Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics: Developing a Controversial Argumentative Essay Topic can be both a hard task and an easy task. Look at this scenario: A political analyst has recently been jailed for criticizing a president in his country simply because the leader is a dictator. On one side your friend believes the government was right in jailing the political analyst since he has caused several unpolitical unrests and several people had died. On the other hand, you believe he shouldn’t have been arrested just because he was practicing his democratic right. As a result, you can easily come up with a Controversial Argumentative Essay Topic based on that experience. For instance, a topic like A democratic government is better than an authoritarian government would be suitable in this case.

In most cases, the majority of people will not necessarily side with what is commonly accepted. Controversy normally leads to arguments that have fueled more research and further development of important topics.

Argumentative topics are fueled by controversy. It hard arguing on facts, but until facts are proven to be facts they remain a grey area for controversy.

If you are a student in college or high school your  Argumentative Essay Topics will also be guided to the goal you want to achieve. In other words, a Controversial Argumentative Essay Topic for college students is more detailed and has more facts than that of a high school student

Below we have come up with several Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

1. Should other countries get involved in the Russian-Ukraine war?

2. Has the entry of Elon Musk on Twitter revolutionize the way social media platforms operate?

3. Did Liz Truss portray the character of a quitter?

4. Will King Charles III make a great king?

Argumentative Essay Topics 2023

5. How has Covid 19 pandemic affected people’s attitudes toward life?

6. Can pandemics influence the mode of learning in college? Explain.

7. With the increased climatic changes should earth day be commemorated?

8. Are economic sanctions enough to discipline a country? Give reasons.

9. Have consumer spending habits been influenced by the lockdown?

10. Pros and Cons of online shopping.

11. After Covid 19, Will the tourism sector be revived to its former economical value? Explain

12. Is Twitter’s blue tick essential?

13. Is remote working becoming the new norm?

14. Is the Russian-Ukraine war resulting in the increased economic hardship experienced by most countries in the world?

15.  Is the Federal government to blame for the instability in the banking sector?

16. Should retirement age be increased?

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

1. Should men get paternity leave from work?

2. Is it okay for partners of the same sex to adopt a child?

3. Should the advertisement of unhealthy foods be taxed more?

4. Are school uniforms advantageous?

5. Do higher tax rates increase the economic development of a country?

6. Should the planting of cannabis Sativa be legalized?

7. Is it true that the negative effect of using herbicides out weight their positive effects?

8. Is man to blame for the extinction of endangered species of plants and animals?

9. Are we too dependent on computers?

10. Should the government subsidize the price of condoms for school-going kids?

11. Should the salary of CEOs of blue-chip companies be reduced?

12. Should cigarette smoking be banned?

13. Has the development of better communication devices improved social connection among people?

14. Do the negative effects of steroids outmatch the benefits?

15. Who is equipped better to have the sex talk with their children, mother or father?

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

If you are looking for Controversial argumentative essay topics for college students below are good topics that are relevant for this year.

1. Should the government put restrictions on the usage of violent video games?

2. Are parents to blame for their children’s bad behavior?

2022 argumentative essay topics

3. At what age should sex education be introduced?

4. Should the government subsidize the price of condoms for school-going kids?

5. Should school-going girls be given birth control options?

6. How can college tuition fees be reduced?

7. Should student loan repayment plans be reviewed to make them accommodate the financial crisis of unemployed graduates?

8. Is holiday assignment of any help for students?

9. Is the dependency on the internet creating a society with too much information but low thinking ability?

10. Will more taxation on the rich reduce the economical gap between the rich and the poor?

11. Has the abolishment of prayers in schools caused more harm than good?

12. Should TV shows and movies rated 18 years and above be aired on prime TV?

13. Does the media cause unnecessary unrest by spreading more propaganda than actual news?

14. I there a relationship between playing violent computer games and increased violence in schools?

15. Can early introduction to pornographic material increase the chances of sexual exploitation for young girls?

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics on Social media

1. Has social media created more internet bullies?

2. Are the social media platforms creating lonelier individuals?

3. Should the use of social media be limited for young children and adolescents?

4. Has continued usage of social media networks led to more emotionally detached people?

5. Has the Increased time browsing on social media led to dysfunctional families?

6. Is it possible that social media has led to the recruitment of young people to terrorist groups?

7. Has social media increased the exploitation of young children?

8. Should social media platforms be penalized for breaching privacy in case of sharing undisclosed personal data?

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics about the death penalty

1. Is the death penalty effective?

2. Is an eye for an eye the best way to deal with societal injustices?

3. Is mental torture worse than the death penalty?

4. Should all terrorists be subjected to torture or executed immediately?

5. Is the death penalty through euthanasia better than hanging?

6. Should the relatives of a death penalty culprit be allowed to watch his/her execution?

7. Should death penalties be allowed for underage juveniles?

8. Do death penalties have an impact on societal morals?

9. Should death penalties be abolished across the globe?

10. Is there a better alternative to the death penalty?

11. Is capital punishment the best way to deal with terrorism?

12. Is the death penalty allowed as per religious morals?

13. Do death penalties cause emotional trauma to the person handling the executions?

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics about Global warming

1. Will the life span of future generations be reduced due to rising global warming?

2. Are the current climate changes caused by increased global warming?

3. Is global warming causing the extinction of certain plant and animal species?

4. Do countries that use coal cause lead to increased global warming?

5. Will the ice in the polar zone be melted fully due to the increased global warming?

6. Are the constant forest fires increasing due to global warming?

7. Does planting more trees affect global warming?

8. Will the effect of global warming cause the disappearance of several islands due to increased ocean waters?

9. Do activities of developed countries cause more effects of global warming than those in developing countries?

10. Has increased global warming led to the increase of certain cancers in the world?

11. What are the future consequences of global warming with the current trends?

12. What role does global warming cause in the extinction of plants and animals?

13. Why are some of the developed countries failing to commit to plans of reducing the effects of global warming?

14. What role are we to play at a personal level to reduce the effects of global warming?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics about Abortion

1. Is abortion a right for every woman?

2. Do men have a say when it comes to abortion?

3. Do the cons that come with abortion out weights its pros?

4. Should there be an age limit within which to allow abortion?

5. Has the rate of abortion affected the rate of population growth rate across the world?

6. Does abortion cause emotional disorientation?

7. Should abortion only be allowed in cases of health complications?

8. Are there any ethical reasons to allow voluntary abortions?

9. Do the negative effects of abortion out weight the positive effects?

10. Should abortion clinics be funded by the government?

11. Has the legalization of abortion increased the rate of teenage pregnancy?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics on Online Dating

1. Should online dating be restricted to children?

2. Is online dating less emotionally engaging than one on one dating?

3. Are there more dangers in online dating than in physical dating?

4. Do young girls become lured more easily to bad online dating habits than boys?

5. Is it possible to get a serious partner from an online dating site?

6. Should online dating platforms be monitored for the sexual exploitation of young girls?

Conclusion: Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

To come up with excellent Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics, you will need to master various facts that you are reviewing. You cannot come up with an Argumentative Essay and you don’t have an understanding of what topics are in this field. Unlike persuasive essay topics which can be based on moral reasoning, Argumentative Essay Topics are based on facts.