Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: One of the commonest types of essays is compare and contrast essays. This type of essay requires you to bring out the similarities and differences between two topics.

When choosing the compare and contrast essay it is important to select a topic that will allow you to have enough points to give you the similarities or the differences.

Happy Music For Studying
Happy Music For Studying

To help you come up with the best Comparing and Contrasting Topics we have compiled a good number of these topics that you can choose from.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Generation Z vs Millennials

Parenting in the 19th century vs Parenting in the 20th Century

Online classes vs Classroom classes

Life before the Internet vs life after the internet

Self-employed vs being employed

Cryptocurrency vs Physical cash

Online shopping vs door to door shopping

The influence of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook vs Elon Mush’s influence on Twitter

A unicorn vs a horse

United State of America vs Canada

A business relationship vs a romantic relationship

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Flying first class vs flying the economy class

Fast foods vs Healthy foods

Firstborn vs Last born

Generation Z Vs Generation Alpha

An Architect vs an Engineer

Playing the guitar vs playing violin

Childhood in the 1980s vs. childhood 2020S

Smallpox in the 20th century vs Corona Virus in the 21st century

Catholic vs a protestant

Jesus in Christianity vs Mohammed in Islam

Apple phones vs Samsung Phones

Meat vs Beans

Cars made in the United States vs Car made in Japan 

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Comparing and Contrasting Topics

Golden Retrievers Vs German Shepherd

Boxing vs Dancing

Remote working vs working in an office

Public transport vs Private transport

Online sales vs person to person sales

Aids vs Syphilis

Exploration on the moon vs Exploration on mars

Day trips vs Night trips

Employer vs Employee

George Washington vs. Barack Obama

Depressions vs Negative emotions

Electric cars vs petrol cars

World War I vs World War II

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

Rural life vs. urban life

Maya Angelou and Oprah

Larry King vs Geraldo Rivera

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Martin Luther vs Martin Luther Junior

Nike vs Adidas

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American Civil Rights vs. Women’s Lib

Online communication vs. one on one communication

American English vs British English

Formal writing vs. Informal language

Poetry vs. prose

Science fiction vs. historical fiction

Red wine vs coffee

Italy vs France

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Controversial Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Online dating vs traditional dating

Princess Diana vs Camilla

Reality Movies Vs Fiction movies

Socrates vs Plato

Saving money in a bank vs Investing in cryptocurrency

Private University Vs Public University

Addiction to coffee vs Addition to alcohol

Democracy vs Monarchy

Theoretic study vs Case Study

2 D animations vs 3 D animations

Harvard vs Oxford

Barrack Obama vs Donald Trump

Kim Jong Un vs Valdemar Putin

Nuclear power vs. coal-fired power plants

Beaches in Florida vs Beaches in California Vs Expedia

Batman vs Superman

A weekend getaway in a treehouse or a weekend getaway on the beach

Running on the trend mill vs Running in a park

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Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Cocaine vs Fentanyl

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Love vs Lust

Neo-colonialism vs imperialism

Diamond vs Gold

Islam vs Christianity

Introvert vs Extrovert

Freelancer jobs vs Office Jobs

Exercising to lose weight vs Dieting to lose weight

Hiking vs Biking

Natural Forest vs Man-made forest

Instagram vs Facebook

Boxing vs Wrestling

Usain Bolt vs Michael Jordan

Judaism vs Christianity

Depression vs Anxiety Attacks

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Conclusion: Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

The important thing when writing compare and Contrast essays is to avoid the obvious things. If the similarities or the differences are too obvious try to dwell on what is not. Bring those points so that the reader can clearly see the points you are trying to put across. The above Compare and Contrast Essay Topics will help you come up with the best essay