Topics to Argue About

Topics to Argue About: Today we are going to look at Topics to Argue About that you can debate at schools or colleges. These are funny and controversial topics and you can be assured they will keep your debate interesting. Not only will your teammates be engaged, they will also have the chance to improve their vocabulary and verbal skills.

Good Topics to Argue About

1. Between men and women, who makes better teachers?

2. Is it true that corporal punishment improves disciple in kids?

3. Do fast foods restaurants provide any economic benefits to society?

4. Should beauty pageants for kids be banned?

5. Between animals and humans who pose more danger to their own offspring?

6. Would you prefer a night party or a Netflix night?

7. Between biblical figure Moses and Joshua whom you rather be?

8. If you were in Noah’s time would you have gotten into the boat?

9. Which is worse, having cancer or AIDS?

10. Should all job titles come with the same salary and allowances?

11. Has parenthood become more difficult compared to 50 years ago?

12. Should there be a restriction on the number of children one can have?

13. Between STEM education and humanities which is more valuable?

14. Between these two mythical creatures, a mermaid and a dragon, which one would you rather be?

15. Do you believe in after-life?

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Topics to Argue About

1. Which is better night dreaming vs. daydreaming?

2. If given a chance, between a lion and a tiger which one would you choose as a pet?

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3. Would you rather be silly or ugly?

4. Would you rather see wild animals in a zoo or in their natural habitat?

5. Between an elephant and lion which one would make a better king of the jungle?

6. Would you rather be a Christian or a Muslim?

7. Do vegetarians live longer than the rest of the people?

8. Who is to blame for the continued misconduct in school, parents, or teachers?

9. Which is better, living in an urban center or rural area?

10. Would rather have medical insurance or education insurance?

11. Would you rather live in a country under dictatorship or Autocracy?

12. Would you rather be super skinny or very obese?

13. Is it okay to clone humans?

14. Are electric cars better than gas-fueled cars?

15. Which is one is better, a dragon with a freezing blow or a dragon with a fiery blow?

16. Which of the two would favor the economy, abolishing the taxes for the poor or increasing taxes for the rich?

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17. Which one smells worse, rotten eggs or rotten cabbage?

18. If animals could talk, between a warthog and a pig which one could be the rudest?

19. Which is the best way to put toilet paper, over or under?

20. Would you rather train a dog or train a cat?

21. Which one would you rather be, a male bouncer with a soprano voice or a female air hostess with a bass voice?

22. What is weirder, a house without a door or one without windows?

23. Which one of these two unfortunate situations would you rather be in, the sinking of the titanic or the 911 attack?

Topics to Argue About Funny 

1. Who would you rather be, superman or batman?

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2. Is it true humans evolved from monkeys?

3. Would you rather be street smart or academic smart?

4. Would you rather use prepay or post-pay?

5. Which is a better digital currency or tangible money?

6. Choose one, Instagram or Facebook?

7. Will the earth become extinct in the next 1000 years?

8. In the case of reincarnation, what would you rather be, a pig or a donkey?

9. Is success in life solely based on hard work or destiny?

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10. Between a girl and boy who takes better care of the elderly parents

11. Between Mars and the moon, where would you prefer to live?

12. Would you rather be gigantic or really small?

13. What came earliest? Book or pen?

14. Where would you rather be in, the hottest place or coldest place on earth?

15. Are schools teaching appropriate life skills to help students succeed in life?

16. Are real-life financial skills taught in a business class?

17. Which one rewards better, hard work or talent?

18. Which is better female tubal ligation or male vasectomy?

19. What would you prefer, wisdom or 100 million dollars?

20. Would you rather excel in sports or pass exams?

21. Is Coronavirus a naturally occurring virus or is it a laboratory-generated virus?

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Interesting Topics to Argue About

1. Is it true most men are intimidated by a woman with beauty and brains?

2. Between money and infidelity which one causes more divorce?

3. Are couples with kids happier than those without?

4. Is it true more men die younger than women?

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5. Would you rather have 15 minutes of fame or 15 minutes of a preview of your life in the future?

6. Does religion favor men more than women?

7. Is virginity important when getting married?

8. Who is worse, a promiscuous wife or a promiscuous husband?

9. Can money buy love?

10. Would you rather be a football player or a basketball player?

11. Is living peacefully in a ghetto better than living alone in a rich estate?

12. Is the impact of television good or bad on kids’ behavior?

13. Does religious upbringing influence one character?

14. Would you as a parent buy a violent video game for your child?

15. Which is the happiest stage of human development?

16. Should a couple of the same sex be allowed to adopt a child?

17. Is it true majority of women are promoted in their careers based on gender other than performance?

18. Which is better, YouTube vs TikTok?

19. What do you prefer, audiobook or physical book?

20. Do you think motivational speakers have a role to play in one’s success?

21. Is homeschooling better than normal classroom schooling?

Conclusion: Hope the above Topics to Argue About have been sufficient enough to assist you to come up with an outstanding debate topic for your team or class. A proper discussion of the above will definitely improve your critical thinking and speech skills. Additionally, you will improve your knowledge of the relevant topic you choose.