M-Pesa Statement of One Year

M-Pesa Statement of One Year

Did you know that you can get an m-pesa statement for one year?

The statement will be sent to you in your email and the process will require you to have an email address if you do not want to visit any Safaricom shop.

Below we have looked at simple steps of getting M-pesa statement of one year

M-Pesa Statement of One Year

To get this statement for the first you will need to register as follows

  • On mobile phone and registered Safaricom line dial *234# then press the call button
  • On the menu that will pop up choose –My M-PESA information which is response number two
  • Choose M-PESA Statement
  • Select full Statement and then one year
  • You must enter your correct National ID number
  • Type in the e-mail address you prefer the statement to be sent to and confirm email
  • You will get SMS informing you of your registration and the date in which your m-pesa statement will electronically be emailed to you

To open the statement in your email input your national id as your password

The advantages of getting M-pesa statement of one year in your email

  • The process is easy
  • It saves time
  • The document is sent in PDF form, so you can save it for future references
  • The document can be printed
  • There are no charges

What documents do you need to get M-pesa statement of one year

You do not need any documents to get your one year m-pesa statement. The only thing you need is to have a national ID number/passport/alien ID/military ID/ diplomatic and an accessible email address

How to get m-pesa statement for another number

You can only be able to get an m-pesa statement for another number if you have access to the person’s phone, email address and ID number

However, if the person is deceased you will need to contact Safaricom and visit their office with the following documents

  1. Your original copy of ID
  2. A copy of the deceased’s person death certificate note that a death notification will no be accepted
  3. An affidavit representing your association with the late person
  4. An official  letter from your local area county administer or chief in the late person’s area of residence