Telkom Kenya – How to Borrow Airtime, Buy Airtime, Buy Bundles, App

Telkom Kenya – How to Borrow Airtime, Buy Airtime, Buy Bundles, App, USSD codes

How to Borrow Airtime on Telkom Kenya? You can easily borrow airtime or credit on Telkom Kenya through PEWA Emergency Airtime.

PEWA enables you to borrow airtime when you run out of airtime. It allows you to borrow and pay later.

To be eligible for Pewa, you need to be active for 2 months with previous months spend at least KSh 50.

PEWA is available to eligible Telkom prepaid subscribers.  When you borrow airtime Pewa charges a service fee of 10% immediately.

How to Access PEWA service – How to Borrow Airtime from Telkom

Dial *133# and follow the prompted questions

How much can I borrow on PEWA

Pewa allows you to borrow PEWA 20, PEWA 50 and PEWA 100

Can I borrow airtime in the middle of a call

Telkom Kenya allows you to borrow airtime in the middle of a call when you realize you are running out of credit. All you need to do is hold the hold and request for PEWA then continue with your conversation

How to check PEWA balance through SMS

Send ‘131’ to ‘131’

How to Buy Airtime for your Telkom line and others from T-kash

Find out how to buy airtime for your Telkom line and others from T-kash.  Buying airtime for your line and other Telkom customers has been made much easier and faster with T-kash.

Follow these simple steps.

  • Go to your T-kash Menu and select ‘Buy Airtime’.
  • Select your preferred option.
    ○ My phone.
    ○ Other phone (Enter the phone number to be topped-up).
  • Enter amount
  • Confirm details
  • Enter T-kash PIN and press send.
  • You will receive a T-kash confirmation SMS and another from the network confirming airtime allocation.

How to Buy Bundles direct on Telkom from T-kash

Find out How to Buy Bundles direct on Telkom from T-kash.  Buy Telkom data bundles directly without having to buy airtime. T-kash has made work simpler and more fun. Follow these simple steps.

  • Go to your T-kash Menu
  • Select ‘Buy Airtime’.
  • Select your preferred bundle.
    • ○ Voice Bundle.
    • ○ SMS Bundle.
    • ○ International Bundle.
    • ○ Mashariki Roaming Bundle.
    • ○ Internet Bundle.
  • Confirm details and enter your T-kash PIN.
  • You will receive a T-kash confirmation SMS and another from the network confirming bundle allocation.

How to Port My Number to Telkom Kenya

How to Port My Number to Telkom Kenya, Learn how to switch your Number to Telkom Kenya

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service that enables non-Telkom customers to switch over to Telkom while still retaining their existing mobile phone number.

When Switching to Telkom, you will require a new SIM card from Telkom.

You will however require a new SIM card from Telkom.

How to Port Safaricom, Airtel Number to Telkom Kenya

  1. Visit any Telkom Shop near you
  2. Request for Mobile Number Portability form and fill
  3. You will be required to present your ID documentation
  4. Purchase new SIM card
  5. Send an SMS with the word ‘Hama’ to 1501 from current mobile line
  6. You will receive a confirmation SMS of Successful MOVE

What you should do before you Move your Number?

  1. Back-up all contacts saved on your current SIM card
  2. You need to settle any credit advance you may have borrowed against your prepaid account
  3. Pay up all moneys you may owe your current operator on your postpaid account.
  4. Retrieve or use any funds in a money transfer account held against the number you wish to move

What is the identification documents required for moving to Telkom Kenya?

You will require one of these identification documents

  • Kenyan national identity card
  • Military identity card
  • Valid Passport
  • Work Permit
  • Valid driving license
  • Alien card
  • National identity card issued by parent country
  • Certificate of incorporation or Certificate of registration (For corporate accounts)

What are the charges of Porting a number to Telkom Kenya

Moving your number to Telkom is a FREE service. It takes a maximum of two working days between Monday and Friday.

My Telkom App | My Telkom app Kenya

My Telkom App is an App that is developed for Telkom Kenya. It offers you the fastest way to access as well as manage your Telkom services.

If offers you a hassle-free management of your account. Download it today!

My Telkom app is a self-care application that will allow you to;

  • Top up through scratch card
  • View Main account balance
  • Redeem your Ziada points
  • Buy data, SMS and voice bundles
  • Do Credit transfer
  • View subscriptions and plan details
  • Raise a query/complaint to customer care

My Telkom App Download

Download My Telkom App Kenya Here

Telkom Kenya USSD Codes

Find Telkom Kenya USSD Codes or Telkom Kenya Short Codes, Sometimes you need to find a quick answer to your questions for instance account balance, your mobile number and much more.

Telkom Kenya USSD codes make work easier by providing short cuts.

Mobile operators have always used USSD codes to give easy access to various services

Below is a list of Telkom Short Codes

Telkom CODE
To check balance *131#
Holla *10#
Mashariki Roaming bundles #123# select 3 then 5
SMS bundles *188#
International Bundles *123# select 3 then 3
Home Plan bundles *222#
Data bundles *544#
Pewa *133#
Telkom Entertainment *150#
Facebook Bila Net *32#
Beat Yangu *811#
Ziada Points *126#
Pasha/Credit transfer *140#
To check mobile number *130#

Telkom Kenya Contacts

Below are Telkom Kenya Contacts if you want to contact Telkom Kenya customer care. Use the below Telkom Kenya Phone Contacts and email address to reach them:

Head Office: Telkom Plaza – Ralph Bunche Rd.

PO Box 30301-00100, Nairobi.
Front Office Desk: 020 4952000

Customer Care:
Telkom Mobile: 100
Other Networks: 020 222 1000
Twitter: – @TelkomCare_Ke
Email: –

Corporate Customer Care:
Telkom Mobile: 200
Telkom fixed line: 0800 200 000
Other Networks: 020 4600 200
Email: –

General Enquiries:
Email: –
HR Enquiries:
Email: –

Telkom Kenya Email Address