Good Entertaining Speech Topic Ideas

Good Entertaining Speech Topic Ideas: To have an entertaining speech, you should find a good topic that will make your audience more attentive. You can give a persuasive speech or informative speech that will deliver the message and at the same time entertain. To have a successful presentation you need to have an entertaining speech topic. and below we have looked at entertaining speech ideas

Good Entertaining Speech Topic Ideas

1. Secrets of Successful Relationships

2. Habits of highly successful question

3. The future of ChatGPT

4. Jobs that will soon be overtaken by Artificial Intelligence

5. How to ask questions in the right way

6. The future of flying cars

7. Ways to increase your intelligence

8. Jobs that will soon come to an end

9. Why you should hang out with smart people

10. The best way to feed your brain with positivity

11. A man’s dilemma: beer or women?

12. A Middle-Aged Mom Figures Out Snapchat

13. About the French.

14. Addiction to the Internet.

15. Advances in medical research.

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16. AIDS and finding its cure

17. Alternatives to Cleaning

18. An Argument for Leaving Your Christmas Tree Up All Year

19. Animal rights and its enforcement.

20. Applicant speaks in job letters is a great material-oil well too.

21. Are you ready for children?

22. Bad hair day solutions.

23. Basic rules for driving in – fill in a big city.

24. Benefits of yoga.

25. Best Places to Nap

26. Best Reasons to Quit Your Job

27. Biggest blockbuster of all time.

28. Breaking up isn’t hard.

29. Changing My Mind, Again

30. Chinese proverbs explained.

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Entertaining Speech Topics

1. How to become good in public speaking

2. Why you need to laugh more

3. Ways to make money from your hobbies

4. Self-care and why it is important

5. Out door activities that will make you happier

6. How to make more friends

7. List of things to do in your spare time.

8. Lost in Translation

9. Making the Least of Your Time

10. Marriage advice and strange counseling assistance.

11. Marvel Vs. DC Comics.

12. Most stupid labels.

13. My Biggest Auto Correct Fail

14. My Biggest Fashion Mistakes

15, My Biggest Pet Peeve

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16. My Biggest Regret

17. My Childhood Imaginary Friend

18. My Dinner with My Favorite Video Game Character

19. My Favorite Misheard Song Lyric

20. My Funniest Online Dating Story

21. My Guilty Pleasure

22. My Life Motto

23. My Most Embarrassing Childhood Memory

24. My Real Life Superpower

25. My Worst Date

26. My Worst Experience with Rain

30. My Worst Hair Dye Experience

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Example of Entertainment Speech Topics

1. How fashion continues to evolve

2. Nature places you need to visit as you get older

3. How social media can end your relationship

4. How to become a better photographer

5. Ways to unlocks your financial stability

6. Reasons why more Americans are become obese

7. The secreat to a happy life

8. Hobbling Across the Finish Line

9. Hogging Your Side of the Bed: My Strategy to Sleep Alone

10. Horrible How To Instructions

11. Horrible Valentine’s Day Cards

12. How I Got My Nickname

13. How I Knew I Didn’t Get the Job

14. How I Knew I Was Done Having Children

15. How I Lost My Pants

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16. How important is breakfast.

17. How My Cat Will Take Over the World

18. How Not to Be Subtle

19. How Not to Decorate a Cake

20. How Not to Make Friends

21. How To Act Like a Dude

22. How to avoid boredom.

23. How to Be Awesome

24. How to Be Lame

25. How to Be Patient When You Just Can’t

26. How to Be the Center of Attention

27. How to buy condoms discreetly.

28. How to Cheat at Cards

29. How to Embarrass Your Teenager

30. How To End a Bad Date

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Entertainment Speech Topics

1. The First Time I Got Caught

2. The Funniest Thing My Kid Ever Said

3. The Invention of Lying

4. The Key To Being Successful at Watching Television

5. The Kid’s Toy I Still Love to Play with

6. The life of Steve Jobs and his inventions.

7. The male guide to selecting an outfit for a high school prom.

8. The Olympics and the atheletes who performed in most outstanding way

9. The Perks of Being the Life of the Party

10. The Right Way to Lie

11. The Time I Laughed at a Completely Inappropriate Time

12. The Ugliest Facial Hair I’ve Ever Seen

13. The Worst Chore I’ve Ever Had to Do

14. The Worst Color in the World

15. The Worst Habit I Know I Have

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16. The Worst Haircut I Ever Had

17. The Worst Ideas for Halloween Costumes

18. The Worst Joke I Ever Heard

19. The Worst Life Hack I’ve Ever Tried

20.The Worst Punishment I Ever Had as a Kid

22. The Worst Song Lyric I Ever Heard

23. The Worst Sound in the World

24. The Worst Thing I Ever Smelled

25. There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Caffeine

26. Things a T-Rex Can’t Do with Its Little Arms

27. Things I learned from sports.

28. Things I’ve Only Told My Therapist

29. Things men would never say.

30. Things you wouldn’t know without watching films.

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Topics for Entertainment Speech

1. Clean your house in 30 minutes.

2. Comparisons that won’t hold.

3. Crazy things to do in a final that doesn’t matter.

4. Creative marriage proposals.

5. Crime does pay.

6. Dark chocolate helps with emotional stress.

7. Deep Fried Oreos and Dieting

8. Describing a place of interest.

9. Different types of phobias.

10. Don’t say this to a police officer.

11. Don’t Touch the Thermostat: My Rules for Surviving Winter

12. Excuses for every occasion.

13. Explain baseball or football to a foreigner.

14. Extinction of different animals.

15. Extreme golf courses in the world.

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16. Famous bands such as ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Eagles.’

17. Finger Painting: Not Just for Kids Anymore

18. First female chancellor of Germany – Angela Merkel.

19. French Revolution.

20. Freudian slips of the tongue.

21. Funny facts of life are popular topics for an entertainment speech.

22. Getting To Know the Little Voice in the Back of My Head

23. Gift wrapping tips for men.

24. Global warming and its effects.

25. Going Out Versus Going to Sleep at 9 pm on a Saturday

26. Golfing at night or in the snow.

27. Grandchildren’s phrases.

28. Gun control.

29. Why I’m Still Single

30. Why My Dog is My Best Friend

Entertainment Topics to Talk About

1. My Worst Traffic Violation

2. NASA and its achievements.

3. Natural disasters.

4. Nutella: Why I Just Can’t

5. Office work rules up side down.

6. Origins of superstitions.

7. Passive Aggressive Ways to Get Your Spouse to Do the Dishes

8. Pick Up Lines that Will Never Work

9. Popcorn Is Underrated

10. Problem solving in an entertaining way.

11. Rare pronunciations of ordinary words and phrases.

12. Reasons to Be Scared of the Dark

13. Relaxation Techniques that Haven’t Worked For Me

14. Roadside attractions.

15. Shoe Size: Does It Matter?

16. Shopping guide for a man.

17. Skinny Jeans or Where Have All the Men Gone?

18. Sleeping with the Fan On Just for the Noise

19. Socks and Sandals Are Okay

20. Something I Thought I Knew

21. Something That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Cried

22. Stages of a hard working employee.

23. Stereotypes of college students can generate lots of speech topics.

24. Steroids and their use in important sports activities.

25. Strange dress codes.

26. Super Earth and its existence.

27. Ten Dumb Things I’ve Done So You Don’t Have To

28. Ten Things That Are Better Than Doing the Dishes

29. Test your popularity.

30. That Thing I Shared on Facebook that Maybe I Shouldn’t Have

Entertaining Presentation Topics

1. How to Fail a Driver’s Test

2. How to Fall In Love in 308 Easy Steps

3. How to Freak out Your Roommate

4. How to Get a Toddler to Go the Sleep in 383 Easy Steps

5. How to Get Fired

6. How to impress a woman.

7. How to Live in Your Mom’s Basement

8. How to Lose Your Mind in 10 Days

9. How to Make Sure He Doesn’t Call

10. How to Make the Worst of a Best Situation

11. How to Panic

12. How to photograph a puppy.

13. How to play the singing saw.

14. How to Pretend to Be Interested

15. How To Pretend to Have It All

16. How to Ruin a Date

17. How to Ruin a Marriage: My Trip to Ikea

18. How to sing the blues from the heart.

19. How to slowly drive your girlfriend crazy.

20. How to Stay a Bachelor

21. How To Survive Your Brother’s Wedding

22. How to Trick Your Dog into Going to the Vet

23. How to Win at Life

24. I am new in this place, entertain me!

25. I Love to Say I Told You So

26. If I Had A Million Dollars

27. If I Were Invisible

28. Insults from famous people.

29. Internet advertising.

30. IQ tests revealed.

31. The art of kissing.

32. The Best Dad Jokes of All Time

33. The Best Thing about Being Me

34. The Best Thing I Ever Ate

35. The Case for Bubble Baths

36. The concept of human cloning.

37. The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

38. The early life of Julius Caesar

Best Entertaining Speech Topics

1. Japan tsunami in 2011 and its effects.

2. Lawyers and the truth.

3. Leaping Before You Look

4. Learning foreign languages and its advantages.

5. Lies I Told Myself

6. Things your mom would never say.

7. Times When Ice Cream is Appropriate

8. Titanic.

9. Ways to Take the Worst Passport Picture Possible

10. What I Learned from High School

11. What is artificial intelligence.

12. What Not to Do On a Blind Date

13. What to do when you are bored on a lazy Sunday.

14. What would I do if I had a million dollars?

15. What Your Dog Really Thinks about You

16. When I Knew I Wasn’t a Kid Anymore

17. When to Do the Grand Gesture

18. When To Give Up

19. Where Do All the Missing Socks Go?

20. Why Are Horses the Only Animal We Ride?

21. Why Did the Chicken Actually Cross the Road

22. Why does Halloween Have to Be the Only Holiday We Wear Costumes For?

23. Why Hipsters Are the Worst

24. Why I Can’t Even

25. Why I Don’t Bother Keeping Up with the Joneses

26. Why I Love You Anyway

27. Why I Make My Bed Every Morning

28. Why I Make the Best Pancakes

29. Why I Sleep with Five Pillows

30. Why I Still Use a Nightlight

31. Why Nothing Rhymes with Orange

32. Why Pineapple Is Not a Pizza Topping

33. Why Santa Claus is a woman.

34. Why we don’t win the lottery.

35. Worst Twitter Mistakes

36. That Time I Got Arrested

37. That Time I Sent the Email to the Wrong Person

38. That Time I Shot Milk Out of My Nose

39. That Time I Was a Hypochondriac

40. The arguments for and against nuclear energy.

Entertainment Speech Examples

Below is a sample of Entertainment Speech during a commencement day

Example of Entertainment Speech from a Graduation Day

“Good afternoon! To be frank, I’ve spent the last few weeks looking over graduation day speeches on every place that I though of. The most distinguished ones had several things in common. They reflected on the past and deliberated about the future. They encouraged the honorees, included some sort of personal story and application. Somehow they made people laugh at least fifteen times. Often they referred to the university as the finest university in the nation or world, and last but not least they all welcomed the people in attendance. Interesting to say I will begin by doing the exact same thing.

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President Mark, thank you for attending this commencement day. Faculty members and staff, greetings to you all. Distinguished guests, we are happy to see you. Family members and friends, we could not be here without your support. Lastly, ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2016, welcome to your commencement day here at Colombia University, the best university in the galaxy, universe, and milky way galaxy.

Graduates, we are not here to watch as our brothers or sister walk across this stage. We are actually here for the reason that today is our graduation day. I am going to go off on a tangent for a little bit. Over the past five years, I have seen my share of graduation ceremonies. To be exact, I remember getting pulled along to 8000 graduations ceremonies for my older brothers and sisters, all 8,000 of them – at least it seems like there were more than that. On a serious note, I have more relatives than friends.

I recall sitting here in these very chairs, closely paying attention to the president and other distinguished guests. Often I would hear welcome again and thank you for coming. Every year, I got better at remaining awake through the whole ceremony. Each time I would come up with something weird to keep myself awake. Often I would daydream, pinch my arms, or clean my nose. Be assured I was creative in this.

I am proud to say that today I will be awake for the entire ceremony. This is my day; how can I doze off. I would like to thank in advance my classmates and colleagues sitting around me for slapping me every time I even try to close my eyes. Winking for long will be an error

Graduates, don’t sleep through life. If you need a friend or colleague to keep you wide-awake, ask. Don’t get tired of life. In the words of one of my mentors, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. Keep yourself on your toes. Stay busy but leave room for recreation; embrace your hobbies. Don’t get stuck in a job you dislike. The way we live is about to change dramatically. We are living in exponential moments. It’s a decent thing that we are exponential people.

We are at a passage point here. Each of us is graduating; we are preparing to depart from this place we have called home for the last few years. It’s time to go forward and flourish. Let us depart with happy memories. We have been privileged enough to see more change in our time here than most alumni did.

Honorees, in the words of Michael Scott, only slightly altered, “They have no idea how high we can fly”. Right now you are surrounded by future legislators, film producers, directors, church workers, artists, teachers, musicians, and many professionals who will change the world. We are together right here and we have one thing in common, we are one graduating class.

In one of President Barack Obama’s speeches, he once said, “Generations of Americans have connected their stories to the larger American story through service and helped move our country forward. We need that service now”. He is right. America needs unselfish acts of service.

Let us not leave this place as opponents but rather as friends and cohorts. I hope next fall we shall meet for our first reunion. Let us go and make disciples of hope, love, and success. By God’s grace, we will go far and wide to reach out to those who are calling for us. Thank you all”