School Speech Topics – High School, Middle School, Elementary

School Speech Topics – High School, Middle School, Elementary: Ran out of ideas or Searching for School Speech Topics? At times you have been given an assignment at school but you don’t know where to start.

Sometimes it is difficult to discover even simple speech topics for school students. Also when you are told to give a speech, it may cause you to shake with anxiety and worry so much.

Find some great School Speech Topics for High School, Middle School, and Elementary

School Speech Topics

1. All students should get involved in exchange programs

2. All students should join the gym.

3. Amazing discoveries or facts you have never heard of before and like to introduce to your class.

4. Creativity isn’t something that can be taught.

5. Cyber bullies should be suspended from school.

6. Dream explanation, ask for dreams, explain them. Consult dream reading professional and keep away from the shabby occult business.

7. It is important to take career assessment tests.

8. It should be illegal for under 21’s to buy cigarettes.

9. Kids purposely make parenting hard.

10. Leaving high school with no clear career path isn’t a bad thing.

11. Students must know their place in the classroom.

12. Students should always have condoms with them.

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13. Students should focus school work ahead of a social life.

14. Students should leave a team if they are never chosen to play.

15. Corporal punishment is abuse.

16. Driving must be taught in High School.

17. Dropping out of high school should be an illegal offense.

18. Extra online classes are worth it.

19. Failing is a blessing in disguise.

20.Group projects only cause conflict

21.When you take a walk in the woods, you can see more than you might think …

22.Why giraffes have long necks.

23. Things to expect when your mother is pregnant.

24.Traditional fairy tales from around the world – remember the thick book of the Grimm Brothers?

25. Unusual experiences in the last year.

26. Why we are no longer kids but are called young adults.

27. Your most favorite memories are also great grade 6 speech topics too to talk about in school.

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High School Speech Topics

1. ‘Name and shame’ does not change teenage behavior.

2. 16 is an appropriate age to start dating.

3. A narrow escape from trouble …

4. Adventure racing and famous heroes on motorbikes – so-called off the road movie clips could be nice video aids

5. Astronomical signs and their meanings. Make it personal by asking a volunteer to give all the info you need.

6. Attractive students have an advantage over others.

7. Birth control should be available at schools.

8. Boys hide their body image pressure.

9. Bystanders must be held responsible for not intervening when there is trouble at school.

10. Cheating at school is getting worse.

11. Cheerleading isn’t a sport.

12. Class sizes make a big difference.

13. Class sizes should not exceed 20 students.

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14. Co-ed schools are better than single-gender schools.

15. Fashion isn’t all that important.

16. Food photography is much difficult than you think.

17. Gay students need older gay role models.

18. Girls are under more pressure in high school.

19.Great places to go in the world.

20. Group work in class should be kept small.

21. Grouping students by ability only benefit the smartest ones.

22. Hard work is more important than talent.

23. Healthy school lunches are a lost.

Unique Speech Topics for High School

1. A Day In the life of a kid in Ancient Rome, compare it with your own modern life.

2. A ride in a truck for transporting heavy objects.

3. African masks and their meaning in holy rituals.

4. The secrets of the Egypt King Tutankhamun.

5. The world would be a better place if … (fill in your highest dreams)

6. Things that make you happy right away if you have the power to buy or dictate.

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7. Ancient Chinese emperors and their interesting uniform and dress looks.

8. Mythological monsters such as the Minotaur and Nymphs.

9. Outdoor activities, and indoor activities on a rainy day.

10. What is a decent dress code for a serious dinner at official moments:

11. Ways I use to relax.

12. What brands or products are popular in this school and why?

13. What’s in my room at home.

14. Why I like to dance my favorite dance.

15. Oceans of the world: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic gulf streams.

16. Pen pals or email pals; how traditional patterns have changed.

17. Pollution sources in our world, and what to do about them in a cost-friendly way at home.

18. Pot and care for a plant or small vegetable is hard labor and needs patience.

19. Birds, bears and rabbits spend the winter by sleeping, why?

20. Celebrities, actors, and actresses.

21. Cool home computer games I like to play, criticize, review and share in class.

22. Discovering caves are cool grade 6 speech topics to tell something more and show them the work of speleologists.

23. Environmental problems in our community.

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Middle School Speech Topics

1. Animals I should take in Noah’s Ark – and the philosophy behind it.

2. Animation characters and their voices.

3. Antarctica research of penguins.

4. Aviation pioneers.

5. Aztec masks and their amazing stories and secrets hidden inside.

6. Best 3D paper models: cars, robots, spaceships, airplanes, buildings.

7. Birds in our backyard, you’re perplexed about the miles they flew to get there.

8. Exotic fruits and vegetables in grocery stores; look up where they come from.

9. Family members I admire: uncles, aunts, nieces or nephews.

10. Fashion trends in the last century.

11. Favorite sports moments.

12. Flying discs tricks on the beach side.

13. Foreign flags and their story – perhaps you should play the anthems too for a full picture.

14. Free time activities that you can recommend.

15. Greyhound racing and the bet systems that are used.

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16. History of the Panama Canal, and the way the pilotage handle very big ships.

17. How does global warming affect the icebergs?

18. How to make a marionette puppet – a grade 8 speech topic for the artistic

19. How to organize a fun weekend for the whole family.

20. I cope with fear of public speaking for this grade 8 speech by … (secret tactic)

Simple Speech Topics for School Students

1. If I was a journalist, I should investigate …

2. If I was born hundred years ago, I would be …:

3. If I was my father or mother for one day.

4. If I won one million dollars, I would …

5. Kid cooking is cool – if you know how to prep recipes

6. Last weekend I was at …

7. Magic tricks with simple playing cards for every unexpected occassion.

8. Monitoring butterflies in the field outside and in our garden.

9. Music festivals and the big logistics puzzle of the organizing parties involved.

10. My checklist for if you move to another town.

11. My favorite era in history.

12. My favorite spot in the woods near our cabin.

13. My favourite sports games on television.

14. My first visit to a dentist: the correct way to brush and floss your teeth.

15. My hobby and pet peeves.

16. My most memorable vacation trip till now.

17. My musical instrument and the lessons I take.

18. Skateboarding tips and tricks, safe on the sidewalks.

19. Strange world records set in history.

20. Suggestions for fun weekends.

21. The best summer camp games I have ever played and enjoyed very much.

22. The character I want to be in a movie the hero with heroic courage / or the villain who gets the worst of it in the end.

23. The day I was sick and I must see the doctor.

24. The Diary of Anne Frank (book or movie) and the meaning today.

25. The funniest thing that ever happened to me this month or year.

26. The Ice Age; when, how and the causes are good K-6 subjects to come across.

27. The school field trip I would like to make.

28. When I am grown up I want to become a / an …

Speech Topics for High school

1. Helping a friend isn’t always good.

2. High school kids don’t need helicopter parents.

3. High school should be treated as if it were a job.

4. High schools don’t recognize a student’s full potential.

5. Hiking trails nobody knows and you want to share.

6. How to organize surprise parties.

7. How to visit and enjoy an art museum with an audio guide tour on your ears.

8. Hurricanes, how they start and their international accepted standards for name giving (boys and girls names from a to z).

9. I want a new law on … Well feel free to repair and remedy abuses.

10. Islands in Oceania, in the tropical Pacific Ocean region. There where the date line starts.

11. It is important that students volunteer in fields of interest.

12. It is important to have a mix of friends to socialize with.

13. Locker room talk is demeaning to female students.

14. Mass-shooting in schools can be prevented.

15. Never shrug off small assignments.

16. Not every teacher has the ability to inspire students.

17. Nursing your parents when they get older. Lots of young people do that in their spare time, and they do not often speak about it. Take a chance and show them the world of voluntary care by friends, children, and neighbors.

18. Outings to museums have no educational value.

19. Parents embarrass their kids too much.

20. Parents must not pay kids for good grades.

21. Students don’t spend enough time reading books.

22. Students have no interest in government matters.

23. Robotics now and in the future – is it helpful in the daycare business?

24. School should be all year round.

Speech Topics for Middle School

1. Schools must get involved with obese students weight issues.

2. Schools must not sell unhealthy foods.

3. Schools should offer rewards for good test scores.

4. See Europe in seven days after high school!

5. Smoking makes students outcasts.

6. Standardized tests are not a measure of a students ability.

7. Strange experiences in a restaurant or bar and the moral lesson you draw after that.

8. My penpal or better: email-pal from the other side of the world.

9. My trip abroad to Europe or Latin-America.

10. Puppets and their funny looking but indeed very serious theatrical performances from Java, Indonesia.

12. Reasons to abandon grounding rules.

13. Recipes for kids, orally like your favorite meals and food.

14. Rodeo riding: how to survive more than 30 seconds on the riding machine

15. Peer pressure will help students grow.

16. Plagiarism is getting out of hand.

17. Principals don’t help develop teachers enough.

18. Private schools are not better than government schools.

19. Railroads and trains from 1850, and great train builders and engineers is a high school speech topic to work out.

20. Recess time must be extended.

21. Rhetorical questions, Socratical debating techniques.

22. Student’s interests will change in high school.

23. Students are less religious than their parents.

24. Students do not have to get involved with everything in high school.

25. Students do not know how to live in the moment.

Speech Ideas for School

1. Students have too much workload.

2. Students shouldn’t be graded for gym.

3. Sugary drinks should not be sold at school.

4. Suggestions for a school field trip in the autumn.

5. Teachers don’t use technology to its full potential.

6. Teachers should be allowed to refuse problem students in their classes.

7. Teachers want to create leaders.

8. Textbooks shouldn’t be replaced by technology in high schools.

9. The best way to learn is alone.

10. The importance of not being a follower.

11. The in crowd is usually the most insecure group.

12. The media is to blame for the pressure of girls wanting perfect bodies.

13. The methods used to deal with bullies are not effective.

14. The morning after pill shouldn’t have an age restriction.

15. The racial makeup of a school is important.

16. There is too much focus on sports in high schools.

17. Things we can’t understand.

18. Tutors are necessary even with good grades.

19. Untidy handwriting is a sign of intelligence.

20. Web filters at school are not restrictive enough.

21. Weekend jobs make students more responsible.

22. What are your community activities?

23. What do you think about often when you enter the school?

24. What have you always wanted to do and did not have the courage to ask or really act?

25. What would you like to change and why? This one is especially good as graduation input and output.

26.Why are television soaps popular

27. Your most embarrassing moment at school and the way you saved your face, solve and fix the awkward situation.

Elementary school speech topics

1. Fairy tale characters you would like to talk with.

2. Fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

3. A visit to the doctor, dentist.

4. Circus clowns in all sorts and characters

5. Funny Halloween costumes, inspires to lots of funny elementary school speech topics.

6. Funny things my pet has done. A great quantity of this special theme is to be sorted out of animals and keeping them at home. Do consult your attending if you may bring an animal in class. In case of hesitation – do not cross this line:

7. How boomerangs return to their sender.

8. How does it feel to wake up an being a giant?

9. Magic tricks you can show.

10. Making puzzles of thousands pieces and the tricks I have learned.

11. Musical instruments in an full orchestra.

12. My best birthday ever.

13. My favorite family story.

14. My neighborhood.

15. My one-day internship at the fire department.

16. Oceans in the world.

17. Our last vacation trip.

18. Places I lived.

19. Police uniforms or fire department attire outfits.

20. The best fishing spots.

21. The best paper airplanes without less folding work.

22. This is the song I like to sing every day is: …

23. What can you see in the zoo?

24. What makes me happy.