Should college education be compulsory?

12. Should education be privatized entirely?

13. Should euthanasia be legalized?

14. Science fiction is the best form of fiction. (Or any form of fiction of your choosing)

15. Should healthcare services for all citizens be fully funded by the government?

16. Should online financial advice be available for every citizen?

17. Should parents control their children’s activities on social media?

18. Solar energy should replace all traditional forms of energy.

19. Students should not be graded on their handwriting.

20. The Internet should be banned from schools.

21. The moon should be colonized.

22. The right to bear arms is a necessary constitutional amendment.

23. The United States should allow mercy killing in all states.

24. Torture is justified when dealing with terrorists.

25. Video games are too violent.

26. Was there any justification for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US?

Interesting Debate Topics for High School

1. Should parents decide which career their children will pursue?

2. Schools should allow online attendance.

3. Justifying the legalization of recreational marijuana: yes or no?

4. It is sometimes right for the government to restrict freedom of speech.

5. Students should be held legally responsible for bullying in schools.

6. The voting age should be lowered.

7. Should we ban homework: does homework promote learning?

8. Should wealthy people pay higher taxes than the poor?

9. Smoking should be banned.

10. Is it appropriate to allow students to create their own curricula?

11. Is it appropriate to teach religion in schools?

12. Is it ethical to have an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy?

13. Students should not be required to show their work in math.

14. Teachers should be replaced by computers.

15. Teenage children and completely autonomous decision-making: should parents allow this?

16. Teenage girls having access to birth control without parental supervision: yes or no?

17. Television makes people violent and lazy.

18. The death penalty is an appropriate penalty for certain crimes.

19. The government should provide wireless internet service for everyone.

20.What is organic farming’s role in agriculture’s future?

21. What role did Britain play during the First World War?

22. Will electronic databases fully substitute brick and mortar libraries?

23. Will robots increase people’s quality of life?

24. Will technology make people smarter?

25. Women spend their leisure time differently than men.

26. Year-round education is better for students.