Christian Debate Topics

Christian Debate Topics: Interesting debates based on religious topics should not be used to challenge God’s word. A good religious’ topic should help to create a better understanding of Christianity. It should also provoke one’s though to research the bible and have a better understanding of it. Below we have looked at some of the best debate topics based on current Christian issues. Additionally, these topics are suitable as debate topics for Christian youth or Christian youth debate topics

Christian Debate Topics

1. Human errors and sin are to blame for the evil in the current world.

2. Were humans created by God or did they evolve from apes?

3. The fight between good and evil will never end.

4. Love is greater than faith.

5. Should religious activity be banned from public areas?

6. Who had more impact in the early Church, Peter or Paul?

7. Which one is more important, faith or works?

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8. Can salvation be gained through works?

9. Is Bible the only authoritative book in the Christian life?

10. Should the biblical account of creation be taken literally?

11. Is science relevant in Christianity?

12. Should Christians be sensitized to accept same-sex marriage?

13. Most religious activities performed today have no record of biblical reference.

15. Easter is a more significant Christian holiday than Christmas.

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Religious Debate Topics

1. Do miracles exist?

2. Should women become leaders in Church?

3. In a Christian marriage, should dowry be paid?

4. Divorce should not be tolerated by Christians.

5. True miracles are hard to find.

6. Religious cults have taken over true Christian activities.

7. In Christianity is it necessary to make animal sacrifices for the attornment of sin?

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10. Is the mode of dressing important when attending religious activity?

11. Adam and Eve are to blame for the evil that goes on in the world.

12. Heaven and hell, are they real?

13. Is a human soul eternal?

14. Is Christ the only way to salvation?

Biblical Debate Topics

1. Are church goer better than those who don’t go to church?

2. Polygamy should be accepted in Christianity.

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3. Should the church get involved in political issues in a country?

4. Should parents coerce their kids to go to church

5. Can sinful acts be passed to the next generation?

6. Obeying God is more important than trusting Him.

7. Should income from religious activity be taxed?

8. Should the government sect regulation to monitor the activities of the church?

9. The devil is responsible for all the problems in the world.

10. Human have their own choice.

11. Are there ways to win the favor of God?

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Bible Debate Topics

1. According to the Bible which is the Sabbath day?

2. Bible is the inspired word of God, are there human errors in it?

3. The best way to interpret the Bible

4. Rapture, is it biblical?

5. Is purgatory biblical?

6. Does God have a need for humans to fulfill His will on earth

7. Is the life of a Christian solely based on faith and grace?

8. For Judas to betray Jesus, was it predestined or was it his choice?

9. Spiritual gifts can still remain even when a Christian falls from faith

10. Do curse exist

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Christian Debate Topics for Youth

1. Is it possible for a youth to remain sexually pure?

2. Should Christians drink wine?

3. Should pastors have a security team in church

4. Should pastors have a motorcade entourage

5. Is it important to have prayer partners?

6. Age does not play a role when choosing church elders

7. Should eternal damnation in hell be used to win souls in Christianity?

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8. Women should cover their hair in church

9. Should Christian use social media platforms to spread the good news

10. Are there careers that a Christian should not pursue?

11. Is it possible to date in a godly manner?

12. Should a Christian youth’s choice of entertainment be different from a non-Christian one?

13. Should Christians accept all the popular cultures and habits?

14. Christians should only hang out with Christians

15. Can technology affect someone’s spirituality

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Final Thought

The above Christian Debate Topics should help you come up with a meaningful and educative debate. To remain relevant biblical debate should be conducted with a closer look and correct interpretation of God’s word.