Fun Topics for Presentations

Fun Topics for Presentations: You can have a lot of fun when doing public speaking especially when humor is added. The use of humor on your presentations can go a long way in making the audience agree with your points.

Find funny topics for Presentations. These topics can be modified to fit into your own context.

Fun Topics for Presentations

A human is no king of nature: ten reasons to throw people off the throne
Are sport and intelligence in reverse proportion to one another?
Busting myths of bad habits: picking the nose with an easy conscience
Going extreme: most hilarious sports ever
Greatest misconceptions in the world and what they led to
The world’s most unbelievable record breakers
How to become obese in a matter of no time: unhealthy food
How to fail a good deal: the ultimate way to do it all wrong
Laziness vs. enthusiasm: reasons people don’t take up sports

The difficulties and problems of being a millionaire: poor fortunate souls
The most efficient ways to escape from reality: reading, role-playing, and chatting online
The most hilarious things sportscasters have ever said
The power of the human brain: telepathy, levitation, and math
The unbelievable history of the world’s greatest corporations

The wonders of genetic science: it’s chemistry that does the mix
Unusual ways of making a business: a fun way to succeed
Why people lie: no more pants on fire
Workplace yoga: do not let routine bring you down
World’s unexplainable phenomena: open your eyes

Fun Topics for Presentations

A summary of Star Wars – it’s not as confusing as you think
Ancient remedies we still use
Artificial intelligence: another step to the world’s end?
Becoming a dream employee: impressing your prospective employer at first sight
Best and worst adverts of the year
Best and worst reasons to skip your school classes

Best habits to get if you want to live longer
Best ways to sneak snacks into a movie
Beware of the snake: how venom affects a human body
Bizarre conspiracy theories about famous artists
Bizarre sports you didn’t know existed until now
Butterflies, cats, and skulls: the real meaning behind common tattoos

Can sports make you smarter? The science behind sports
Choosing your BFF: qualities that make a perfect friend
Choosing your school subjects without pressure: study what you like.
Craziest business ideas of 2017
Craziest medical treatments in history: from dead mice to urine therapy
Creative people: the drivers of change or a burden for the society?
Creative ways of cooking the turkey – perfect for the holiday season

Do we really need this? The most useless body parts
Do you need a goal in life to be happy?

Fat and fabulous: things to learn from your cat
Fear of trees and other bizarre phobias you never knew were real
Five weird medical facts that no one can explain
Fun ideas for addressing school bullying and building a positive learning environment
Funniest conspiracy theories and why they sound so real

Funniest stage fails of all time – and how they were handled

Funniest start-up ideas that will bring you money

Funny Christmas traditions from all over the world

Funny facts about famous composers and musicians

Funny incidents at the Olympics: from 1980 until now

Funny reasons why raccoons shouldn’t be kept as pets

Funny ways of decorating your Christmas tree

Global attractions you must see before you die

Guilty pleasures: why we love and hate popular love songs?

Healthy foods no one likes that are good for you

Home Alone: what do people look for in a perfect Christmas movie?

How Apple changed the global marketing game

How can procrastination be good for you?

How successful songs are made and why are they so catchy

How to clean your room once and for all

How to know if your pet is plotting a conspiracy against you – signs you should lock your bedroom door at night

How to make a perfect birthday cake for your mom

How to make a perfect paper airplane in class

How to talk to people you don’t like

How to tell if your friends don’t like your sense of humor

How to trick customers: clever marketing hacks

How would foreign people react to our stereotypes about their countries?

I’m too old for that, and other excuses people make to avoid sports

If Ancient Greek religion was based on myth, can we say that Christianity is, too?

If Facebook ads are so annoying, why do companies use them? Benefits of targeted ads

Inspiring success stories from millionaires – what does it take to become one?

Is drinking really a bad habit? How alcohol affects your body – in a right way

Millionaires’ morning habits: tips for beginning your day successfully.

Most expensive buildings in America

Most famous fails in baseball

My favorite American Idol and X-Factor stars

Off-duty: what teachers do when they are not teaching

Political correctness: have we gone too far?

Procrastination for creative people: what to do when you’re tired of doing nothing

Reasons people like conspiracy theories so much

Reasons teachers shouldn’t give homework for Christmas holidays

Reasons why people find offensive jokes funny

Reasons why you and your parents should never be friends on Facebook

Reasons why you shouldn’t eat flowers

Scientific reasons to shorten school week and extend holidays

Stay-at-home students: is distance learning the future of education?

Surprising facts about the history of medicine

Surviving college: how to mildly annoy your roommate

Surviving the detention: creative activities that could help you pass the time while studying

Tallest basketball players of all times

Tallest buildings in the world: a ranking

Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj: who is a better role model for kids?

The advertisement has gone wrong: top worst slogans of all time

The dangers of family dinners and how to avoid them

The hidden danger of school sports: beware of the ball!

The history of tattoo art: from Ancient times till now

The most common cognitive biases that affect how we think

The most likely ending to Game of Thrones

The New Year’s day in different countries

The pros and cons of Hogwarts’ housing system

The secret power of e-sports: what can video games teach us?

The unknown talents of Barack Obama

Things to do at a party to seem cool

Things to take with you if you’re left on a desert island

Things we like about TV shows that we don’t get in movies

Things you probably should say on your first date

Things you really shouldn’t say in public

Things you really shouldn’t say on your first date

Things you shouldn’t say in your motivation letter

Time-management tools for dummies or how to meet all your deadlines this term

Tiny things to be happy about that happen to us every day

Tips on making the best Valentine’s day card ever

Tired of counting sheep before falling asleep? Try counting llamas instead!

Top craziest amusement park rides in the world

Top undeserved Grammy awards of all time

Uncovering the science behind hit songs: is there a scientific way to make a good song

Useful tips for saving money in college

Useless things everyone has at their house

Vegetarians live longer – and other myths designed to lure you into a healthy lifestyle

Video games that made our childhood better

Ways creative workers can benefit the business

Ways to surprise your employer in an interview

We only use 10% of our brain power: myth or reality?

Weirdest historical events no one can explain yet

Weirdest things people like to eat – from fried cockroaches to bull testicles

What did the first schools in history look like?

What if men wore the same uniform as women in professional sports

What not to do if you have a cold

What the first Olympic Games probably looked like

What will future music industry look like?

What will humans look like in the future?

What would happen to our bodies if we lived on Mars?

What would school life be like if lessons were taught at night?

What would the world look like if I ruled it?

Where do stereotypes come from? A socio-historical investigation

Why all pop songs sound the same

Why companies should seek to hire more lazy people

Why did Pokemon GO become so popular?

Why do hiccups occur and how to stop them

Why do rock stars break their guitars on stage?

Why dogs are human’s best friends – not cats

Why is America the only country that is crazy about baseball?

Why people and their dogs often look alike

Why some people just can’t do math?

Why we should have school parties every week

Why young girls shouldn’t be allowed to watch Disney movies

Worst presents to give to your sibling

Worst tips for promoting your products online

You are what you eat: weirdest things found in patients’ bodies