How to Update Mpesa Menu

Learn how to update Mpesa menu. Sometimes you might want to update your safaricom mpesa menu to see if there are any new updates. To enjoy safaricom features or services you need to update the Mpesa menu.

If you are not automatically updated by safaricom you can easily update your menu. The new menu comes with updated features such as Loan and Savings which is under M-PESA. The M-Shwari and KCB M-PESA are placed together under the Loan and Savings. In the past you could only access the KCB M-PESA service by dialing 844#. That’s why when you update Mpesa menu it comes with many great features.

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With the updates, you can also access your M-PESA Mini Statements by requesting through My Account tab. A message will be sent to you that contain your M-PESA Mini Statement.

It you are more like me and don’t want to wait for the automatic updates, you can do it manually.

How to Update Mpesa Menu

Below is a step by step on how to update mpesa menu

  • Go to M-PESA menu
  • Click My Account
  • Click Update customer menu
  • Enter your M-pesa Pin
  • Your M-PESA menu will update
  • You will receive a confirmation message after the menu update is complete
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Having a new menu update enables you to access many features with ease, you can save, borrow, and repay your loan as easily as a,b,c,d.

Add the new updated tabs today, and explore more with safaricom mpesa. Find M-Shwari and KCB M-PESA in one place.

Safaricom M-PESA Menu Update

How to Request M-Shwari Loan

Find out How to Request M-Shwari Loan. Follow these simple steps on How to Request M-Shwari Loan. The loan will be sent to your M-pesa account.

Go to M-Pesa menu

Select Loans and Savings

Select M-Shwari

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Select Loan

Select Request Loan

Enter the Loan Amount and press OK

Enter your M-Pesa PIN and press OK

Confirm all the request details are correct and press OK

You will receive a loan approval SMS from M-PESA.

M-PESA will send you a confirmation SMS with the loan repayment amount

The amount includes its facilitation fee