Nairobi University Distance Learning Fee Structure

Nairobi University Distance Learning Fee Structure: Do you want to join the University of Nairobi distance learning program and you are wondering the amount fee you are to pay?

Below we have looked at some of the fee structure for the distance learning courses offered at the university

NB: Contact The university for the correct distance learning fee structure depending on the course that you are undertaking.

The below fees structure is just a guideline.

Nairobi University Distance Learning Courses

  • Project Planning and Management
  • Horticulture
  • Arts, Design & Architecture
  • Environmental Governance

Nairobi University Distance Learning Fee Structure

  1. University of Nairobi distance learning fee for Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Fees for each semester must be paid at the beginning of the semester.  No learner will be authorized to study for any course in any semester or given any study materials unless all his/her allocated fee has been pain in full.

  1. Tuition Fees

Presently, the tuition fees to be paid per unit is Kshs.4, 616/= and the least number of units a student can be permitted to register for in a one semester is two

  1. Statutory fee/charges (per academic year)

The below outlined statutory charges must be paid in full at the commencement of each academic year:

Item                          Kshs


Examination Money                     5,000.00

Computer Laboratory                   5,000.00

Caution Money (once)                 5,000.00

Medical                                          5,000.00

Activity                                           2,000.00

Student Union                              1,000.00

ID                                                      500.00

Registration                                    500.00

Total                                           24,000.00





  1. Summary of Total Fees Payable per Semester in order to complete the course


Level                    Number of Units                   Fees Payable (Kshs)

Part I                                10                                70,160.00

Part II                               8                                  36,928.00

Part III                              8                                  55,928.00

Part IV                              9                                  41,544.00

Part V                               11                                69,776.00

Part VI                              8                                  36,928.00

Total                                54                               311,264.00


Note:  That students studying mathematics will do an additional unit in Part I making their total number of units to be 55 units. The total fee to be paid by these students will consequently be Kshs. 315,880.00.


  1. University of Nairobi distance learning fee for Masters of Distance Education


Tuition fees Ksh. 180,000/=

Statutory fees Ksh.43,000/=

Project                   60,000/=

Total                      283,000/=

  1. University of Nairobi distance learning fee for Bachelor of Education

The minimum number of units you can take per semester is 2. The following fees indicate the fee payable for someone taking all units offered in the program

Tuition/Unit                                                                                      8,000.00

Medical/Year                                                                                   5,000.00                                                               Computer/Year                                                                                       5,000.00

Library per semester                                                                      3,000.00

Caution – Once                                                                                5,000.00

Activity fee/Year                                                                             2,000.00

Registration/Year                                                                            1,000.00

S.O.N.U                                                                                              1,000.00

Examination per year                                                                    5,000.00

ID card per year                                                                               500.00


2 43,500.00
3 51,500.00
4 59,500.00
5 67,500.00
6 75,500.00


2 19,000.00
3 27,000.00
4 35,000.00
5 43,000.00
6 51,000.00


2 38,500.00
3 46,500.00
4 54,500.00
5 62,000.00
6 70,500.00