Debate Topics About Social Media

Debate Topics About Social Media: Since the invention of social media in the early 2000s, more social platforms have come up and more people are getting into two or three sites. Over the years the usage of social media has brought up issues that affect society. If you are searching for the best debate topics on social media, we have compiled the below topics.

Debate Topics About Social Media

1. Social media is not beneficial in a student’s life.

2. Students should be restricted in how they use they use social media.

3. Social media has more positive impacts than negative impacts.

4. The world has become better with social media.

5. Social media has become a master in many people’s lives.

6. Social media platforms should be sued once they infringe their user’s privacy.

7. Social media has created an ideal life that is unattainable.

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Social Media Debate Topics

1. Social media companies should bear the impacts of fake news and misinformation that is spread on their platforms

2. Internet bullying is fired up by social media platforms.

3. Social media is increasing political polarization in society.

4. With regulated content and infringement of privacy, Social media hinder freedom of speech.

5. Social media promotes democracy.

6. Addiction to social media reduces one’s productivity in life.

7. Social media has killed creativity?

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15. Social media is creating a social bridge among different socioeconomic groups.

16. Continued use of social media leads to higher self-esteem.

17. Consumer behavior can be changed through constant adverts on social media platforms

18. Use of social media is not free as we perceived by users

Debate Questions About Social Media

1. Has social media contributed to the rise of mental health issues among the youth?

2. Should social media companies collect their users’ data for financial gain

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3. Has social media increased the loss of social moral in society?

4. Should social media be regulated by government

5. Should a person addicted to social media seek the advice a counsellor?

6. Is social media promoting terrorism?

7. Is social media giving creating a platform where the marginalized people can voice their issues

8. Should there be an age restriction for users who want to join social media platforms?

9. Should laws be enacted to ensure users of social media platforms who introduce and spread fake a new are liable for the consequences.

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Conclusion: Debate Topics About Social Media

The above Debate Topics About Social Media for Students will ensure your debate is interesting and educative. As you select one of the topic, ensure its one that will allow you to have enough points to debate on.