Ethical Persuasive Speech Topics

Ethical Persuasive Speech Topics: Persuasive speech topics can be used to influence people in a positive way. There are many kinds of these speeches that you can come up with. In this article, we have looked at persuasive speech topics based on contemporary or current ethical issues affecting society.

Ethical Persuasive Speech Topics

1. Should surveillance technologies be used in law enforcement?

2. Should military force be used to solve international conflicts?

3. Is it okay for companies to have gene patents?

4. Should politician use their money to buy votes?

5. Is it okay to allow bullfighting?

6. Should the sale of human organs be considered ethical?

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7. Should pet owners who abandoned their pets be prosecuted?

8. Is it ethically okay to use embryonic stem cells for medical research?

9. Should low-quality consumer products be sold to those with lower purchasing power?

10. Is it okay for the government to continue ignoring the issues affecting the homeless?

11. Should animals be used for product testing?

12. Is it ethical for whistle-blowers to use personal data when exposing crimes in society?

13. Is nudity in public places ethical?

14. Should make-up use on children be banned?

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15. Is it okay for governments official to mishandle immigrants within their territory?

16. Should personal data on social media platforms be used for data mining?

17. Should genetic engineering be used to determine a child’s gender?

18. Is it ethically right to intentionally create an economic environment that increases the gap between the poor and rich?

19. Is ethical to sentence someone to death?

20. Is is ethical for medical professional to solely use AI to dragonize an ailment.

Ethics Speech Topics

1. Is it ethical for parents to allow their kids to handle guns?

2. Should euthanasia be allowed for patients with terminal illnesses?

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3. Is it ethical for a business to prioritize business profitability while neglecting social responsibility?

4. Should a coup be considered ethical in cases of an oppressive government?

5.Should free AI be used for malicious purposes?

6. Should all individuals have a moral responsibility to manage climate change and environmental degradation?

7. Is it ethical not to prohibit pornographic on social media platforms?

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8. Should intellectual property be shared without one’s consent?

9. Is okay to offer sexual enhancement drugs to individuals without a doctor’s prescription?

10. Is it ethical for sports people to use performance-enhancement drugs?

11. Is it ethical to allow AI to control human decision making processes?

12. Should wearing clothes made of fur be considered unethical

13. Is it okay to legalize prostitution?

14. Should healthcare be considered a basic human right?

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Conclusion: Ethical Persuasive Speech Topics

As you come up with your ethical persuasive speech remember to address the crucial points. Have a clear understanding of what you want your audience to know. Organize your work well and use enough demonstration to persuade the audience.