Interesting 5 Minute Speech Topics

Interesting 5-minute speech topics: Finding a 5-minute interesting presentation topic can be difficult and at the same time very easy.

Again when you have a long presentation it can become boring as you also want to keep your audience engaged.

Find interesting 5-minute speech topics, these are some of the interesting topics for presentation.

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Interesting 5 Minute Speech Topics

Attracting the right people to the teaching profession

Bananas and plantains

Benefits of charter schools

Best juice diet

Best plants for a backyard garden

Bringing back endangered species

Choosing the perfect leash for your dog

Choosing your family

Crowdfunded loans vs. the bank

Discipline in the classroom

Do essential oils really work?

Domestication of horses

Ethics of posting pictures of your children on social media

Ethics of zoos

Finding a roommate

How does compound interest work?

How important are grandparents

How Internet ads are tailored to you

5 Minute Presentation Topics List

How Kickstarter changed everything

How long are giraffes in labor

How many kids should you have?

How much control should the federal government have over curriculum design?

How much exercise does your pet need?

How to advertise your business on Facebook

How to apply for a mortgage

How to choose a college

How to compromise on names for your kids

How to fight effectively

How to find the money to go to college

How to get an amicable divorce

How to have a happy marriage

How to help a child with nightmares

How to keep a goldfish alive for a long time

How to limit screen time

How to make a brine for pickling

5 Minute Presentation Ideas

How to make your own wine

How to negotiate a raise

How to protect your personal information

How to use a hashtag

Ideas for narrowing down a career choice

Importance of hydration

Improving your credit score

IRA vs. Roth IRA

Is rare meat safe?

Media during World War II

Microbrews vs. standard brewing

Middle child syndrome

Military advancements between World War I and World War II

Most effective exercise for burning calories

Negative effects of school vouchers

Picking the right vet

Privacy and social media

Renting vs. buying

Signs of an abusive relationship

Sleeping with your dog

Snapchat etiquette

Splitting financial responsibilities evenly among the household

Strategies for potty training

5 Minute Presentation Topics

The best age to get married

The domestication of dogs

The first Olympics

The history of television

The horror of puppy mills

The importance of attachment

Thwarted assassination attempts

Traveling with children

Uncovering Twitter Bots

Using your HSA

Vegan vs. vegetarian

War photographers

What are hops?

What is the best food for your pet?

What is the ideal age to start a family

What to look for in a spouse

When should you start saving for your children’s college education?

When the railway was king

When to allow your kids to get their own social media accounts

When to declare a major

5 Minute Speech Topics

When to let it go

When to start saving for retirement

When to transplant sprouts

Where did brunch begin?

Why charter schools are bad

Why cleanses don’t work

Why it’s bad to use your smartphone right before bed

Why it’s better to adopt a pet from a shelter

Why pineapple belongs on a pizza

Why should you get goats in pairs

Why you shouldn’t post your location on social media