Medical Research Paper Topics

Medical Research Paper Topics: The medical research paper topics will enable you to find an ideal medical research topic to write.

Medical education is a very wide topic; you will never lack information or something to write about. Depending on the subject or course you can even write the origin of certain diseases, alternative types of treatments and so forth.

These Medical Research Paper Topics will give you a starting point on where to start. They will inspire you to find good topics in medical research.

Medical Research Paper Topics

Medical Research Paper Topics

1. Aging and changes in physical and mental health

2. Alternative medicine

3. Alzheimer disease: is it possible to battle it?

4. Artificial tissues and organs

5. Assisted suicide as a way of treatment terminal diseases

6. Autism: a disease or a variant of the norm?

7. Battlefield medicine

8. Biomechanics in medicine

9. Brain injuries and their consequences

10. Cancer treatment and research

11. Child health care and its differences from the adult ones

12. Chronic diseases and treatment of people with them

13. Coma. Artificial coma

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14. Drugs, homeopathic medicines, and placebo effect

15. Eating disorders: anorexia and bulimia

16. Epidemics and pandemics in human history

17. Genetic engineering and cloning

18. HIV/AIDS: what methods of treatment can the modern medicine offer?

19. Medical instruments: history and evolution

20. Medical treatment of mental diseases: successes and failures

21. Palliative treatment

22. Possible ways of medicine development in the future

23. Professional diseases

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Health Research Paper Topics

1. Rare genetic diseases and their study

2. Sleep disorders

3. Smoking, alcohol and substances abuse and their effects on the human health

4. Stem cells research

5. The antibiotics and their role in the treatment of diseases

6. The ethical aspects of medical research on humans and animals

7. The history of medicine. Medicine and religion

8. The history of vaccination: benefits, dangers, and prejudice

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9. The medical research ethic: can the results of unethical experiments be used to save others?

10. The medicine in the third-world countries. Humanitarian missions

11. The modern lifestyle and its influence upon the people’s health

12. The role of a healthy diet and sport in the overall health level of population

13. The role of paramedics in general health care

14. The treatment of pregnant women and their differences

15. The treatment of rabies. The Milwaukee protocol

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16. The typical health problems of puberty

17. Virus infections and their treatment

18. Should Vaccines Be Administered To Children?

19. What are the benefits of massage therapy?

20. What are the main symptoms of PCOS and how to deal with them?

21. What are the potential risks of water birth?

22. What are the pros and cons of antipsychotics?

23. What improvements in dentistry marked the 21st century?

24. What nutrition can prevent insulin resistance?

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Medical Term Paper Topics

1. Do cellphones pose risks to human health?

2. Do the benefits of medical marijuana justify its legality?

3. Does being a vegetarian help you live longer?

4. How can implants provide a permanent solution to a lost tooth?

5. How can music therapy foster lactation?

6. How is ageism impacting mental health and addictions?

7. How many treatments to Autism are there?

8. Is a gluten-free diet healthier?

9. Is abortion the same as committing murder?

10. Is addiction to drugs an illness?

11. Is animal testing ethical?

12. Is circumcision good?

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13. Is milk consumption good for human body?

14. Is the growing life expectancy going to strain the healthcare system?

15. Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Good for America?

16. Is there an alternative medicine to cancer?

17. Prescription drugs should be advertised to patients.

18. Should abortion be legalized?

19. Should alcoholics be allowed to receive liver transplants?

20. Should All Americans Have the Right (Be Entitled) to Health Care?

22. Should cancer facilities be advertised?

21. Should Marijuana Be Used For Medicinal Purposes?

22. Should Physician-Assisted Suicide Legalized?

23. Should Prescription Drugs Be Advertised Directly to Consumers?

24. Should the death penalty be abolished?

25. Should the drinking age be lowered?