Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Psychology is a wide field that often comes with various topics that you can write about in your academic essay. In this article, we have put together the best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics related to psychology.

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

1. Operant conditioning theory compared and contrasted with classical conditioning Theory

2. Similarities and differences between cognitive versus behavioral therapies.

3. Nature versus nurture in psychology

4. Compare and contrast the theories of perception and sensation in psychology.

Compare and Contrast Psychology Essay Topics

5. Compare and contrast the theories of developmental Theory and cognitive psychology theory

6. Compare and contrast the theories of social learning and social cognitive psychology.

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7. Compare and contrast these psychology theories:  Trait vs cognitive-behavioral personality.

8. Down syndrome Vs Autism

9. Depression Vs Anxiety

10. Bulimia Vs Anorexia

11. Claustrophobia Vs Agoraphobia

12. John B. Watson’s theory Vs. B. F. Skinner’s theory

13. Bipolar Disorder Vs Epilepsy

14. Compare suicide vs homicide

15. Ego Vs. Superego

16. Lust vs Love; how does each affect on person’s mindset?

17. Stress Clinics Vs Mental Institutions

18. Traditional Medicine vs Modern Medicine in Treating Depression?

19. Nurture vs Nature

20. Parental Advice Vs. Peers Advice among children and teenagers.

21. Social anxiety or fear of public speaking

22. Hard Drugs vs Soft Drugs: Which son more dangerous for people’s psychological well-being?

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23. Strict Parenting Vs. Relaxed Parenting

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Compare and Contrast Psychology Essay Topics

1. Medication vs Therapy

2. Bulimia or Anorexia; Which one has more psychological effects a more severe eating order

3. Cyberbullying vs office bullying; which one has more effects on mental well being

4. In person Harassment vs cyberbullying and how they affect kids emotionally

5. Kids with no sibling vs Kids with many siblings; Their level of emotional intelligence

6. Yoga vs Aerobics; which one is better at reducing depression?

7. Jogging vs Rigorous workouts in promoting psychological health

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8. Apps vs Fitness instructors, which one is better at managing weight problem

9. Gay parents’ vs Heterosexual parents on the mental stability of their kids

10. Online counseling session vs in person

11. Food addiction vs Soft drug addiction which one is worse

12. Fat shaming in Doctor’s office vs Weight based bullying

13. Obesity in kids vs Obesity in Adults; effects on mental health