How to Report Mpesa Fraudsters

Is there any way to prevent M-PESA fraud? Find out How to Report Mpesa Fraudsters. Mpesa Fraud has become common and the fraudsters are coming up with new tricks every day as technology changes. The fraudsters are using every avenue they can get or loophole they find. In most cases, they try to play with … Read more

Safaricom Skiza Tunes – Codes

Find Safaricom Skiza Tunes Codes, how to copy skiza tune from another phone,  How to Remove Skiza Tune? What is SKIZA tunes? How do I select my SKIZA tunes? These are some of the answers this page will try to answer. What is SKIZA tunes? Skiza tune is a service from Safaricom that allows you … Read more

Safaricom Call Rates

Find Safaricom Call Rates, Safaricom Calling Rates – PrePay Calls and SMS Rates (safaricom call rates per minute) You can call, surf the Internet, text, transfer money, stay informed and entertained using your Safaricom line. Safaricom offers you amazing communication experience with the best service and PrePay tariffs. Safaricom PrePay Calls and SMS Rates Below … Read more

How to Activate Mpesa Account

How to activate your M-PESA Account

How to activate your Mpesa Account: When you have registered for M-PESA, M-PESA will send you an SMS confirming that the registration has been successful. Activate your M-PESA menu on your account using the ‘4-digit Start Key’ sent to you by M-PESA as per the following instructions: How to Activate Mpesa Account •    Go to … Read more