KPLC Prepaid Meter Codes

KPLC Prepaid Meter Codes: From experience, we can often forget or be unable to locate KPLC Prepaid Meter Codes. If you want to know inhemeter codes KPLC or want to know your KPLC meter number, the process is simple and the good news is you can easily retrieve the meter number from the prepaid meter box in your house.

Retrieving the Kenya power meter number normally depends on the make of the meter box you are using. You will need to key in the KPLC Prepaid Meter Codes depending on the meter in order to retrieve the meter number.

What you require 

You need to go to the actual meter box, you cannot retrieve it online.

How to retrieve your KPLC Meter Number using KPLC Prepaid Meter Codes

To know your Kenya power prepay meter number, follow the instructions or Key in to retrieve the number.

HEXING Meter: Dial 804 then enter or #

ACTARIS Meter: Press 100 and then enter or #

SHENZEN Meter: Press 65 and enter

CONLOG Meter: Press #100 and enter or #

NB: In some instances, dialing 000# and 100# also work when trying to get your KPLC prepaid meter number.

Once you key in the correct KPLC Prepaid Meter Code the digit meter number will display on the screen. It will scroll from right to left – All you need is to write down the meter number.

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Types of KPLC Prepaid Meters

  • Conlog
  • Hexing
  • Actaris
  • Shenzen
  • Inhemeter
  • Clou

KPLC Prepaid Meter Reset Code/How to Reset KPLC token meter

To reset KPLC Prepaid Meter press 00 then enter or # to reset the meter

CIU Meter Codes or Customer Interface Unit (CIU) codes

Troubleshooting code 95
Tripping Code 0000-0000-0001-5099-7584
Commissioning Code 1275-4194-1448-6450-5970
Pairing Code: 596-986-86+Meter No
Troubleshooting code 95
Tripping Code 0000-0000-0001-5099-7584
Commissioning Code 0028-8230-3762-8593-2100
Pairing Code: 159-357-0+Meter No
Troubleshooting code 806
Tripping Code 868
Commissioning Code 0000-0000-1375-7317-3770
Pairing Code: 1807-5773-902+Meter No
Troubleshooting code
Tripping Code 1
Commissioning Code 1275-4194-1448-6450-5970
Pairing Code: #36#+Meter No

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