Elocution Topics for Kindergarten

Elocution Topics for Kindergarten: Looking for elocution topics for kids? These Elocution Topics for Kindergarten will form the basis for your search. They are a suitable speech topic for your child.

When searching for a topic on behalf of your child, please involve the child before making the final decision as the person who is going to speak is the child

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Elocution Topics for Kindergarten

I wish grownups would find more time to relax and play with me
I wish grownups would help me understand why some things are the way they are
I wish grownups would invent a way to go back and forward in time
I wish grownups would properly explain the reasons behind telling me to do what they want
I wish grownups would remember what it was like when they were young

I wish grownups would stop asking me what I want to do when I grow up
I wish grownups would stop being so serious
I wish grownups would stop worrying about whether my face is clean and my shirt is tucked in
I wish grownups would teach me the stuff I really want to know
I wish grownups would tell me more stories about themselves when they were children

I’m fascinated by extra-sensory perception
I’m fascinated by how chocolate is made
I’m fascinated by how things are designed and made like cars, bicycles, mobile phones …
I’m fascinated by how weather is predicted

I’m fascinated by language and why it’s different depending on where you come from
I’m fascinated by the skills of master craftsmen
I’m fascinated by the speed a fast bowler can achieve
I’m fascinated by the way some animals change their color to blend with their surroundings

I’m fascinated by the way wedding traditions are different all over the world
I’m fascinated by thunderstorms and lightning
In my family birthdays are celebrated by …
In my family breakfast is a rush because …

In my family my father is king
In my family my mother/grandmother/older sister/aunt always says …
In my family the biggest celebration of the year is …
In my family the festival of [insert the name of the festival] is important
In my family we are encouraged to …

In my family we frequently/always go to [insert the name of the place]
In my family we never argue (much) …
In my family we play [insert the name of the game] together
In my family we spend holidays doing …
What does it mean to be a friend

What does it mean to be courageous
What does it mean to be kind
What does it mean to be me

What does it mean to be proud
Why I am glad not to be an only child.
Why I am glad not to be living in the 19th century.
Why I am glad not to be rich.