Couple Questions Quiz

Couple Questions Quiz: There are many ways in which couples can know each other better but one of the simplest and fun ways is by asking fun couple trivia questions.

If you have an opportunity to have a couple’s interactive sessions, you can look at several questions that will add some interesting conversations.

Below are how well do you know your partner type of questions

Couple Questions Quiz

1. Where do you see your relationship in the next 5 years?

2. The common things that you love to do together?

3. What strengthens your relationship?

couples trivia questions

4. The one thing you love about your partner

5. How often do your quarrel?

6. What sacrifices would you accept to make each other happy?

7. How do you handle challenges in your relationship?

8. How would you make your relationship stronger in case of a long-distance relationship?

9. Would you change anything about your relationship?

10. How do you express love to each other?

11. The 5 things you like about your partner?

12. How many kids would you wish to have?

13. The number of hours or days you can go without talking to each other?

14. How do you resolve problems in your relationships?

15. The adventure you love doing together.

16. What families does your partner have that ensure your relationship works?

17. What is your partner’s political stand?

18. How physically fit is your partner?

19. Name strengths you admire in your partner

20. Describe how your better half spends his or her free time.

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Couples Trivia Questions

1. What is one positive trait that made you choose each other?

2. One thing you wouldn’t sacrifice for your relationship?

3. The best place your partner would love to visit?

couple quiz questions

4. What does your partner fear the most?

5. The best gift your partner has ever received?

6. Your partner’s list of 5 most valued friends

7. A dog or a cat, which pet would your lover like to keep?

8. The career that your partner would have preferred to get into?

9. The best birthday gift you have ever given each other?

10. On what things does your partner like to spend money on?

11. The worst and best nickname your partner has ever had?

12. Which one of you is more religious?

13. What are your partner’s favorite movies?

14. Which book is your partner reading currently?

15. What is your partner’s favorite meal?

16. The weakness that your partner is currently working on to become better.

17. The name of the cologne that your partner is using.

18. How does your partner deal with anger?

19. Who is the kindest between the two of you?

20. Between the two of you, who is short-tempered? 

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Married Couple Questions Quiz

1. When did you first meet?

2. Which one of you got interested in the other first?

Fun Couple Questions Quiz

3. Who is more social?

4. Who is likely to ask for the direction once you get lost?

5. Where did you meet and what was your partner doing when you met?

6. Who is good at managing finance between the two of you?

7. Your partner’s favorite drink

8. Who is likely to forgive easily?

9. Which one of you is more into sports?

10. Who drives better over long distances?

11. What is your partner’s favorite color?

12. What is the most important thing in each other lives?

13. What is the one thing your partner would want but cannot afford?

14.The two things he/she wouldn’t leave when traveling

15. His/her favorite snack

16. What is your partner’s ideal date night?

17. The happiest moment in each other’s life

18. Your partner’s most annoying habit.

19. Who portrays the best leadership skills?

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Fun Couple Questions Quiz

1. Who was your partner’s teenage celebrity crush?

2. Who is likely to have a panic attack when addressing a crowd

3. The moment that your partner embarrassed you the most

4. Who is likely to lie about their whereabouts?

5. Who is bad at keeping time? Reasons.

6. Who is likely to have stomach discomfort after a feast and dine event?

7. In an exam set up who is likely to score the lowest marks?

8. Who is the one likely to dance out of tune?

9. Who got a bigger appetite?

10. Who is good at giving excuses?

11. Who laughs easily?

12. Who has more impact on society?

13. Who spends more time in the bathroom?

14. The funniest thing your partner would buy if there were a millionaire

15. The strangest thing you would do if you had the chance to exchange your gender

16. What would you do if you were left behind in the apocalypse times?

17. Who is likely to wait for the other if one of you was jailed?

18. The day your partner made you laugh the most?

19. The funniest comedian your partner would like to meet?

20. The oldest thing that your partner possesses

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