County Secondary Schools in Nyeri County

County Secondary Schools in Nyeri County: There are many good county schools in Nyeri county. These schools are funded and managed by the government of Kenya since they are public schools.

If you are interested in knowing which of Nyeri’s schools are categorized as County Schools, our list below has all the schools under this category.

County Secondary Schools in Nyeri County

Ndathi Secondary                                          Boarding Boys

St Monica Munyaka Girls                            Boarding Girls

Watuka Boys High School                           Boarding Boys

Mwiyogo Secondary School                       Boarding Boys

Karatina Girls Secondary School                Boarding Girls

Kiarithaini High School                                Boarding Boys

giakaibii sec school                                        Boarding Boys

Gatondo girls secondary school                 Boarding Girls

Mathaithi Secondary School                      Boarding Girls

Magutu girls high school                             Boarding Girls

Kabiruini Secondary School                      Boarding Girls

Icuga girls                                                          Boarding Girls

Ruthagati high school                                   Boarding Boys

Kiamariga secondary school                       Boys day/boarding

Hiriga girls sec school                                   Boarding Girls

St Augustine Gikondi boys                      Day and boarding

Karundu Sec School                                       Mixed Day

Ndiaini girls                                                       Boarding Girls

PCEA Mweru High School               Mixed Boarding

Tambaya Boys High School                      Boarding Boys

Gathungururu girls                                        Boarding Girls

St Anne Githunguri girls secondary          Boarding Girls

Muthuaini Girls High School                      Boarding Girls

kihome secondary                                         Mixed Boarding

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Mucharage Secondary School                      Boarding Girls

Gatugi girls secondary                                  Boarding Girls

Kagonye secondary school                      Boarding Boys

Gitundu mixed sec, school                      Day

Mucharage sec school                                                  Boarding Girls

Iriaini Girls High School                                Boarding Girls

Aguthi Harambee Sec School                    Boarding Boys

Angela Merici Wamagana Girls Secondary School

Dr kamundia Gathuthi Girls Secondary

Gathathiini  secondary                                  Boarding Boys

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Bishop Gatimu Gandu Girls

Karima Girls Secondary

Kagumo Boys High

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