What is CC and BCC in email with example

What is CC and BCC in email with example: What does cc on a email mean? or Can you explain the bcc meaning in email? Regardless of the email platform you are using, you must know how to properly send correct and professional emails in a workplace setup. You should know the bcc vs cc email and to have effective email communication you must understand the commonly used terms in an email.

What is CC and BCC in email with example

cc in email means:

CC in email means Carbon Copy. Cc allows you to send a “carbon copy” of the email to the preferred second, third, or any number of recipients in your email. In cc format, all the recipients of that particular email can see each other email addresses.

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what does cc stand for in a email

How to send a Cc email

Example of how to use cc in email

In a working setup, your team leader may request you to email a certain report and cc your team members. It is essential you know how to do it. If it is your first time sending an email with a cc follow the below simple steps.

1. Input the email address of the recipient (in this case it is your team leader).

2. In the cc section write each team member’s email.

3. Once you confirm the emails are correct, give your email a subject depending on the nature of the email you are sending.

4. Press the send button.

CC email example

Advantages and disadvantages of using cc

Cc is preferred when you want every person in the email address to view all the information being communicated. It is convenient because all future communication can be done by a simple selection of “reply to all.”

On the other hand, cc is not the best if you want to address a specific person or you don’t want to reveal the details about other recipients. Another disadvantage is that it creates a lot of clutter in receipts inboxes. This is because all recipients will get a response if the “reply to all” button is used.   If you want to send a similar email to all your clients without disclosing their email addresses, there are email designs that are custom-made for that.

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Bcc email meaning

Bcc meaning in email is Blind Carbon Copy. The familiar thing in both cc and bcc is that a carbon copy of the email is sent to the recipients. The only difference is that bcc hides all the email addresses in the bcc section. In other words, once the email is received one cannot be able to distinguish if the email has been sent to many people or not.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Bcc

The major advantage of bcc is that it does not reveal any details of other recipients. If you are in business you can send a similar email to your clients without revealing your clients’ list to the public. However, once you send an email under bcc you cannot easily reply to all. You have to respond individually to each client or recipient.

what does bcc mean in email

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How to Send a Bcc email

Example of how to use bcc in email

Login to your email.

Choose to create a new email option.

Write the email address in the “To section.”

Once you input the correct email, select the bcc (the position of the bcc depends on the email address you are using.)

In the bcc section add the email address of your recipients.

For better communication add a subject to your email in the subject section.

Finally, compose your email and send it.

What happens if someone replies to a BCC email

The big question when sending email in bcc is this: Can bcc recipients see each other? The answer is no. This is because every recipient on the bcc list just sees their own email. This means when they reply to the message the email will be received by the sender as a distinctive email.

Conclusion: What is CC and BCC in email with example

In a simple overview, cc means carbon copy while bcc means blind carbon copy. In cc all receipts are public and their email address can be viewed by anyone within that email. Cc emails are best for public communication. For more private communication bcc is better. Every recipient will only see their email address and cannot respond to any other person other than the sender. Depending on the nature of information you are sending you can opt for cc or bcc.