Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics: Cause and Effect essays are common in English lessons and often developed in our daily communication. On one hand, this type of essay may require you to write the causes and effects of a particular thing, while on the other hand, it may just require you to write only the effects or the causes.

Before writing your Cause and Effect Essay, it is vital that you come up with a good topic. As you select your topic, ensure the issue addresses has sufficient causes as well as effects. Don’t choose an issue that might be too limiting.

To help you come up with the best Cause and Effect Essay Topics we have compiled the following topics from which you can choose several as you brainstorm.

Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

1. How does the disciplining aspect of a parent influence a child’s moral development?

2. How a gay family affects society?

3. The effect of prolonged use of social media on a teenager’s social skills

4. Social impact of the use of drugs

5. How does a father-and-son relationship affect future families?

6. Impact of environmental pollution on human health

7. Effects of divorce on mental stabilities of children

8. Obesity and its impacts on an individual self-esteem

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9. Religion and its influence on society

10. The influence of a caregiver on a child’s emotional development

11. Lesbian father in The Family and The Society

12. Effect of extramarital relationship on a family’s emotional stability

13. The influence of a sibling’s behavior on each other

14. Effect smoking has on a pregnant woman

15. Causes and effects of abortion

16. Impact of pollution on global warming

17. Fast foods impact children’s physical development

18. Absentee parent’s effects on their kids’ emotional development

19. Impact of genetically modified foods on society

20. Causes and effects of the increased suicide rate on a society’s mental health.

21. Effects of depression on a patient’s family

22. Causes and effects of Tsunami Japan

23. Impact of bullying on the mental health of teenagers

24. Influence of the internet on a society’s literacy level

25. Effects of physical exercise on a person’s well-being. 

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Unique Cause and Effect Topics

1. Effects of forest fires on indigenous plants and animals

2. How disposal of plastic in the ocean is affecting marine life?

3. Effects of the Russian-Ukraine war on the global economy.

4. Use of nuclear weapons and its effects on the environment

5. Impacts of physical exercise on a person’s health

6. Causes and effects of increased heat waves in the world.

7. Depression causes and effects on celebrities

8. High school mass shootings and their effects on children’s learning process

9. Online classes and their influence on society’s literacy level.

10. Influence of Facebook on other social media platforms

11. Personal goals and how they affect one character

12. How does a teacher’s perception influence a leaners’ skills and talents?

13. Effects of work-from-home policies on a families’ relationship.

14. Impact of inflation on economic stability

15. Long relationships and its effects on a young family

16. Covid-19 impacts on the global economy

17. How does corruption affect the economic development of a county?

18. Urbanization and its effects on the environment

19. Increased birth rate and its effects on natural resources

20. Effects of remote learning

21. Causes and effects of heart failure

22. Impact of war on the society

23. Labor laws and the impact they have on company’s working environment

24. Effects of overfishing

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Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics

1. Effects of education on one’s intelligence level

2. Cyberbullying and its impact on mental well being

3. Deforestation effects on the climate

4. Effects of YouTube in the entertainment field.

5. Causes and effects of the increased school dropout rate in developing countries

6. Effects of mentorship programs on personal development

7. Impacts of increased adverts on sugary foods and the effect of the physical health of

8. Smoking and its effects on health.

9. Use Solar power and its impacts on society.

10. Effects of increased economic development on the health sector

11. Democracy and its influence on good leadership in a country

12. Innovation and its effects on the transport sector

13. Online dating and its impact on today’s relationships

14. How challenges affect one’s personality.

15. Consumption of sugary foods and how it affects the body.

16. Online schools and it impact on the education sector

17. The effects of growing of trees on rainfall patterns

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18. What are the causes and effects of flooding

19. Effects of addiction on a marital relationship.

20. Impacts of drinking and driving

21. Cause and effects of soil erosion

22. Destruction of coral reefs and its impact on marine life

23. Effects of family planning in society

24. Video games effects on child’s social skills

25. Effects of diet on physical development 

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Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

1.  Effects of relationship breakup on one’s emotions

2. Money and its impact on relationships

3. Online dating its effect on exploitation

4. Effects of blind dates

5. Education failure and how it influences someone’s success

6. Self-confidence and its influence on dating

7. Online shopping and how its impacts spending habits

8. Dressing and how it affects the society

9. Celebrities and their influence in society

10. Effects of obesity on self-esteem

11. Lifestyle and its influence on one’s well-being.

Conclusion: Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The above Cause and Effect Essay Topics will allow you to come up with one of the best essay. Once you choose the topic, develop your main points and choose the strongest ones. As you write your cause-and-effect essay keep in mind the common outline of an essay and ensure you bring out your main points with clarity.